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  • RBP's 2008 Ford F250 & 2007 Chevy Silverado - Rolling Deep

RBP's 2008 Ford F250 & 2007 Chevy Silverado - Rolling Deep

RBP's Presence In The Custom Scene

John Mata Jr.
Nov 1, 2008
Photographers: Dan Ward, Bob Ryder
Photo 2/14   |   rbp 2008 Ford F250 2007 Chevy Silverado side Angle
Rolling Big Power, better known as RBP, has been known in the custom-truck community as the fresh and edgy supplier of off-road diesel necessities. Like many entrepreneurs in this industry, RBP owner Roland Trudel from Lake Forest, California, weathered through his business' humble infancy as he bounced around the local show and event circuit with one objective-promotion. Most young companies gain recognition as the word spreads about their products, and in this case, RBP's new custom exhaust was building a strong reputation amongst Southern California diesel die-hards. One major factor that has contributed to RBP's longevity in the off-road market is its appeal to customers as a lifestyle brand. The aggressively styled wheels, accessories, and apparel speak loudly to consumers who also hold interest in other extreme motorsports.
Any type of dirt riding, whether it takes place on top of two or four wheels, is one particular breed of motorsport that goes hand in hand with off-road trucks. For purposes of this article, let's examine the attraction to RBP by someone who is interested in all things dirty.
Professional freestyle motocross superstar, Cody Elkins, has been ripping around on motorcycles since he was twelve, so his leap into the world of racing and busting backflips wasn't too much of a lifestyle change. Growing up in Weatherford, Oklahoma, the 25-year-old daredevil was pulled into the sport in '01, while playing spectator at a local IFMA motocross event. Fast forward a few years and Cody is at the top of his game, with a ton of signature tricks under his belt, and a few new toys in his driveway.
When the time came for Cody to start working on his newest truck, he wanted RBP to design his brand-spanking-new Power Stroke equipped '08 Ford F-250 Super Duty. RBP is one of Cody's major sponsors and they work well together because Rolling Big Power caters to the adrenaline-fueled lifestyle that Cody and many others across the country embrace. Cody's passion for big air and even bigger trucks lead him to the only aftermarket company, in his eyes, that offered the parts he craved and the in-your-face attitude to set his diesel-chugging rig apart from the rest. Over a short but sweet two-month period, Roland and the RBP crew completely transformed the stock F-250 into a towering terror.
The Truckin' staff met up with Roland and Cody at the '07 SEMA event in fabulous Las Vegas, which turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a feature spread. Cody's truck finally managed to find itself inside the confines of RBP's West Coast headquarters. Once there, Roland made sure the final result would completely alter the truck's character for the better. A 9-inch Cage Offroad lift kit, complete with a set of RBP 22x11-inch wheels and Toyo Open Country M/T 37/13.5R22 tires, bumped the Ford to a menacing new height. The RBP R91 wheels feature an exclusive, custom-painted center cap, which will definitely have onlookers frantically searching for a set that looks exactly like Cody's.
With the suspension well taken care of, the next task on the agenda was to outfit the truck's exterior with a helping of RBP's own brand of off-road attitude. The smooth style grille, which is actually a RBP production item, offers a totally custom appearance, without the hassle of attempting to mimic its rugged good looks. Cody's Super Duty has also been decorated with RBP's prestigious chrome-plated billet side vents. The stock taillights have been tinted to keep the truck from resembling any of its previous fresh-from-the-dealership appearance. Rounding off the exterior goodies is an Amp Research Power Step-easily, one of the coolest accessories on the market today. The step automatically lowers when any of the side doors are opened and retracts once the door is shut, remaining virtually unseen underneath the cab.
With one look inside the truck's cabin, it is obvious that Cody is a sucker for sound. Luckily enough for him, Kicker is also one of Cody's major sponsors, so finding just the right components for a booming system wasn't a daunting task. Cody and his friend, David Adams, fabricated the custom center console that houses an inversely mounted 12-inch L7 Solo-Baric subwoofer. Two sets of Kicker SS 6--inch speakers now reside in the factory locations. A Kicker SX 1250 amplifier feeds the sub with a strong current for endless hours of thump, while a Kicker SX 900 amp provides just the right amount of juice for the door panel speakers to provide crisp high- and mid-range frequencies. CA Metal Graphics custom `fabbed the amp rack that dwells underneath the rear seating area, which helps in the organization department. A Pioneer DVD/navigation head unit keeps the audio controls within arm's reach and the dash-molded Kicker SXRC amp remote control gives Cody complete authority over his tunes.
Now that Cody's truck stands complete-for the moment that is-we feel that Roland's personal ambassador for RBP, his '07 Chevy Silverado Duramax, should spend some time under the spotlight, as well. The Chevy also sports a 9-inch lift, but Roland opted to go with Fabtech components and Redline Diesel shocks. Roland looked no further than RBP's own warehouse for his wheel selection-the same 91R series wheels that Cody's Ford is rocking, except these feature the standard, all black finish. The Toyo Open County M/T tires are also a common factor between the two trucks, but the Chevy is running a slightly taller size at 40/15.50R22.
Roland's Chevy also shares a few more similar modifications, with a slightly different character all its own. The front end of the Silverado features RBP's riveted grille shell-an edgier variation of the smooth version featured on Cody's Super Duty. The head and taillights have been tinted a few shades darker, which gives the truck a mysterious and stealthy appearance. Together, these two blacked-out trucks look rather suspicious parked right next together, but it's always nice to have a partner in crime. Both trucks have been equipped with RBP's 4-inch black-coated exhaust system, which helps to increase the fuel economy in each of the two diesel-drinking trucks.
Things have certainly taken off in a positive direction for Roland and his RBP brand of extreme truck products. What began as a humble attempt to establish a specialty niche within a competitive market, evolved into a highly respected entity among those who eat, sleep, and breath the radical, off-road lifestyle. RBP caters to individuals who seek accessories that represent their aggressive passion for tough trucks and the accompanying attitude that reflects a community fueled by pulse-pumping pleasure.
Cody Elkins is just one example of RBP's targeted demographic-a group that can't seem to get enough exhilaration both on and off paved roads. Roland and Cody's titanic trucks symbolize the type of truck that is sought after by thousands of extreme motorsport fans nationwide, as well as the values that promote heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing excitement.



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