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  • Custom 1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max - One Low-Key Mitsu

Custom 1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max - One Low-Key Mitsu

Another Mighty Max Makes It To The Page Of MT

Ernie Macias
Feb 1, 2008
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Photo 2/13   |   Owner: Greg LudwigRide: '89 Mitsubishi Mighty MaxHometown: Baltimore, MarylandClub: Lowkey
Why are Mitsubishis so rare in the minitruck community? Is it because they're considered ugly? Is it because they're rare? Most Mitsu guys feel like Mazda and Hardbody guys, who use those trucks for builds simply because they're different. Greg Ludwig built his truck for that very reason. Also, he didn't want it to be just another import, or to get lost in a sea of Chevys. Most Mitsu guys say the same thing. Well, one thing is for sure, Greg will definitely not get lost in the crowd. His '89 Mighty Max is custom, clean, and a show-stopper everywhere it goes.
Greg, who's been a minitrucker since age 16, doesn't have a bunch of experience with minitrucks besides this one. But, he's learned enough to last a lifetime. Building a truck with your own hands will do that for a person. Likewise, building it with friends and family will help to build strong bonds with those around you.
Greg's passion for minitrucks started many moons ago. Minis have always been popular in the state of Maryland, so Greg was influenced early on in life. Throughout his build, Greg learned who his friends really were when it came time to lend a hand. The worst part of Greg's build was getting his truck wrecked and having to start all over. "It was rough having to start all over again, but once I redid the truck, then had it off the rack after nine months, it was all worth it!" exclaimed Greg. Greg said he started by doing suspension work on the truck, then moved to paint and body. Of course, revisiting the paint and body wasn't what he had expected. But, then again, building a Mitsu is never what anybody expects. Greg will experience that again if he ever decides to body-drop it, since that's no walk in the park.
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 17x7 Center Line Thrusters
Tires (Front/Rear): 215/40R17 Cooper Cobra
Photo 12/13   |   1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max side Mirror
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air Ride
Suspension (Front): 2-inch lowered air spindles and 'bag brackets
Suspension (Rear): FBI four-link airbag, 4-inch C-notch
Airbag/cylinder type and size: (Front): 2500 Firestone (Rear): 2500 Firestone
Spindles/springs: 2-inch lowered AIM spindles
Shocks: Monroe shocks on all four corners
Valves: Air Ride Technologies
Compressor: Viair 450 compressor
Air line: 1/4-inch DOT air line
Frame mods: Raised gas tank, crossmember, and transmission, 4-inch notch
Gas tank: Stock-tank raised 1.5 inches
Detail work: Frame painted Satin Black
Performed by: Greg Ludwig, Father,Performance Welding & Fabrication
City/state: Baltimore, MD
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, tailgate handles, roll pan, cab vents, hood squirters, mirrors, body seams on bed, and gas door
Front end: Modified Ford Ranger front bumper, '93-'97 shaved marker lights
Back end: Roll pan, tailgate handle, and chrome taillights
Taillights: Chromed
Exterior bolt-ons: Modified front grille '93-'97 Ranger billet inset
Misc.: Headlights from a '73 Ford Grand Torino, hide-away license plate in bed, Billet Specialties third brake light, Billet Specialties wiper caps, Harley-Davidson mirror on driver side, and Permatech bedliner
Performed by: Greg Ludwig
City/state: Baltimore, MD
Brand and colors: DuPont Blue Pear Metallic
Style: Solid
Misc.: Six coats of clear wet-sanded and buffed to perfection
Performed by: Greg Ludwig
City/state: Baltimore, MD
Photo 13/13   |   1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max custom Interior
Seats: Dodge Colt
Material: Gray vinyl
Dash: Painted accessories to match interior
Door panels: Gray vinyl with flamed inserts
Center console: Fiberglass, painted to match, Air Ride controls
Flooring: OEM replacement carpet
Headliner: OEM replacement
Gauges: Painted, bezel with Lowkey emblem
Misc.: Billet Specialties window cranks, Billet Accessories Direct Cruzer steering wheel, and billet pedals
Performed by: Greg Ludwig and Pats Upholstery
City/state: Baltimore, MD
Head unit: Pioneer
Mids and highs: JBL GT Series
Amplifier for mids and highs: Sound Stream
Subwoofers: JL W6
Amplifier for subwoofers: Sound Stream, USA100
Wiring/accessories: Phoenix Gold
Custom fabrication: Upholstered enclosure
Performed by: Greg Ludwig
City/state: Baltimore, MD
Special Thanks By Owner:
Laverne and Clarence, Frank, Chris, Nate, Chris Pyer, Jamey, Tiffany, and the rest of the gang from Lowkey & Driveway Werks. And a very special thank you to Sarah.



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