1995 Chevy S-10 - Time Well Spent

Learning The Ins And Outs Of Building A Minitruck

Galen Armenta
Dec 1, 2008
Photographers: Ernie Macias
OWNER: Cody Stoute
RIDE: '95 Chevy S-10
HOMETOWN: Carencro, LA
There's something cool about a truck you've built with your own two hands. When a modification works out the way you envisioned, it gives you the feeling of pride and appreciation. Somehow all of the stress, hard work, and time spent working on the truck leaves a person with memories that seem to last forever.
The one constant factor that flows throughout all homebuilt minis, regardless of which style they follow, is pride. Pride in ownership, pride in craftsmanship, and pride in a job well-done. It's a feeling that we all strive for, in a sport we all love, and something the staff of Mini Truckin' will always follow. The overwhelming sense of pride that comes from creating something special, out of metal, that shines through on the show field. Fortunately, we're able to see this type of pride everyday, as we photograph endless amounts of feature trucks for publication.
Of course, the trophies don't hurt, either. But for guys like Cody "Popeye" Stoute, it's really the admiration of fellow minitruckers that pushes them to constantly build and reinvent their rides. It's all about standing proud. This month, we bring you the home-brewed combination of an S-10 and the do-it-yourself ingenuity of a man from the dirty South, who has more than earned the right to have his ride displayed in the magazine.
We hope you enjoy it, Popeye.
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear):
20x8.5 Boss Motorsports 304
Tires (Front/Rear): Nankang Ultra Sport 245/35R20
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type:
Suspension (Front/Rear): Modified spring pockets, reverse Pete & Jakes four-link with 'bag over axle
Airbag type and size (Front): Firestone 2500 (Rear): Firestone 2600
Control arms: Air Ride Technologies lower control arms, Chassis Tech upper control arms
Spindles: Chassis Tech 2-inch drop
Shocks: OEM Nissan Hardbody
Valves: Six 3/8-inch SMC
Air line: 3/8-inch stainless steel
Air/hydro accessories: 244 nitrogen bottle
Frame mods: Custom back-half
Frame material: 2x4-inch box tube
Gas tank: Custom fuel cell by Warren Stanbro
Detail work: Painted frame and four-link, PPG Surreal Green and Sunburst Orange
Performed by:Owner Cody Stoute
City/state: Carencro, Louisiana
Photo 14/14   |   1995 Chevy S10 side View
Body Modifications
Door handles, third brake light, taillights, tailgate, hood squirters, gas door, rear bumper, antenna, and a tubbed firewall
Frenched: License plate
Body-dropped: Traditional 3-3/4-inch
Sectioned: Rear bumper 3-1/2-inches
Front end: Sonoma
Taillights: Line of Fire LED
Exterior bolt-ons: JBM billet grille
Performed by: Owner Cody Stoute
City/state: Carencro, Louisiana
Brand and colors:
PPG Surreal Green, Lunar Mist, and Sunburst Orange
Style: Two-toned
Pinstriping: Sunburst Orange breaking the two-tone
Misc.: Color-sanded and buffed by Donnie and Chico
Performed by: Owner Cody Stoute
City/state: Carencro, Louisiana
Isuzu bench seat, wrapped by Borrills Auto TrimMaterial: Gray vinyl
Dash: Custom sheetmetal painted to match the two-tone of the truck
Door panels: Stock smoothed and painted with gray inserts
Flooring: Gray carpet
Gauges: Sun Pro oil, water, and temperature
Misc.: Billet Specialties Classic steering wheel, Trendz foot pedals, billet window cranks, and custom shifter
Performed by: Owner Cody Stoute
City/state: Carencro, Louisiana
Head unit:
Alpine 9820
Mids and highs: MA Audio
Subwoofers: One 12-inch MA Audio
Amplifier for subwoofers: One Lunar 60x2
Wiring/accessories: Rockford Fosgate
Custom fabrication: Fiberglass speaker pods in doors and sub enclosure
Performed by: Owner Cody Stoute
City/state: Carencro, Louisiana
Exhaust: International Muffler Company
Battery: Optima RedTop
Location: Sub enclosure
Misc.: Relocated stock brake booster and clutch master cylinder, 16-inch electric fan
Performed by: Owner Cody Stoute
City/state: Carencro, Louisiana
Special Thanks By Owner:
John Wayne, Becky and Jake Prejean, my parents, Chico, Donnie. Colby, Chops, Borrills Auto Trim, Mike, Speede, Wes, Jason, Elton, Guidry's Iron Works, Tommy and Tony with Safelite, Quentin, Jamie, Skylar, Shane, and Charles.



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