1993 Mazda B2200 - Headcase

Think You've Got Issues?

Kevin Whipps
Aug 1, 2008
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Nelson Zapata of Cypress, Texas, is a methodical kind of guy. He likes to take his time building his projects and focus on not only the overall picture, but the little details that make the big picture come together. It's led him to create the masterpiece of a truck you see on these pages. But being methodical and detail-oriented doesn't always prevent accidents, and sometimes the worst things happen to people who have the best of intentions. Such was the case when Nelson was towing his truck to a show one day when one of his fellow club members rear-ended the trailer and the truck simultaneously, causing a heap of damage and shattering a dream or two.
The Mazda was rebuilt and fixed, and now you'd never know that it was the victim of a pre-show disaster. It's hard to look at the truck without noticing the crazy tribal graphics laid down by Texas legend Pat Maxwell. The basecoat is silver with a violet pearl that's subtle enough not to distract from the graphics across the bottom of the truck and the hood. Dozens of colors were used in the design and accompanying pinstriping, and patterns were airbrushed in the panels for even more details. The layout flows over the shaved taillights, tailgate, and handles so that you'd never notice that they weren't there, so the other details really shine. The shaved pillars are a subtle touch that not many would notice, and the custom phantom billet grille with shaved corner lenses isn't something you see every day.
Inside, there are lots of other little details that make the truck shine. The seats are wrapped in gray tweed with leather inserts, as are the floor and door panels. The custom console built by D-Money at Bada Bing Kustoms uses a tweed tribal graphic to slash through the painted graphic across the middle, creating a unique, killer design.
Of course the stance of a mini is important, so Nelson took his truck to Loco Motiv to lay the truck on the concrete. The truck is 'bagged with Firestone airbags and KYB shocks, with a two-link setup out back to keep the rearend in line. 17x7 and 17x8 Billet Specialties Snyper wheels surrounded by 205/40-17 Nittos roll this beauty down the road.
This Mazda may look done, but Nelson's not so sure. He's considering body-dropping it or maybe doing some more motor or frame detailing. He's still got a lot left to go in his mind, and no matter how perfect it is he's going to make sure he covers all the details. It's the little things that give a custom truck its worth.
Photo 14/15   |   1993 Mazda B2200 custom Steering Wheel
The 411

Nelson Zapata / Cypress, Texas

'93 Mazda B2200
2.2L four-cylinder / PaceSetter header / black painted block / chromed accessories / Flowmaster muffler / rebuilt to factory specs
By: Noy K., Paul K., Jared B., and Owner
17x7 Billet Specialties Snyper
Rear: 17x8 Billet Specialties Snyper
205/40-17 Nitto
Rear: 205/40-17 Nitto
Photo 15/15   |   1993 Mazda B2200 tweed Seats
Firestone 2,600-pound airbags / KYB shocks
Rear: Two-link with Firestone 2,600-pound airbags / KYB shocks
Accessories: Nitrogen bottle / 1/2-inch air lines and valvesChassis: Step-notched rear framerails
By: Loco Motiv, Houston, Texas
Body Mods:
Shaved tailgate, taillights, side markers, door handles / custom phantom billet grille / frenched license plate / Sir Michaels roll pan / LED taillights / flush-mount tonneau cover / shaved pillar plastic
By: Pat Maxwell, Magnolia, Texas
Custom Paint:
Silver basecoat with violet pearl / multicolor graphics / airbrushed accents and highlights / all House of Kolor products
BY: Pat Maxwell
Gray leather and tweed / painted and wrapped custom console with tweed pattern integrated with the graphics / tweed floor
By: Interior By Dave (console) / Leather Trim of Houston, Houston, Texas (leather)
Pioneer CD player / Audiobahn 5.5-inch component speakers in the doors / Audiobahn 12-inch subwoofers / Audiobahn 600x2 amp / Audiobahn wiring kit
By: D-Money at Bada Bing Kustoms, Houston, Texas
Relaxed Atmosphere
Special Thanks:
His wife and kids, Noy, Paul, Jared, Pat Maxwell, D-Money at Bada Bing Kustoms, Jason at Leather Trim, Darren Hebert, Bobby at Loco Motiv, Dad, and Mom. Also, Ron for hitting his truck on the way to a show.



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