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Meet The Staff - Andy Mock

Who doesn't like a little Q and A?

Andy Mock
Jan 1, 2008
Photo 2/4   |   What can I say? I'm a Dodge fan, and I was pretty excited to be able to sit in the world's fastest Dakota at the Banks shoot.
In order to properly kick off Sport Truck's 20th anniversary, we decided that a few introductions were necessary. I mean, we can't have you guys (and girls) out there reading your favorite magazine without knowing a little something about the staff that brings this whole mess together once a month. Enjoy.
The 411
Art director
Years on staff:
9.5 in dog years
In my cd player right now:
The Tossers - Agony
Words I live by:
It's easier to apologize than ask for permission.
Q: What is it like to work for Sport Truck magazine?
A:Working here is awesome! Where else can you work and play with trucks all day, layout a good magazine, and work with a bunch of cool people? Like any tight-knit family, we do have our arguments, but in the end we are all a good team and (pats self on back) put out a kick-ass product.
Photo 3/4   |   Here it is. I really can't wait to be driving this rig to work. Oh wait, I already do-well, except for the paint and the body mods.
Q: What did you do for a living before working at Sport Truck?
A:Let's see. My career in Graphic Design probably started back in High School. I always liked technical drawing and at one time was going to go into drafting. After a few drafting classes, I wanted to be a little more creative so, in my Sophomore year, decided to join the yearbook staff doing layouts. Eventually, I moved my way up to Editor-In-Chief and realized that deadlines and stress are going to be my way of life. I continued studying graphic design through college and earned a degree in the field. I cut my teeth in the real world while working at KROQ FM in Los Angeles, designing stickers, station logos, and other swag, then eventually landing a real job becoming the Art Director for Xtreme RC Cars and RC Heli magazines. After about seven years there, Sport Truck swooped me up, and I was on to real cars and trucks.
Q: What is your dream truck?
A:Why dream about when I can make it a reality. I decided that I'd like to build out my Dakota and make it the truck of my dreams since it's sitting in my driveway and I get to drive it every day. Check out the killer rendering done by Eye Candy Designs below. It's got just a simple two-tone paint job, black on top, silver on the bottom, and a clean Dodge Amber Fire color break down the side. Body mods include one piece headlights up front, Street Scene dual signal mirrors, Cervini's Ram Air hood, and a Stillen front bumper cover.
Q: What are you building?
A: As I mentioned before, I've been tinkering with my '01 Dodge Dakota. So far, it has a Flowmaster cat-back system, a K&N FIPK, a Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, and Infinity sound system, MTX Thunderforms with 10-inch subs, 20-inch Black Rhino wheels, a Ground Force drop kit, and a Line-X color-matched bed.
Photo 4/4   |   andy Mock andy Mock
I also have another build in my driveway: a '54 Pontiac Starchief. It's completely stock at the moment, except for a swapped-in '57 Pontiac V-8 under the hood, instead of the original straight-eight. Plans for that ride are to keep it looking stock but ditch the stock drums in favor of disc brakes, rewire the whole car, new paint, upholstery, and lowering it down via a static drop or airbag system.
Q: How do you spend your free time?
A: What a luxury. Lately, my free time has been taken up with home remodeling. Actually, that's partly a lie. I've been paying a contractor to do my home remodeling, so I just kick back and watch my house get built. Aside from that, and this is a surprise to most people, I've been learning how to tool leather. I think that since my job is kind of technical and requires being on a computer all day, it's very relaxing to make things with my hands and have a totally different creative outlet. And oh yeah, I like to spend a little free time with my wife having a cold Guinness now and again, too.


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