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Negative Camber Truck Club - Club Profile

Pimping Minis Since 1992

Ernie Macias
Mar 1, 2008
Photo 2/20   |   negative Camber truck Club
Negative Camber is easily one of the most recognized names in our scene. When it comes to being "minitruck famous" this club has really helped set the standards. Not only is it one of the oldest clubs around, it has really set its mark in the history books of minitrucks. Founded sometime around Resolutions of 1992, five friends from different clubs decided to start their own group. Picking up a few pointers from some other clubs, Negative Camber was born as the first un-club.
So, what is an un-club? It's basically a group of friends-with the same passion for nice trucks, in a laid-back and unorganized atmosphere, who all wear the same shirts, and sport the same logo. The first five members of NC didn't believe in the rules of the other clubs at that time. Courtney said, it seemed like the rules were set so one guy could act bigger or more important than the next guy. But, to these first five, minitruckin' was more than rules. It was about hanging out with your real friends, enjoying a cold brew, all while watching people enjoy your ride. And for the past 15 years, NC has stuck to its same beliefs and lives by them.
Besides having a plethora of feature and cover trucks in its ranks, many members are also involved with the automotive scene. In its ranks, NC has had shop owners, magazine editors, fabricators, painters, and so on. In 2007, it had three cover trucks and won Club of the Year for the second time, becoming the first club to ever do this. Courtney said that even though the club became smaller in 2007, it helped the members become even closer.
We had the pleasure of interviewing Courtney on all things Negative Camber, as well as a few other guys. Here's what they had to say.
Photo 15/20   |   negative Camber toyota Tacoma
Club Profile: Negative Camber
Date Founded: Winter of '92
Interview with: Courtney Halowell
How many members or chapters are there?NC has a few hundred members all over the U.S. and in a few other countries, such as Australia and Japan.
Could we have a history of why the club began?It started sometime around Resolutions of 1992. A group of five of us decided that the clubs we were in just weren't all of what we were looking for.
Number of chapters:Who knows?
Are there any rules, examples of what it takes to join?Somebody has to vouch for you, it takes years of dedication, and you really have to put your work in. It's more about the people than just the truck.
Website and
Are there any major accomplishments?We won the first Club of the Year Award and then again in 2007, making us the first club to win it twice.
Photo 16/20   |   negative Camber nc Confederate
Has it had any cover vehicles?The club's had too many to list, but these are two of the first: Brian Jendro's chopped Toyota Hi-Lux and Sal Marchese's Truckin' cover.
Is there any community involvement?Any event that you ever see the name Negative Camber attached to it has to be for charity. Something most people never knew is that they judged the car classes at Showfest in Greenville.
Are there any club standards?You have to be invited, that should say it all right there. It has to be pretty nice. It has to be a feeling, it can be painted, patina; it's a case-by-case basis. Look at the vehicle for what it is. It could be a hot-rod, a mini, a car, or a bike. Once you're in with a truck, you can build whatever you want, but you have to get in with a truck.
How would you define the club?The very first un-club.
What was the best or worst moment for the club?One night, when the show "Saturday Night Live" was on, Travis Barker wore an NC hat that a member had given him. So, that's the best moment obviously. The worst was probably the guy who waited six months to get in and didn't even last the weekend before he joined another club. Well, it seems more funny than bad.
Photo 17/20   |   negative Camber lowered Custom
Is there an ultimate goal or reason for being?The real reason Negative Camber started is actually pretty crazy. The guys were trying to keep the girlfriends from lynching one another. That pretty much sums it up; besides the whole un-club thing.
Who were the first five?Courtney Halowell, Brian Jendro, Sal Marchese, Boomer Glassner, and Mike Peters.
Anything else you would like to add?If you're doing it for the trophies, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Shows are just an excuse to sit in a lawn chair and have a couple of beers with your homies. Don't stress over the five points for a fire extinguisher the judge might have missed.


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