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2008 Chevy 3500 Dually - Head-Turning Hauler

This '08 3500 Begs For Attention

Bobby Stewart
Jun 1, 2008
Photographers: Bobby Stewart
Photo 2/10   |   2008 Chevy 3500 side View
'08 Chevy 3500 Dualie
For many in the scene, owning a killer tow vehicle is just as important as owning a show vehicle. Spending thousands of dollars for a truck just to pull another isn't uncommon. For Josh Helbert of Brownswood, Texas, having something badass to tow with wasn't an option-it was a must. A quick trip to a local Chevy dealer was all it took to get things going.
Josh didn't want to wait to get started, so instead of taking delivery himself the dualie was delivered straight to Hack Shack in garland, Texas. Jay Ivey and his crew have been a big part of the Texas custom scene for years, and they were well up to the task of transforming the stock truck into a head-turning hauler.
Since Texas is known for everything being big, nothing but big was good enough. With 24-inch wheels on the horizon for this dualie, several suspension and frame modifi- cations were needed so the Hack Shack crew went to work. The rear frame was completely cut off at the cab and new framerails were made using 3x6-inch box tubing. The factory rear suspension was removed as Hack Shack opted to go with a completely custom, hand-fabricated two-link setup with Panhard bar. Underneath, the rearend had to be narrowed 8 inches to accommodate the 24s and allow them to tuck inside the fenders. The factory gas tank would no longer fit, so a new 30-gallon fuel cell now resides in the stock location; however, it did have to be shortened and narrowed to mount above the framerails. Using airbag products from Slam Specialties and Firestone in conjunction with 1/2-inch Parker valves, this 3500 not only lays frame but gets plenty of lift above the massive 24s.
Visually, Josh's dualie has minimal body modifications. All badges and markings have been removed, so the exterior has a clean, smooth look. The front end has a new look thanks to a Precision stainless steel mesh grille. HID headlights and foglamps help give Josh better visibility over their factory counterparts. The inside of the bed retains a very clean look thanks to Rhino Lining, which now covers the custom notch cover and gooseneck trailer hitch. The most noticeable aspect of Josh's dualie is the set of massive, 24-inch Alcoa American Force Independence dualie wheels wrapped in Sumitomo 285/35/24 NS All Sport rubber.
Another key contributor to the appeal of this dualie is the interior. Although the factory black leather was left untouched, all of the factory stereo equipment was replaced with aftermarket products, allowing Josh and his passengers to enjoy long drives to shows. Behind the rear seats, 12-inch Kicker subs send massive amounts of bass throughout the cab. MTX 6-1/2-inch components keep the mids and highs in tune with the subwoofers. The subs are powered by an MTX 5601 amp, while the mids and highs are powered by an MTX 3404, all of which is hidden behind the rear seats. At first glace, the cab has a clean, stock feel. XOVision provided the video equipment, with 9-inch screens now mounted in all headrests. The whole audio/video system receives instructions from an Alpine IVA-W205 head unit.
With the 6.6-liter Duramax already putting out plenty of torque for towing, Josh decided that he didn't want to do anything too extreme that could affect reliability. A few things had to be modified to fit, including the 3500 Stage 2 intake, to retain the stock fenderwells. To help keep things clean under the hood, the two Optima batteries have been relocated underneath the truck in the rear. Hack Shack also outfitted the Chevy with a custom exhaust tucked above the framerails, allowing this monster to lay completely out without any clearance issues. Finally, when the power band needs to be adjusted on the fly, Josh can do so with ease thanks to a Bully Dog Power Pup programmer.
Photo 9/10   |   2008 Chevy 3500 leather Interior
With the dualie completed in two months, Josh looked forward to getting out on the road and enjoying his new toy. Although the short wait was still hard, it was worth it. Josh has more plans for the truck, but for now he's content to cruise around the streets of Texas and drive to as many shows as possible. Not too shabby for a truck with less than 160 miles on it.
The 411

Josh Helbert / Brownswood, Texas

'08 Chevy 3500
Engine /Drivetrain:
6.6L Duramax / Allison transmission / AFE Stage 2 intake / custom exhaust / two Optima batteries relocated underneath the bed / stock rearend narrowed 4 inches on each side / inner fenderwells tubbed / Bully Dog Power Pup programmer
By: Hack Shack, garland, Texas
Front & Rear: 24-inch Alcoa American Force Independence
Front & Rear: 285/35/24 Sumitomo NS All Sport
Front: Relocated upper control arms / modi-fied upper shock mounts / Slam Specialties RE-8 airbags / Toxic shocks
Rear: Custom two-link with Panhard bar /Firestone 3100 airbags / Toxic shocks
Accessories: Eight 1/2-inch Parker air valves / 1/2-inch steel-braided air line / Oasis XD3000 compressor / two 5-gallon air tanks
Chassis: Full back-half custom frame with gooseneck trailer hitch / narrowed frame / narrowed and shortened 30-gallon aluminum fuel cell
By: Hack Shack
Photo 10/10   |   2008 Chevy 3500 engine
Body Mods:
Shaved logos and badges / Precision four-piece stainless steel mesh grille / HID headlights and foglights / smoked taillights / Rhino-lined tub and notch cover
By: Hack Shack
Custom Paint:
Stock leather seats / Dakota Digital gauges
By: Mark Perez at Hack Shack
Alpine IVA-W205 head unit / MTX 6-1/2-inch component speakers / MTX 3404 amp for speakers / two Kicker 12-inch subwoofers / MTX 5601 amp for subs / StreetWires wiring / 9-inch XOVision headrest monitors / XOVision rearview camera
By: Mark Perez at Hack Shack
Special Thanks:
To the Hack Shack crew: Jay Ivey, Hector Ramirez, Andy Choote, Dustin Self, Jordon Butler, Mark Perez; and to Leah for putting up with him during the build.



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