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Meet The Staff - Kevin Aguilar

Who doesn't like a little Q and A?

Kevin Aguilar
Jan 1, 2008
Photo 2/6   |   This truck just goes to show that I love old-school style.
In order to properly kick off Sport Truck's 20th anniversary, we decided that a few introductions were necessary. I mean, we can't have you guys (and girls) out there reading your favorite magazine without knowing a little something about the staff that brings this whole mess together once a month. Enjoy.
The 411
Feature Editor
Years On Staff:
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Either get busy living, or get busy dying.
Photo 3/6   |   kevin Aguilar 2000 Chevrolet S10
Q: What is it like to work for Sport Truck magazine?
A:It's great, yet it is still frustrating and demanding. Yes, we do get to talk about trucks all day long and travel to shows across the nation, but it is for the sake of the magazine. All of our work relates to the custom truck scene, which piques our interest, but it is a business, and all those hardships go along with it. At the end of the day or every time we see each completed issue, we get a feeling of pride, knowing that all of our hard work has created the world's greatest truck publication.
Photo 4/6   |   kevin Aguilar 2000 Chevrolet S10
Q: What did you do for a living before working at Sport Truck?
A:I got my job at Sport Truck only a few years after I graduated from college, and that didn't leave much time for anything else. During school, I majored in photography and gained interest in custom trucks, which made me determined to work for a magazine. Before I received my college degree, I was already traveling to distant shows and freelancing for various publications.
Photo 5/6   |   kevin Aguilar signature
Q: What is your dream truck?
A:I am a big fan of the '60-'63 GM trucks because of their bold body lines and big front windshield. I really love the original style of the truck and would keep it simple and true to the way they came factory. I would spice it up with teal paint that the '57 Bel Air came in and paint the top of the bed and cab white. It seems funny to do the two-tone like this, but it looks good, and I have seen many of these original trucks that looked similar to that. I would also have it 'bagged to lay frame over a set of 20-inch Paradox wheels from Colorado Customs. I just recently made some progress in getting this exact truck in my garage. While at the Pomona Car Swapmeet in Pomona, California, my dad and I ran across a '62 GMC 3/4-ton longbed, fetching only $1,100. Even though it has a lot of surface rust, the body is in considerably good shape. It was a great find, and with the help of my dad, I was able to take ownership.
Photo 6/6   |   Here I am at the "Yard of Bricks" at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Q: What are you building right now?
A: I am currently finishing an '00 Chevy S-10 that I have been working on since it was new. It all started with simple and inexpensive details like a new exhaust and intake. This obviously progressed into getting a custom suspension and heavy body mods. If you have seen some of the recent issues of Sport Truck, you will have seen the various articles on how it was recently cut for 20s and fully repainted with retro graphics. It's looking good now, but I still have a long list of mods to perform that should all be done in about a year's time.
Q: How do you spend your free time?
A: Usually, I'm either relaxing at home or tinkering around with something on my truck. Now that my truck is close to completion, there's not much left to work on and less time spent in the garage. However, I don't plan on going insanely bored any time soon because my wife just gave birth to our little baby girl, and I think that will keep our hands tied for a while.



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