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2008 Ford F350 - Wild Wide Boy

Dan Ward
Mar 1, 2008
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/16   |   2008 Ford F350 right Three Quarter View
Creating top-notch vehicles year after year isn't a heavy burden for Mike Spagnoila of Street Scene Equipment in Costa Mesa, California, to carry around. However, it is a challenge of innovation, creativity, and after all is said and done, fortitude. You've seen Street Scene's trucks and SUVs in Truckin' before, with its Ford F-150 SuperCrew, S-10, Colorado, and last year's Expedition. For 2008, the team at Street Scene created one big and bad Ford F-350 Super Duty. Plans for the project saw the truck going much, much lower than stock, with big wheels, bright paint, and, of course, quality urethane body accessories. The end result is one wild and wide fat-fendered Ford.
Photo 3/16   |   2008 Ford F350 dashboard
Taking dozens of measurements to get the required specifications for molds, the talented guys at Street Scene Equipment began creating pieces for the new Ford Super Duty. From front to back, top to bottom, the crew was able to add trick new accessories and replace the factory parts with cleaner and yet more aggressive-looking parts. Those new pieces included a new Gen 1 bumper cover, wiper cowl, urethane roll pan, tailgate handle relocator, and new flip-up license plate kit. But, they didn't stop there as they also added a new custom grille shell with driving lights, upper and lower Speed Grilles side vents, replacement Speed Grille inserts, and smooth bed caps. The most exciting new product added to the F-350 was the 3-inch wider rear fenders, appropriately called Big Boy fenders. These fenders helped to make the truck look very aggressive and also added the necessary provisions for the planned wheel and tire package. The icing on the cake was the addition of the Speed Grille vents on the front of the Big Boy fenders, which gives them even more style.
Photo 4/16   |   2008 Ford F350 front Grille
All of these parts were created especially for this truck and project. The added benefit was once they were perfected, you, too, could buy them for your truck. Once the Street Scene Equipment team was satisfied with the fitments, the F-350 was driven from Costa Mesa to San Dimas, where L&G Enterprises calls home. While there, Theresa Contreras and her team smoothed the door handles, mirrors, shaved the tailgate handle, and prepped all of the Street Scene pieces for paint. Each door was removed so they could be properly painted and the keyless entry pads were shaved. Inside the booth, Theresa applied the DuPont Hot Hues Hot Raspberry Candy over Pacific Gold to the Ford's necessary pieces. On the hood, Theresa masked off a large stripe where she applied the DuPont Pacific Gold with a Molten Orange Candy fade providing a custom look without being over the top. Finishing off the exterior is a one-off aluminum bedliner by Brushed Metal Designs, in Costa Mesa, who also had time to build a flush-fitting tonneau cover for the Ford. Then, it was time to get the inside the truck where things needed to match the customized body.
Photo 11/16   |   2008 Ford F350 right Side
Katzkin two-tone leather seat covers were added to the Super Duty, and provide good looks and a better feel than the cloth seats. HOT Motorsports in Santa Ana handled the audio/video system installation. The team at HOT Motorsports built a sub box behind the rear seat with Polk Audio subs powered by Polk amps. A Panasonic 7-inch in-dash head unit controls the 10.2-inch Vizualogic monitor in the headliner. A Vizualogic and Hindsight back-up camera provides easy parking for any lucky driver. No driving experience would be complete without more power and this 6.4L turbodiesel didn't disappoint us. Smoking those four rear tires is as easy as turning up the Gale Banks programmer, and hearing the intake suck in fresh air through the Gale Banks intake and out the custom Gale Banks dual exhaust. A Kinetik dual battery setup ensures the Ford stays charged--no matter what.
Photo 12/16   |   2008 Ford F350 right Rear View
Coming along nicely, the only thing remaining for the Ford was the suspension and wheels dilemma. Stillen added DJM Dream Beams up front, along with custom 1-inch drop coils, which brought the nose down. The team at Street Scene flipped the rear leaf springs, cut a C-notch in the frame, and added Firestone AirRite airbags for towing assistance in the rear. Now for those awesome wheels. American Force 24x9-inch 10-lug Magnum wheels were mounted onto Pirelli 295/40R24 tires for a look that screams custom. A lowered '08 Super Duty on 24s is a look we can't get enough of.
It took two short months to turn a stock F-350 into this beautiful custom you see here and apparently Ford liked it, too, as Street Scene Equipment was awarded with the Ford Design Award at the '07 SEMA show. Now, if only there was a lifted dualie to match this lowered one.



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