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2006 Chevy Silverado - Light Weight Contender

Two-Tone And 22s

Brandan Gillogly
Nov 1, 2008
Photographers: Dan Ward, Brandan Gillogly
Photo 2/8   |   2006 Chevy Silverado left Front Angle
Think back to whatever it was that you were driving when you were 19 years old. If you are anything like us, odds are it wasn't even in the same league as Dan Demello's Silverado. We spotted Dan's regular cab at our Havasu Havoc show and gave it a good once-over. We have long been proponents of regular cab shortbed trucks, and the reasons are simple: they're lighter, quicker, cheaper, and they got the look. Dan's Silverado just looked right to us and we couldn't pass it up.
Starting with a 4.8L-powered '06 Silverado, Dan and his friends undertook the suspension on their own. In the rear, a KP Components cantilevered six-link uses Slam Specialties 'bags to tuck the 22-inch Foose wheels, while a Watts linkage keeps the rear end centered. For just the right look, Dan flared each bedside 2 inches to make just enough room for the wheels to clear. Up front, more Slam Specialties 'bags were used with the stock spindles, KYB shocks, and DJM control arms. The factory tie rods were reused after being flipped. To complete the low, sleek look Dan was going for, the tailgate was shaved and a roll pan was welded in. Escalade door handles provide a cleaner look-without shaving them completely off. At the nose of the truck, the lower bumper cover was smoothed and painted and a T-Rex billet grille insert was bolted on. The last few touches included smoked taillights and smoothed and painted mirrors, a theme that was continued inside the Silverado. Finally, the truck was painted using DuPont Black and fine Silver Birch by the crew at Fairway Chevrolet in Las Vegas.
The body shop at Fairway Chevrolet also smoothed and painted all of the plastic on the Silverado, including the dash, center console, and door trim. For audio duties, a JL Audio Stealthbox sub enclosure was mounted inside the center console that was pirated from a Suburban. The box allows for 500 watts of power without taking up much space in the relatively small confines of the regular cab. JL audio separates were used in the doors, while the whole system was wired to an Eclipse AVN 5500 head unit. Dan turned to ABC upholstery in Las Vegas for the seats, where black Mercedes-Benz leather was used in tandem with black suede.
Moving to the engine, JBA headers unleashed a few of the horses that the factory manifolds held back, and a muffler shop bent up a custom exhaust from there. For another boost in power, 8.5mm JBA plug wires were also swapped in.
The result is a truck that runs as good as it looks.
Dan would like to thank his family for their support, since he tore into a relatively new truck only eight months after buying it. Several friends also helped with the build, including: Justin, Nathan, Darrell, Joe, and Kendra.


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