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1998 Ford Ranger - The Domino Effect

One Good Thing Leads To Another

Joe Greeves
Nov 1, 2008
Photographers: Joe Greeves
Photo 2/14   |   1998 Ford Ranger front Side View
Chris Johnson from Pompano Beach, Florida, is new to the minitruckin' scene, having attended his first show only 2-1/2 years ago. Amazingly, he is now featured in his favorite magazine, in large part thanks to the domino effect.
Shortly after attending his first event, Chris set his sights on building a truck that would become a magazine-quality ride. As luck would have it, he met Jeremy Miranda from Miranda Built in Fort Lauderdale. Not long after, the pair worked out a comprehensive list of chassis mods to his '98 Ford Ranger. Once the frame was 'bagged, slammed, and four-linked, Jeremy introduced Chris to Clint Jack at The Shop in Pompano Beach. Clint, an upholstery 'wiz and stereo expert, stitched the orange suede and charcoal vinyl interior, then installed the custom JVC, JL Audio, and Focal stereo system; complete with elaborate fiberglass center console and a sub enclosure.
Photo 3/14   |   Owner: Chris JohnsonRide: '98 Ford RangerHometown: Pompano Beach, FLClub: Aftermath
Next, Chris' good friend, Eddy Rodriguez, who is from E Rod Customs and the Body Spot in Pompano Beach, added his expertise. Eddy smoothed the truck and accomplished the multiple body mods, then shot the PPG Deep Atlantic Blue paintjob. Once the paint was complete, Clint connected Chris with airbrush artist Al Capone at Capone Designs in Deerfield Beach, who sprayed the intricate tribal orange graphics inside and out, along with the crosshatched pinstriping. The final step was minimizing the remaining daylight underneath the Ranger with Scrape-N-Customs from Edgewater, which came to the rescue by Z'ing the front clip.
Each one of these talented craftsmen was able to implement Chris' designs together, thereby creating the truck of his dreams. Now that it's done, besides having an award-winning Ranger, we asked what Chris liked best. Chris replied, "The truck is great, but one of the best parts of the build was making all the great friendships along the way."
We know what you mean, Chris. Welcome to the minitruckin' lifestyle.
Photo 10/14   |   1998 Ford Ranger custom Center Console
The Low Down
Rolling Attire
18x8-inch Intro Vistas
Tires: 225/35R18 Hankook Ventus St
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type:
Front suspension: Sectioned and redrilled spindles, modified spring towers for airbags
Rear suspension: All chrome parallel four-link with Panhard bar and 'bags over axle
Airbag type and size: (Front): Firestone 2600
(Rear): Firestone 2600
Control arms: Stock
Spindles/springs: Sectioned and redrilled spindles
Shocks: Monroe shocks in back
Valves: Eight Parker 3/8-inch valves
Compressors: Two chrome Viair 450s on a custom-built rack
Air line: All 3/8-inch lines
Air accessories: Custom-built rack for the compressors and 7-gallon airbrushed air tank in the bed
Frame mods: Framerails were Z'd 2 inches in front, a custom-built tranny crossmember, and a step-notch out back
Frame material: Steel
Gas tank: Custom-built by Demon Motorsports, aluminum 10-gallon tank in stock location.
Brakes: Stock
Detail work: Airbrushed 7-gallon tank with a custom-bent rack holding the air tank and compressors.
Performed by: Jeremy Miranda and Scrape-N-Customs
City/state: Fort Lauderdale and Edgewater, Florida
Body Modifications
Front bumper holes, door and tailgate handles, antenna, mudflap holes, all emblems, and third brake light
Front end: Clear headlights and side marker lights, Street Scene side view mirrors, 4x4 lower valance smoothed and painted, and Trendz billet grilles
Back end: Billet Stepside plates, Sir Michael's roll pan, and smoothed and painted bedrail caps
Taillights: '07 Ranger
Performed by: Eddy Rodriguez with E Rod Customs and the Body Spot
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida
Photo 11/14   |   1998 Ford Ranger side View
Brand and colors:
PPG Deep Atlantic Blue
Style: Tribal flowing through circles
Pinstriping: Crosshatched
Airbrushing: Skulls and faces run through the tribal
Misc.: Airbrushing keeps the same scheme flowing throughout the whole truck
Performed by: Airbrushing by Capone Designs, basecoat by Eddy
City/state: Deerfield Beach, Florida
Photo 12/14   |   1998 Ford Ranger custom Door Panels
Stock seats cut down and wrapped in orange suede and charcoal vinyl
Material: Orange suede and charcoal vinyl
Dash: Smoothed with custom airbrushing by Capone Designs
Door panels: Airbrushed inserts, light-up graphic on the dash, suede, and wrapped in vinyl
Center console: Fiberglass bridge flowing from the dash to the rear, holding four switches and gauges with two 10-inch JL Audio subs.
Flooring: Charcoal black
Headliner: Orange and charcoal suede matching the same stitching as the seats
Gauges: Two Auto Meter gauges in the center console with four chrome switches
Misc.: Billet Specialties steering wheel, all billet knobs, and a molded-in CD player
Performed by: Clint Jack at The Shop
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida
Head unit:
Mids and highs: Three sets of 6-1/2-inch Focal Utopias
Amplifier for mids and highs: JL Audio 300.4 in amp rack behind seats
Subwoofers: Two 10-inch JL Audio W3s between seats
Amplifier for subs: JL Audio 500.1
Wiring/accessories: Monster Cable
Custom fabrication: Custom kick panels, inserts in the doors holding component sets, moved a set of Focals on the side panels up higher, tweeter pods, and CD player molded into the dash
Performed by: Clint Jack at The Shop
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida
Photo 13/14   |   1998 Ford Ranger intro Vistas Wheels
K&N intake smoothed and airbrushed
Header/exhaust: Flowmaster turndown
Battery: Optima RedTop
Location: Moved to the sideInner fenders: Cut out
Detail work: Plastic was smoothed and painted, inside engine compartment was painted
Performed by: Owner Chris Johnson
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida
Photo 14/14   |   1998 Ford Ranger rear View
Special Thanks By Owner:
My parents for their understanding, Jeremy Miranda, Clint Jack at The Shop, Eddie Rodriguez at E Rod Customs, Al Capone at Capone Designs, Scrape-N-Customs, Jim, Art, Bama, and all of the Aftermath Florida Chapter.



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