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1993 Chevy C1500 - Slow-Cooked Chevy

Turning Up The Heat In the Lone Star State

John Mata Jr.
Nov 1, 2008
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/11   |   1993 Chevy C1500 left Front Angle
Here in the Southwest, there are plenty of 'bagged and static-dropped trucks cruising the highways and crawling over the speed bumps and dips that litter the surface streets. One must learn to drive all over again. Finding detours around the sometimes off-road like terrain of local roads becomes second nature. John Reyes from Cedar Creek, Texas, knows this firsthand, as he has been rolling in his '93 Chevy C1500 for quite some time now, slowly preparing his truck for its highly anticipated closeup. There was no hurry for John to hastily throw his truck together-he is a man of great patience and getting the truck right the first time was a top priority.
Those of us who whip around town in lowered trucks on a daily basis can take a little advice from John and the genius that is the Beastie Boys. Yup, The Beasties knew exactly what they were talking about when they penned their timeless lyrics, "Let it flow, let yourself go. Slow and low, that is the tempo." Let us look no further than those wise words for inspiration while we take our time introducing our trucks to the sunbaked pavement.
In order to cozy up a little closer to the road, John handed over his C1500 to Rods By Rod Customs in Cedar Creek to take care of the suspension work. Up front, a set of Belltech spindles provide a secure 2-inch drop, while the factory coils were tossed aside for a helping of Slam Specialties airbags. The song remains the same in the rear, as another pair of Slam Specialties 'bags have found a new home underneath the now slammed Chevy. The rear also features a two-link setup and a Panhard bar to keep the rear axle exactly where it should be while hitting the street corners. Nitrogen charged Toxic shocks have been bolted onto each corner for additional ride quality, but let's face it-half the fun of driving a severely lowered truck is feeling the stinging sensation from hitting every one of those godless little lane dividers.
No drop in suspension would be complete without a fresh change of rolling attire. An impressive set of custom-made 24x10-inch Foose Nitrous wheels with a +25 offset tuck nicely inside each of the four fenders-truly, an awesome sight to see. The 255/30R24 series Kuhmo tires serve as the contact point with the boulevard and keep the five-spoke chrome rolling in style; although the sting of those road reflectors must be amplified through such thin sidewalls. Hey, that's the name of the game, though, right? Body-color-matched calipers and drums keep things looking cool throughout the intermittent flashes given off by John's gleaming wheel selection.
John decided to let Rods by Rod Customs take full control again, as the time came to prep the Chevy for a round of cosmetic surgery. The door handles, tailgate handle, antenna, and third brake light were amputated and masterfully hidden underneath Chroma Base Nissan Blue and House of Kolor Orion Silver paint. Rodney and Rene from Rods by Rod wielded the air and paint brushes and applied some pretty slick flames and pinstriping, which definitely gives the truck its own fingerprint amongst the sea of lowered Chevys. Rods by Rod also custom 'fabbed a couple of bumpers to attach at each end. The customary helping of chrome and billet finds its way onto the C1500 in the form of the front grille and inserts, while the addition of a cowl induction hood and LED taillights give the truck a classic yet slightly updated visual appeal.
While the C1500 was undergoing the royal makeover treatment at Rods by Rod, John decided it would be a good idea to have them remove a few interior dash pieces for a round of sanding and a shot of color-matched paint. It was finally time to give another shop some business, as it seems that Rod and his most competent staff have quite a hold on the Texas custom market. A&C Customs Upholstery out of Austin was called upon to stuff and sew a comfy looking pair of seats to make any short or long distance cruises even more enjoyable. A few more licks were incorporated into the seats, as well as the matching door panels. A Colorado Customs flamed steering wheel has also found its way into the cab, as did a spread of billet accessories, such as a set of pedals, various knob covers, and dash and gauge plates. It's a toss up to call which is the best location of the truck-behind the driver seat, or outside on the sidelines admiring the truck's curb level height. We guess it would be a safer bet to call it a tie, but we here at Truckin' don't care much for making anything easy.
So, here is another pestering question that we find ourselves consistently pondering: What good is a feature truck without a blow-hard, knock-your-socks-off sound system? The idea of a show truck without a certain level of audio capabilities treads on the same ground as sitting down to a burger without French fries, or visiting a beach with no bikini-clad chicks. Yep, it's just that important.
John understands that having a deafening stereo system is an absolute must while hitting the streets or sitting idle at a show. With that said, very little time was wasted in order to have an audio-centric center console fabricated to fit snuggly between the two bucket seats. Two 12-inch Alphasonik subwoofers were loaded into the fresh fiberglass enclosure and a 1,500-watt Bi-Polar two-channel amp supples just the right amount of thump inside the single cab. John was able to get his own hands to work, as he installed the webbing of wires and speaker cable of the truck's high performance audio apparatus-not always an easy task with all of the multi-functional components in today's aftermarket.
Now that John, a proud member of the Austin chapter of Kustom Koncepts car club, has finally completed his truck and taken the local show scene by storm, a simple question comes to mind: What else is in store for this cool flamin' Chevy? John told us he has a few ideas for the near future, but he has chosen to remain mysterious and not leak any specific plans. As the trucks stands now, there isn't much anyone in their right mind would want to change. Engine upgrades, you say? What for? In case you forgot, the truck is tucking 24s-quite comfortably for cryin' out loud! That's good enough for the girls we go with. Whatever comes next from John, whether it be updates to his C1500 or another rig, you can rest assured the final results will be well worth the wait.


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