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1987 Mazda B2000 - Most Wanted: The Bayou Dog

Ernie Macias
Jul 1, 2008
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Photo 2/18   |   OWNER: Zachary QuatrevingtRIDE: '87 Mazda B2000HOMETOWN: Houma, LACLUB: No Regrets
When you live in a small, Southern town and one of the most influential minitrucks is built down the road from you, the chance is you are going to get a ton of ideas from that mini. Zach Quatrevingt lives in Houma, Louisiana, home of DIB Customs, the creators of the first body-dropped Nissan Hardbody on 22s. Being buddies with the guys at DIB Customs means you get to see first-hand what it takes to build a cover truck. When you get an ambitious new minitrucker, who owns his own bedliner business, together with his friends, what comes next is one of the most talked about builds on the internet: The Bayou Mazdawg.
It didn't take Zach long to build his ride, roughly two years. Not bad for a guy who has only been involved in the scene for about four or five years. But, when you're friends with Duck, Travis Chavin, and Jamey Jordan, you have some of the best minitruck talent on your side. The task of slapping some 22s on this mini was placed on Travis from DIB Customs and Jamey Jordan. Zach also got his hands dirty and learned a lot about fabrication. Twisting and modifying the stock suspension wasn't easy, and if Zach had a chance to do it all over again, he said he would have built a new frame the next time around.
Photo 3/18   |   1987 Mazda B2000 left Side View
"People always want to look under the hood," said Zach. At a few shows, he has opened the hood at noon to let people take a look, then closed it, and said, "Show time's over." According to Zach, "There's nothing to hide, it's just fun; when people want to look, we show them."
From what we were told, this truck is not done by any means. The paint scheme on it was laid out by Duck from DIB Customs-just in time for Resolutions. But, they said it's only temporary. Next up for the truck is a full paintjob, then maybe a few more tricks. Keep an eye out for more from Zach and the most wanted Mazda stomping around this show season.
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 22x8.5-inch BAD Deuce, 22x10-inch BAD Deuce
Backspace (Front/Rear): 6.5, 5.5
Tires (Front/Rear): 245/30ZR22 Pirelli P-zero, 295/25ZR22 Pirelli P-zero
Photo 7/18   |   1987 Mazda B2000 no Regrets Sticker
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Suspension (Front/Rear): Four-link
Airbag/cylinder type and size: (Front): Firestone 2,600 (Rear): Firestone 2,600 C
Control arms: Modified stock
Spindles/springs: 2-inch lowering spindles
Compressors: Two Viair 980s
Air line: 3/8-inch stainless braided lines
Frame mods: Front clip was fully modified, filled all holes in back halfFrame material: 2x3-inch square tubing
Gas tank: Aluminum fuel cell
Performed by: Owner Zach Quatrevingt, Jamey Jordan, and Travis Chavin
City/state: Houma, Louisiana
Photo 8/18   |   "Being buddies with the guys at DIB Customs means you get to see first hand what it takes to build a cover truck."
Body Modifications
Shaved: Almost everything
Body-dropped: Yes
Front end: Ranger headlights, and a Grant Kustoms one-off bumper
Back end: Full skin, taillight fillers, and hot-rod taillights
Taillights: Lokar XL Oval LEDs
Misc.: Full sheetmetal bed, front tubs, and reworked radiator support
Performed by: Owner Zach Quatrevingt, Jamey Jordan, and DIB Customs
City/state: Houma, Louisiana
Brand and colors: A whole bunch
Style: Sitting under a tree for 12 years
Performed by: Duck at DIB Customs
City/state: Houma, Louisiana
Photo 9/18   |   1987 Mazda B2000 truck Bed
Seats: Brown and tan vinyl
Dash: '62 Ford Galaxy
Door panels: Sheetmetal
Flooring: Carpet
Performed by: Owner Zach Quatrevingt
City/state: Houma, Louisiana
Special Thanks By Owner:
Randy and Shane Caro, Jamey Jordan, Duck, Travis Chavin, Eli Magee, Big Josh, my girlfriend, Jenn; my daughters, Emma and Ella; and everyone in No Regrets.


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