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Top Trucks - Top 10 Trucks Of 2007

Dan Ward
Feb 1, 2008
Volume 33, No. 1,
Paul Ireson, Austin MINI Cooper, Fort Myers, FL
One of the wildest trucks we've ever seen, Paul Ireson's hand-built Mini was a love-it-or-hate-it ride. Built to expose the laws of limitations, the truck featured an insane two-sided paintjob of graphics, flames, and bright colors. A single gullwing door opens to reveal a single seat with 22 gauges. Why all the gauges? Well, they're necessary to keep tabs on the dual Honda engines. Fully built, the engines received turbos and nitrous delivering 1,100 hp in a truck that weighs 1,800 pounds. In addition, it has the insanity of airbags and a JL Audio sound system. You can see why it deserves to be here.
We received such a great response from last year's "Best Of" awards, we decided to keep the tradition alive and celebrate the best trucks appearing in Truckin' magazine for 2007. It was a tough decision, several debates went back and forth for certain trucks that didn't meet all of the necessary requirements. Check out the trucks we thought were deserving and go to to vote for your favorite.
Last year, Ricky Holly's Silverado took home top honors with nearly 26 percent of total voters approving of his custom ride.
Volume 33, No. 1
Brenda Kuhn, '48 Chevy
Plainfield, IL
A perfect couple, Jeff and Brenda Kuhn teamed up to create an awesome classic Chevy. Airbagged on 17s and 20s, the '48 has the perfect stance. Power comes from a beautiful 502ci Ram Jet big-block that is clean enough to eat off. Part of the appeal is the smooth and shaved body with Spies Hecker Mercedes-Benz Silver paint. Open the doors and lipstick-red leather interior welcomes you with open arms. This classic even sports a Rockford Fosgate sound system that many older trucks don't have. Apparently we can pick 'em, as this truck has won such awards as Boyd Coddington Pro's Pick, and it qualified as a Goodguys Truck of the Year candidate.
Class isn't always a word associated with custom trucks, but Mickey Thompson's F-150 exudes the characteristic. Sin City Kustomz, in Las Vegas, built the Blue Oval beast and wasted no efforts in making it look awesome. Two-toned, 'bagged, and supercharged, the Ford has all of the necessary requirements for custom. Add to that 22-inch wide tires, a tubbed rear end, a one-off interior, and well, you can see why we like it so much.
Volume 33, No. 5
Mickey Thompson Tires
'06 Ford F-150, Corona, CA
Volume 33, No. 3
Javed Kahn, '04 Dodge SRT-10
Santa Clara, CA
Quite possibly the top dawg in fullsize trucks is the Dodge Ram SRT-10.With 500 hp and a six-speed manual tranny, it's no wonder these trucks are for serious performance junkies only. But, what happens when a custom-truck enthusiast melds with a hot-rod guru? Easy, the SRT-26 is born. One Off Design built this truck to lay the rockers on the ground, all while stuffing beautiful 26-inch wheels under each fender. The body was shaved smooth and custom touches abound throughout this rig. Is it the perfect truck? If not, it's pretty darn close.
Senior Editor Dan Ward:
"I remember where I was the first time I saw this truck: On the floor, after I passed out from the insane engineering and creativity this truck received. This truck is a dream-come-true for me; it's too bad I don't have the pink slip."
Volume 33, No. 6
GM, '07 Silverado
Detroit, MI
We couldn't decide which amazing one-off Chevy truck was cooler: the lowered all-black truck designed by OC Choppers, or the 4WD lifted Big Red designed by Dale Jr., so we picked both. Each truck displays the incredible talents of the GM design and Roush engineers. No trucks stood out more this year than this dynamic duo of customs from Chevrolet.
Volume 33, No. 7
Jeff Johnson, '94 GMC Sierra
England, Arkansas
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A self-built truck is truly a proud accomplishment. Jeff Johnson can say he, with help from some friends like Randy Hamilton, built his sweet ride. A body and paint man by trade, it's no wonder his truck is bright with wild graphics, flames, skulls, and airbrushing. The top is chopped, the doors open in a custom manner, and the cab hovers over 22-inch wheels, thanks to Air Ride. Inside, the interior is fully painted with a trick audio system. The engine received tons of detail and the bed was lined in color-matching protection. This truck is so over-the-top we couldn't leave it out of the top 10.
Tech Editor Bob Ryder:
"Jeff Johnson's '94 GMC Sierra is the epitome of what Truckin' magazine stands for. It presents the entire custom package from bumper to roll pan. Jeff's ride is a true celebration of incredible body mods, paint, interior, audio, engine, wheels and tires, and stance."
Staff Editor Mark Halvorsen:
"Thanks to an intense barrage of world-class skill unleashed by engineers at GM and Roush-and, no doubt, an outsized budget-everything inside and outside this truck was scrutinized and manipulated, contributing to the truck's metamorphosis from stocker to OMG."
Built entirely by the team at Auto Accessory Warehouse, this truck started out as a work truck and evolved into a full-blown show truck. Lifted high to the heavens on 45-inch Goodyear tires, this truck received a chromed and powdercoated undercarriage and suspension. Audio is the name of the game inside the lifted Chevy with eight 12-inch subs in the blow-through box. A Duramax diesel with power upgrades has no problem chirping those huge tires. Big, bad, and built for chaos, this truck is top-notch.
Volume 33, No. 8
Mike Kazi, '05 Chevy 2500HD
San Bernardino, CA
Volume 33, No. 8
Dan Dowdy, '37 Terraplane
Dolan Springs, AZ
If you were a gangster in the '30s, who needed a sick getaway truck, this would be your chariot of mayhem. A sight that can really only be fully appreciated in person, this truck is absolutely gorgeous. An Arias all-aluminum big-block delivers 2,000 hp when the nitrous is applied and requires those huge Mickey Thompson tires to move forward. Chopped, stretched, angled back, and 'bagged; the body is a work of automotive art. It's Beauty and Beast rolled into one bright-red package.
Associate Editor Brandan Gillogly:
"Why do I peg this truck as my No. 1? Two reasons: Look past the ridiculous attention to detail, the all-leather interior, and the flawless paint. It's a Terraplane, and it has 1,500 hp before spraying the nitrous."
Volume 33, No. 13
Criss Angel, '06 HUMMER H2 SUT
Las Vegas, NV
Now you see it, now you don't. That's what it's like looking at this Real Wheels-built Hummer. It's easy to lose 565 supercharged horsepower as it blasts by. Luckily, the realistic flames airbrushed onto the all-black body makes it a little more noticeable. But be careful: because Criss may just reach out and grab you. Inside the Hummer, an all-red interior features custom touches throughout, including a touchscreen control center, racing seats, and a wild sub enclosure. It doesn't get any more magical than this.
Volume 33, No. 10
Mike Lavallee, '03 Ford Lightning
Snohomish, WA
This truck may be one of the baddest Ford F-150s ever built. Looking at its defense, the truck is 'bagged on 20-inch billet wheels, has a factory supercharger, and is a real attention-getter. Attention is easy when the Ford is bright orange with real fire, suicide doors, and a remote-activated tonneau and tailgate. The real surprise is inside the bed with four 12-inch subs in the hand-built enclosure with a 6-foot mural painted on the underside of the tonneau. Leather and fiberglass make the interior a great place to be. We love this Ford, and hope you do, too.
Honorable Mention
Volume 33, No. 12
Bill Deterich, '95 Chevy C3500Chilton, WI
Created to showcase the talents of his newly- established shop, Kustom Design Innovations, Bill built this dualie when free time presented itself. He 'bagged the 1-ton, painted it, and performed the interior work himself. Those rear fenders were hand-built and the truck is actually used for towing. We love the craftsmanship and can't wait to see his next project.
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