2008 Hummer H2 - H-Tank

The Governator Would Be Proud

Dan Ward
Feb 26, 2007
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/8   |   2008 Hummer H2 left Side
Driving this HUMMER H2, you'll never hear the words "Ah honey, look it's such a pretty blue." Nope, no pansy comments, no wondering what kind of wheels those are, or even worse, if it comes with Hawaiian seat covers. Things you will hear while commanding this H2 sound more like, "Holy @!# look at that thing!" or "Where is that roar coming from?" That's because Jim Lewis of Pro Motorsports in Kansas City, Kansas, knows how to build trucks that make other people ooh and aah. Simple, yet very effective, it took four weeks to turn a stock '08 Hummer into a ride the Governator would be proud to drive.
Photo 3/8   |   House of Boost hooked up the new 6.2L with a polished ProCharger supercharger pumping out 8 psi of boost helping to create more than 550 hp.
Starting with a platform that received serious upgrades from the factory, the '08 Hummer H2 came equipped with the 393hp 6.2L V-8, six-speed automatic transmission, and updated front fascia. Taking things up a notch from there, Jim delivered the H2 to House of Boost in Kansas City, Kansas, where they installed a ProCharger supercharger. Producing 8 psi of boost, the blower helps create more than 550 hp to the 4WD system. Tuned by the pros at House of Boost, the intercooled system is completely street-worthy for a daily driver, and it's perfect for blasting down the highway. Aiding in that power output, a Corsa after-cat exhaust system was installed providing some serious rumble.
Photo 4/8   |   Mattracks on each corner provide all-terrain capabilities, an inspiring look, and the ability to say, "My Hummer Tank can beat up your Hummer truck."
Blasting down the highway and a Hummer H2 might not be two ideas you would associate together, but Jim wanted to change that. Unbolting the factory 17-inch wheels, Pro Motorsports added a set of Mattracks 150M1-A2-SA to the Hummer. Before each track was installed, every wheel assembly, gear, and torsion suspension component received special Nanotech powdercoating to perfectly match the paint planned for the H2. This look, combined with the '08 Hummer's already chiseled body, created a one-of-a-kind appearance that is very hard to forget. Max speed recommended from Mattracks is 40 mph, but we're guessing if pushed, they could be coerced to reach highway speeds.

Photo 5/8   |   2008 Hummer H2 rear Right View
Just in case the tracks aren't needed and a high-speed run is needed, the Hummer was also outfitted with a set of 37-inch Toyo M/T tires mounted onto cool 24x10-inch KMC Monster wheels. It's a tough choice, but the Mattracks do create extensive rubber-necking from onlookers.
Jim quickly turned his attention to the body, where D&S Body Shop in Clearwater, Kansas, applied the DuPont Pearl Light Blue. Other body modifications included the addition of IPCW skull headlights, IPCW LED taillights, and IPCW clear marker lights with LED bumper lights. The H2 also received a front light bar and IPCW fog lights. Helping it stand out, Real Wheels billet and chrome are found all over the H2.
Moving inside the Hummer is where Jim went a little overboard. By completely removing the second row of seats, David Baldwin of Pro Motorsports built a wall subwoofer enclosure. Housed in that wall are four Kicker 15-inch L7 SoloBaric subs pounding any and everyone into submission. Powering those speakers and the eight sets of Kicker RS65.2 components are four Kicker amps, two 800.2 and two 2500.1. That much power, combined with an interior stuffed with Dynamat, made the Hummer unbelievably loud. Helping Jim drive to and fro, a Magellan GPS teams with a PAC stereo integration harness. The Sedona Red leather adds to the newfound elegance of the interior.
It's big, it's bad, but best of all: this Hummer is a Best of Show winner. We told you, Jim knows how to build 'em. Be on the lookout, as we have several more of his projects planned for print in '08.



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