1990 Isuzu Pickup - Final Destination

It's Only A Matter Of Time

Galen Armenta
Feb 1, 2009
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Photo 2/9   |   Owner: Daylan BaileyRide: '90 Izuzu pickupHometown: Glasgow, KY
Throughout the fifteen years that Daylan Bailey has owned his '90 Isuzu Pickup, he's always wanted to transform it into something that would not only turn heads, but for his truck to remain in the memories of those who saw it.
Although the building of such a truck took a little longer than Chris expected, we're sure the results are well worth the time spent in building the truck.
Daylan's Isuzu is a shining example of this; clean and simple two-tone paint, an ultra-clean interior, a lowered stance, and the absence of a hack job are all the truck needs to show up the competition. It took the better part of ten years for the Isuzu to get to its current state. Do you remember what you were doing ten years ago? We are willing to bet that it was something along the lines of understanding the finer points of Driver's Ed and spittin' game to the girls in home room.
Photo 3/9   |   1990 Isuzu Pickup right Side View
It's people like Daylan who are shining examples of how big the payoff is when you don't give up on your dreams. Daylan was ready to hit shows around the South to prove whether his labor had been worth the work. He soon found that his endeavors were well worth the time and money when he began pulling trophies at the shows he attended.
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 18-inch Zinik 112
Tires (Front/Rear): Yokohama Parada Spec-2 225/40R18
Photo 4/9   |   1990 Isuzu Pickup door Panel
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Suspension (Front): Modified front spring perch and control arms (Rear): mono leaf, airbags behind axle
Airbag type and size: (Front): Firestone 2500 (Rear): Firestone 2600
Compressor: Viair 400c
Air accessories: 5-gallon air tank
Frame mods: C-notch
Performed by: Owner
Body Modifications
Exterior bolt-ons: Phantom billet grille, chrome Toyota bumper and valance
Performed by: Owner
Brand and colors: Kirker Sour Green Apple and Platinum Silver Metalliac
Style: Two-tone
Pinstriping: Tangerine orange - Chris Shalfke
Misc.: Graphics include purple marbleizing, snake skin, and cheetah print
Performed by: Tony Bragg, TS Customs
Photo 8/9   |   1990 Isuzu Pickup wheel And Tire
Seats: Stock
Material: Brushed aluminum vinyl, green vinyl
Dash: Smoothed and painted
Door panels: Smoothed and painted
Headliner: Vinyl with Isuzu logo, done by Richard Harlow
Misc.: Stylin' Trucks rearview mirror, steering wheel wrapped by American Stitches, vents from Billet and Acrylic Fantasies
Performed by: Ronnie and Shawn Wood at Lyles Upholstery
Head unit: Alpine
Amplifier for mids and highs: Diamond Audio, Alpine
Subwoofers: Kicker
Amplifier for subwoofers: Memphis Audio
Performed by: Marcellus Rowe Total Image and Audio
Photo 9/9   |   1990 Isuzu Pickup graphics
Battery: Stinger
Location: Under hood
Detail work: Chrome and billet pieces throughout engine compartment
Performed by: Owner
Special Thanks By Owner:
Marcellus Rowe, Tony Bragg, Chris Schalfke, Richard Harlow, Tosha Bruton, and my family.



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