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  • Chevy Silverado SS - Drawing Board - The Super Sport Of Our Dreams

Chevy Silverado SS - Drawing Board - The Super Sport Of Our Dreams

Drawing Board

Kevin Aguilar
Nov 1, 2008
Photographers: Jason Rushforth
Photo 2/2   |   chevy Silverado SS Rendering
Here at Sport Truck, we get to see some of the wildest trucks around and also get sneak peeks at what the automakers have to offer. The new-platform Chevy Silverado has the potential to be really cool. Though GM already had a prototype of a Super Sport truck at the '06 SEMA Show, it was mild compared to what we had in mind.
What we've been pondering is a real performance-driven pickup that could trump the Dodge Ram SRT10 and the Ford Lightning if they were still in production. Our fantasy Silverado would house a modern 4.8L LS motor that's force-fed by a set of intercooled twin turbos. To make sure the power of the boosted motor makes it to the rear wheels, the powerplant would be bolted to a torque-proven, Allison eight-speed transmission. There would be a locking differential to make sure that both rear wheels can apply equal rotational force.
In order to get the most performance on straight-aways and in corners, the soft factory suspension would be ditched for something more radical. This would include a four-link rear suspension with ladder bars and adjustable coilovers on all four corners. With everything set up for us to go extremely fast, the truck would also have to slow down more quickly. To handle this task, there is set of 15.5-inch carbon-ceramic cross-drilled and slotted disc brakes with six-piston calipers.
Styling is always a must, though in the case of this truck all accents would be aimed at improving aerodynamics and performance. The wheels of choice would be simple, split six-spoke 22-inchers made of lightweight forged aluminum. On the front end, our custom bumper would have a carbon-fiber splitter to help feed air to the intercoolers. To let hot air escape the radiator and intercoolers is a carbon-fiber hood with a heat-extracting opening. Other weight-saving and aerodynamic body accents would include a carbon-fiber roof and a tonneau cover with an integrated spoiler.
Even though the majority of this truck would be built to maximize speed and handling, it still would have to be somewhat cozy to drive on the streets. The interior would need bucket-style racing seats fitted with enough cushion for our delicate behinds. For pure enjoyment, it would have to have a state-of-the-art sound system to give us a soundtrack for our hot laps on the street. With all of these components in one Silverado, we think it would make for a comfortable sport truck that would smoke anything on the road.
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