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2006 Ford F150 - Greetings From Sin City

The Desert's Divine One-50

John Mata Jr.
Nov 1, 2008
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly
Photo 2/8   |   2006 Ford F150 right Side Angle
Las Vegas: the neon lights, the blackjack tables, the booze, and the women. These are the things that most every male tourist from around the globe looks forward to as they flock to the 4.5-mile stretch of debauchery. Sure, those of us who get to party like heathens can survive a weekend, maybe an entire week. But after that, it's actually a relief to return home emotionally and physically unscathed. For others, like Mike Guerrero, Vegas is home, and taking up hobbies other than gambling at casinos and bar-hopping is a definite must for anybody who might desire to experience an average human lifespan.
Luckily for Mike, finding a more constructive pastime wasn't a problem. The Nevada dunes proved to be the perfect environment for a healthy truck-building habit. It didn't take long for Mike's killer '06 Ford F-150 to start growing in height, once it had sprung from the dealership. The truck's sudden growth spurt, 6 inches to be exact, came in the form of Pro Comp spindles, shocks, and blocks. The lift is just high enough to keep the 20x9-1/2-inch KMC Monster wheels from sitting too far beneath the fenders, while creating enough space to mow down most obstacles in its path. The beefed up 35/12.5R20 Toyo tires help keep the truck stable and in forward motion-perfect for blitzing any speed bumps (or unruly, out-of-town degenerates) that may threaten to slow Mike down from getting where he needs to be.
With the truck now standing head and shoulders above the crowd, the exterior was treated to a look that would attract attention away from the blinding bulbs of the Vegas strip. Divine One Customs laid down the House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl strip, which breaks up the silver and DuPont Chrysler 300M black hues. Color-matched side view mirrors, door and tailgate handles, and wiper cowl make for a bold yet understated appearance. Mike went easy on the flashy accessories, instead he opted to use only the prescribed dose of billet any truck really needs: grille inserts, an antenna, and a new fuel door; which are always a winning bet.
As you can imagine, Mike had to have the cleanest of interiors just to prove that the truck's beauty goes much deeper than its outer faade. Divine One Customs was called upon, once again, to incorporate the exterior color scheme inside of the cab. The center console houses two 10-inch Kicker subwoofers, while it represents a piece of Ford's history with a nostalgically themed V-8 logo armrest. The logo is also displayed on the front fenders on each side of the truck (How's that for showing some serious respect for the old-skool.) The seats feature black suede inserts with orange stitching, which flow with the pulled and painted dash and door panel pieces. Misha Munoz from Divine One expertly wired the two Kicker amps, front and rear components sets, and two subs to the Pioneer D3 multimedia head unit. Mike has affectionately nicknamed his truck the "Divine One-50," or "D-150," solely based on the downright amazing work that Divine One Customs put into the build. Who'd want to ditch the confines of this cab for a seat on a smoky and stale casino card table?
Huge performance modifications weren't made to the engine, but we think Mike is already satisfied with the capable 300hp 5.4L Triton V-8 powerplant. To add a few more ponies under the hood, a Hypertech programmer was thrown into the mix, as was an Airaid cold air intake and a 2-1/2-inch Gibson exhaust for better respiratory abilities. If there wasn't already enough to look at while visiting Las Vegas, Mike Guerrero had to go and add even more eye appeal to the already visually stimulating city. The "D-150" has racked up several 1st and 2nd place finishes among some of the top shows in the country. Resolutions, Havoc, Truck Jam, and Summer Madness are just a few events that have witnessed the truck's purely intimidating presence.
Mike would like to thank Divine One Customs for all of the well-executed work and a special thank you to the guys at Truckin' for putting the icing on his truck-shaped, proverbial cake.
Hey, no worries Mike. We're square-soon as you put us up for the night the next time we're partying in your wicked city.


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