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2000 Chevy Suburban - Haters Beware

This Show-Worthy Suburban Is A Fully Functioning Terror

Kevin Aguilar
Jul 1, 2008
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Though it's common to build a lifted truck just for show, Greg Brown's monster '00 Chevy Suburban is the real deal. Yes, it is finished off with a clean paintjob, but it's also ready for off-road adventure. The suspension on this beast is no off-the-shelf bolt-on lift kit but was custom-designed and -built tough by the crew at B&C Offroad in Pasadena, Texas.
When Greg first came across B&C, he was impressed with the gigantic trucks the shop was building. In the ensuing years, he commissioned the crew at B&C to build him several big trucks, but after a few of those had been built he felt the desire to go even bigger. Greg acquired a bright-red Chevy Suburban to use as a platform for his new build. From what he had seen around the show circuit, his vision was different than almost anyone else's, and he believed he had the potential to construct a truly original vehicle.
The virgin Suburban rolled straight into B&C for the first of several progressively higher lifts. The Chevy's first lift was a drop-down kit from 3rd Coast Suspension that was new and innovative at the time it was installed. As other enthusiasts in the scene started to step up their game, Greg wanted to go even higher by building the Sub' over a set of 49-inch-tall tires. Back at the shop, everything below the frame was taken off for the new suspension to be fabbed up. B&C started with a salvaged rearend from an F-250 and a Dana 60 frontend from a retired '79 Ford truck that Greg's father had sitting around. On the front, B&C made a four-link with Panhard bar to accommodate a trick steering setup. Then, a triangulated four-link was constructed to ensure that the rearend would stick to the ground.
With the main part of the suspension mocked up, the rest of the functioning equipment was built around it. Since Greg intended to be different by enabling his monster to change its height, a set of large airbags and reservoir shocks were mounted. To keep the 'bagged truck from toppling over, a sway bar was installed up front with big plated end links designed to handle the huge stresses of the tall SUV.
When the fab work was done, the suspension was taken off for various components to get powdercoated or chromed. The frame was smoothed out and painted in the shop.
When the suspension was reassembled, the Sub' was due for some body mods to make it a full custom. For a meaner look, the front end was swapped for one from a similar HD Chevy truck. In the rear, a smooth roll pan from Grant Kustoms was attached in lieu of the bumper. Then it was off to nearby Swindoll Paint & Body for the finishing two-tone of red and black. To break up these colors, a custom chrome trim was airbushed on before the clearcoats were laid down.
Now that the Suburban is complete, it's hard to deny the visual impact achieved by its colossal stance. It's a massive vehicle, and it looks mean going down the highway. This Suburban is one wild SUV to behold, but it's well-built suspension is more than capable of terrorizing the trails.
Photo 11/13   |   2000 Chevrolet Suburban speedometer
The 411

Greg Brown / Pasadena, Texas
'00 Chevrolet Suburban
5.3L V-8 engine / Airaid air filter and throttle-body spacer / custom exhaust with Dynomax muffler / Optima battery / factory automatic transmission
BY: B&C Offroad, Pasadena, Texas
Front & Rear:
20x12 Weld Racing Cheyenne 6
Front & Rear:
21/49-20LT Irok Super Swamper
Custom four-link with Panhard bar / custom upper shock brackets / Phoenix 1 DK 23 F-1 sleeve airbags / Walker Evans 500-series 14-inch reservoir shocks / custom reverse-style steering linkage with Trail Master 4 Way shocks / reinforced Dana 60 front axle with Off Road Unlimited polished aluminum diff cover / Ford F-250 sway bar with custom-plated linkage
Rear: Custom triangulated four-link / custom upper airbag/shock mount / Phoenix 1 DK 23 F-1 sleeve airbags / Walker Evans 500-series 14-inch reservoir shocks / reinforced '02 Ford F-350 rear axle with Off Road Unlimited polished aluminum diff cover / custom sway bar
Accessories: Fuel tank from '87 Chevy Suburban / Air Lift 1/2-inch valves / 12-gallon air tank / three Viair 400-series compressors
Chassis: Frame smoothed and painted / 3-inch body lift
BY: B&C Offroad
Photo 12/13   |   2000 Chevrolet Suburban rear View
Body Mods:
Chevy HD front end / PIAA bumper valance with foglights / T-Rex billet grilles / Grant Kustoms smooth roll pan / '05 Suburban taillights / Chevy fender flares / Escalade door handles
BY: B&C Offroad / Swindoll Paint & Body, Pasadena, Texas
Custom Paint:
Black and Victory Red / custom-airbrushed chrome trim to break two-tone
BY: Swindoll Paint & Body
Katzkin leather seat covers / Escalade gauges / Viair air gauges in A-pillar
BY: B&C Offroad
Photo 13/13   |   2000 Chevrolet Suburban side View
Alpine CDA-7894 head unit / six 5-1/4-inch speakers / Kicker 1,200-watt amp and 800-watt amp / two 15-inch L7 subwoofers
BY: B&C Offroad
Special Thanks:
Kevin, Rob, and Angie at B&C Offroad


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