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1999 Dodge Dakota - Draggin' Dakota

Ernie Macias
Apr 1, 2008
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
We ask people when they get shot for MT magazine what they had learned from the experience of the buildup.Jeff Cook Jr. comically stated, "I learned to never buy another Dakota." This comment should signify to everybody how it is truly hard to build one of the more uncommon trucks in our scene.
Photo 5/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota custom Fabrication
Jeff's been in the scene since '98 and has, like most people, built a few S-10s in his days. The Dakota has definitely been the hardest build; he's done everything on this truck from broken the back window to catching the cowl on fire, which is all in a day's work for most minitruckers, though. Jeff also does have some regrets, he wished he would have built a full frame and stock-floored it on 22s. But, ince the truck is done now, cruising it and enjoying it with friends does helps him forget what he wished he could have done.
Photo 6/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota rear Side View
One thing that drives Jeff's motivation and keeps his truck clean is his love for his club and its members. Being a part of Severed Ties makes Jeff proud, and he's all about showing his club pride. When asked if he had any personal comments to add, Jeff stated "Severed Ties! What do you know about that?"
Photo 13/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota left Side View
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear):
18 x 8 Boyd Coddington Wheels
Photo 14/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota shaved Taillights
Chassis ModificationsSuspension type: Air
Front suspension: Tubular upper arms
Rear suspension: ART parallel four-link with a Panhard bar
Airbag type and size: (Front/Rear): Slam Specialties
Valves: ART Big Red 1/2 inch
Compressors: Two Viair 380s
Airline: 1/2 inch
Air accessories: Dakota Digital air controls
Frame mods: Rear step-notch front framerails
Frame material: Steel
Brakes: Cross-drilled and slotted rotors and custom stainlessbrake lines
Performed by: Jay Molenda at Moe's Garage
City/state: Dyer, Indiana
Photo 15/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota right Side View
Body Modifications
Shaved: Antenna, fenders, body line, drip rails, third brake light, handles, gas door, taillights, tailgate handle, roll pan,and tailgate body lines
Frenched: License-plate box, LED taillights in taillight
Taillights: LED taillights
Exterior bolt-ons: Reflections cowl hood, Street Scene speed grilles, and Street Scene valance
Performed by: Jay Molenda at Moe's Garage
City/state: Dyer, Indiana
Photo 16/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota custom Door
Brand and colors: DuPont Electric Lime Green
Style: Basecoat and clearcoat
Performed by: Jay Molenda at Moe's Garage
City/state: Dyer, Indiana
Photo 17/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota front Side
Seats: Camaro buckets
Material: Leather seats wrapped by MaGruder Enterprises
Dash: Fiberglassed and smoothed out
Door panels: Fiberglassed and smoothed out
Center console: Custom-made fiberglassed center console
Flooring: Black carpet
Headliner: Black headliner
Gauges: Dakota Digital
Misc.: Interior sub enclosure was molded and smoothed out by Blazer Jay Molenda
Performed by: Jay Molenda at Moe's Garage
City/state: Dyer, Indiana
Photo 18/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota boyd Wheels
Head unit: JVC KD - LHX 500
Mids and highs: Polk Audio components
Amplifier for mids and highs: One Polk Audio C300.2
Subwoofers: Four 10-inch Polk Audio subs
Amplifier for subwoofers: Two Polk Audio C500.1 amps
Wiring/accessories: DB link
Performed by: Blazer Jay Molenda
City/state: Lansing, Illinois
Photo 19/19   |   1999 Dodge Dakota severd Ties
Special Thanks By Owner:
Mom, Dad, friends and family, Jay Molenda, Coop at Van Senus, Blazer Jay, Ed Bombagettie, Black Chris, and Severed Ties members from the Illinois chapter.


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