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1995 Chevy Blazer - Blazerado Resurrected

Second Time Around, SSC style

Mike Alexander
Mar 1, 2008
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Photo 2/23   |   1995 Chevy Blazer front And Rear View
Is there really a Truck of the Year curse? Both of our last two Truck of the Year winners were wrecked weeks after being chosen. Unfortunately, the Blazerado met its demise on the back of a trailer, on a way to a show, after builder Clyde Bynum struck a deal to buy it from the previous owner, Alan Jackson.
Clyde, owner and operator of Silver Star Customs, bought the truck with plans in mind to rebuild it-even before it was wrecked. Corey Lerille, one of Clyde's customers, said he was interested in the truck and wanted to be a part of the rebuild, but Clyde told him that he had to keep it until after CES of 2007 for the Memphis Audio Booth. Clyde and the crew decided to go to Big Easy Motorfest after work on Friday Nov. 10th, 2006.
On the way to the show, they lipped off the road in a construction area with hardly any road shoulder and the trailer slid into the ditch, dragging the back of their tow pig around. They were about an hour south of Jackson, Mississippi, on I-55. They were in an '06 F-250 Amarillo, and in the end, the F-250 flipped and landed back on its wheels with Clyde hanging out the window and the roof crushed. The Blazerado and trailer flipped onto the road and slid on its top for about 200-feet, then back into the ditch. They were all very lucky to walk away from the wreck. After a few days of recovery, Clyde began pondering if he still wanted to rebuild the truck. He called Corey and asked him about rebuilding it, "Yes, let's do it." Corey replied.
Photo 3/23   |   1995 Chevy Blazer engine
So, the demolition began. The SSC crew was planning to have it done for CES '07. They had the body back together by the end of November, but when they contacted Memphis they said they heard about the accident and lined up another vehicle for CES. So, Clyde contacted a friend of his who had talked about using RE Audio and US Amps. US amps were Clyde's amp of choice, back when Silver Star Customs was known for building big stereo systems, so he gave them a call. After talking with US Amps, they said they wanted to wait on their new line of amps, which was going to be a few months, so they covered up the project and put it on the back burner.
Once the stereo equipment came in, the SSC crew jumped back on it and completely Resurrected the Blazerado for the RA show with an all-new interior, new stereo, new body, and new paint. A new touch that was added to give the truck personality was a one-of-a-kind body line running through the front doors. Other new touches included an old-school wall of speakers, and hot-rod leather interior. Overall, Clyde, Corey, and the SSC crew wanted to build something different, to their specific tastes, and they accomplished that goal and more.
It's utterly amazing to look at photos of the wreck and imagine what the crew went through to even begin to rebuild the truck. It's a true feat of customization and it's incredible to see that kind of dedication. The Blazerado will always be a minitruckin' icon, remembered forever in both it's previous form as well as it's resurrected state.
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 22x9.5-inch Platinum Twin Twist
Backspace: 45 mm
Tires (Front): 245/35R22 Nitto Tire
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: SSC Air Ride
Suspension (Front): S-10
(Rear): Supra IRS
Airbags: Firestone 2600
Control arms: SSC
Spindles: Belltech drop spindles
Shocks: Monroe
Valves: SSC
Compressor: Four Viair 480C
Air line: Stainless steel hard-line
Frame mods: Custom frame with built-in air tank
Frame material: 2x3-inch .25 wall
Gas tank: Custom aluminum fuel cell
Brakes: SSBC
Performed by: Silver Star Customs
City/state: Horn Lake, MS
Body Modifications
Shaved: Completely reskinned with Colorado sheetmetal
Body-dropped: Stock-floored
Front end: Colorado front clip, custom and pancaked hood to fenders
Back end: Shaved shut
Taillights: Shaved
Misc.: Molded frame to body and made into Unibody, fenders molded, everything
Performed by: SSC
City/state: Horn Lake, MS
Brand and colors: Golden Honey, Molten Orange Hot Hues with Brilliant Silver stripe
Performed by: SSC
City/State: Horn Lake, MS
Seats: Custom by Casey Customs
Material: Crme leather
Dash: Sheetmetal with crme leather
Door panels: Custom with crme leather
Center console: Custom fiberglass with crme leather
Flooring: Carpet
Headliner: Light brown
Gauges: Dakota Digital flushed into dash
Performed by: SSC and Casey Customs
Head unit: Pioneer
Mids and highs: RE Audio
Amplifier for mids and highs: US Amps
Subwoofers: RE AudioAmplifier for subwoofers: US Amps
Custom Fabrication: Sub enclosure, kick panels, door panels, and rear panels
Performed by: SSC
City/state: Horn Lake, MS
Displacement: 350
Number of cylinders: Eight
Transmission: 4L60E
Rearend type: Supra IRS
Battery: Kinetik
Location: Rear
Inner fenders: Custom and molded
Detail work: All street and performance chrome setup
Misc.: Dual-chrome alternators
Performed by: SSC
Special Thanks By Owner and Builder
Thanks to all those people who stuck by us, including RE Audio, US Amps, BAD, Viair, and Kinetik batteries.


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