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2006 GMC Sierra Custom - Hitman

An Assassin on the Show Circuit

Dan Ward
Sep 1, 2008
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/25   |   2006 Gmc Sierra Custom right Front Angle
In April of 2007, I received a random e-mail, from a random guy, who asked if we wanted to be a part of his truck build. He mentioned wanting to be featured in the magazine upon the truck's completion. After replying to his inquiry, I received yet another e-mail asking what it would take to be on the cover. Having been asked the question around 2,000 times, I quickly rattled off the necessary modifications, with the top of my list being a custom paintjob. His response was "OK, I'll do that." Having heard that scenario around 1,985 times, I dismissed the e-mail as another guy with big dreams. Almost a year to the day, I stand corrected, as Dave Timm of Springfield, Illinois, has himself a Truckin' magazine cover.
Photo 3/25   |   2006 Gmc Sierra Custom left Rear Angle
It takes a rare breed of man to want something so badly that he'll do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal. That's Dave, a hard-working police officer, SWAT team member, and explosive team specialist-who almost every night after work, builds trucks with his brother Brian. Their shop was appropriately named 2 Brothers Custom Trucks, located in Springfield. Together, the Timm brothers have successfully built dozens of trucks for local truck enthusiasts and dealerships. When it came time to build his own truck, Dave didn't take the task lightly, and with credit card in hand, he went on an aftermarket shopping spree.
Sticking with our original conversation, Dave sought out to find a shop in the area that could pull off a custom paintjob worthy of a cover truck. Dave found Jeff Schroeder of Attitude Airbrushing in Springfield. Jeff is the owner and artist at Attitude, so he was able to guarantee the end result the Timm brothers were going after. After dropping off the all-white GMC to Attitude, the truck was quickly transformed into a menacing rolling canvas. Before any pigments were sprayed, Jeff added a Street Scene front bumper cover, Street Scene bolt-on roll pan, and a SnugTop SL lid. Under Jeff's watchful care, the truck received vibrant colors from RM. White, candy red, yellow, silver, and blue were all applied to the truck. The key to this truck was Jeff's airbrushing work. For more on that, check out the full paint how-to on page 102.
Reassembling the truck, Dave added '06 Chevy taillights, Street Scene Speed Grilles, and Denali-style projector headlights. The end result is a truck worthy of the Hitman title. Trying to make a show deadline, the Timm brothers actually came to Jeff's shop and tore down the suspension while some of the paint and body were taking place. That's dedication.
Photo 4/25   |   Those huge 40-inch Toyo M/T tires were mounted onto new RBP 20x10-inch T904 chrome wheels with red inserts.
Starting with the suspension, 2 Brothers teamed up with Off-Road Direct to get the '06 GMC Sierra up in the air. Dave and Brian welded on an Off-Road Direct front solid axle conversion with a Dana 44 to the 4WD, then proceeded to lift the truck a total of 14 inches with leaf springs. Dual Sway-a-Way reservoir shocks keep the ride as comfortable as possible, and a custom front sway bar keeps the body roll down. The Off-Road Direct solid axle kit came with optional dual Sway-a-Way steering stabilizers aiding in turning. Out back, Dave ordered lift leaf springs from Off-Road Direct and bolted those on for added height. Custom rear shock mounts allowed Dave to bolt on the dual Sway-a-Way shocks and coiled yellow diff vent hoses front and rear provide the old-school look the Timm brothers were going for. With a serious lift under the truck, Dave was able to add brand-new 20-inch RBP T904 chrome wheels with red inserts, which were mounted onto huge 40-inch Toyo M/T tires. The look and proportions of a standard cab lifted on 40s brings back an era of lifted Toyotas with 42 Rancho neon-green shocks. Sporting killer paint and a tall suspension, 2 Brothers began to look at making the GMC spin those Toyo tires.
Under the painted hood lies a 5.3L V-8 equipped with a supercharger from Vortech. The blower receives air from an AEM Brute Force intake with Dryflow filter and forces 6 psi of intercooled boost into the combustion chambers. Fuel is supplied from an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and high-flow aluminum fuel rails. Dynatech long-tube stainless headers expel the gases into Cherry Bomb exhaust, which was bent by Ken's Auto Repair. The dual exhaust exits out the passenger side, thanks to two chromed rectangular tips. Meanwhile, the tuning chores are handled by a Diablo tuner, and helping the tires spin much easier are 4.56 gears stuffed into the front and rear differentials with Pro Comp covers. Now that Dave could outrun the law-well, at least his brother Brian's police car-the 2 Brothers crew looked to make the interior shine.
Photo 5/25   |   2006 Gmc Sierra Custom left Front Wheel
Dave has been designing and building killer audio systems for more than a decade, so his personal truck was no exception. Custom door panels kick off the interior and feature two sets of Treo Engineering RSX 6-1/2-inch components, two Treo RSX 5-1/4-inch components, and four 1-inch dome Treo tweeters. The door panels were covered in suede and feature the exposed Treo crossovers with Escalade chrome door handles. Powering the door speakers is a Treo Engineering 80.4 amplifier. Supplying the bass are three Treo Engineering TSX 15-inch subs in a pass-through box behind the seat, which receive power from a Treo 2000.1 amp. Mounted into the suede headliner is a SAVV 10.4 monitor. Sending the signals to the amps and SAVV monitor is a Kenwood 8019 head unit and DVD player, which are powered by a Kinetik battery. Dave purchased all of his audio gear at Benchmark Auto Sound and Security in Springfield.
Photo 6/25   |   2006 Gmc Sierra Custom dashboard
The stock GMC dash bezel features painted pieces with two skulls airbrushed by Attitude Airbrushing. Other cool features of the interior are the US Speedo gauges, a triple A-pillar pod from Auto Meter was stuffed with Auto Meter boost, fuel pressure, and air/fuel ratio gauges, and the two-tone leather and suede seat covers from Katzkin.
The initial build only took six weeks, with minor touch-ups and mods happening after it debuted at the Springfield Jamboree. One e-mail lead to one face-to-face meeting, which lead to one flight, capping off one cover photo shoot. Dave was quick to thank his wife Anne for her understanding, little Madisyn for playing monster trucks with him on the coffee table, his brother Brian for working hard to make this dream come true, and all of the companies involved that supported the build. It's determination and passion that drives Dave, and it's this kind of resilience that will keep the world of custom trucks alive for a whole new generation.
Photo 7/25   |   2006 Gmc Sierra Custom fire
Editor's Note:
Special thanks to Brian for his detonation skills, Dave for asking "Hey do you want to blow stuff up for the cover?" and to the Sangamon County Sheriff Department for being so cool when it came time to explode things.


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