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Custom 2002 Chevy S10 - Accident Prone

Galen Armenta
Feb 1, 2009
Photographers: Galen Armenta
Photo 2/7   |   2002 Chevy S10 front Left View
Have you ever heard that old adage If it can go wrong, it will? Also, how about, If I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all? The story of Brian "Slappy McNasty" Stubblefield's '02 Chevy S-10 would make any of us a believer in the truth behind these sayings. Brian has to be the front-runner in the campaign for the office of Bad or No Luck.
The S-10 you see here in front of you has been in three accidents and keyed twice. You read that right, three fender benders. One of the accidents his truck was parked. The owner of a lifted Ford F-250 decided that driving around Brian's truck was too far, so he just drove right over the truck. So much for the good driver discount, hello higher insurance premiums.
Photo 3/7   |   OWNER: Brian StubblefieldRIDE: '02 Chevy S-10HOMETOWN: Hanford, CA
So, just how did this junkyard-bound mini get to its current state of completion? With Brian's determination as well as help from his dedicated friends that stayed with him through every step of the buildup. The waiting and the unforeseen misfortune are worth it as Brian stated, "Patience is a virtue, never accept defeat, and with determination anything is possible. When you feel like selling it or shoving it off the nearest 300-foot cliff, you have to keep at it because it will make the end result that much better."
Brian would like to thank anyone who had an idea or advice that has made his truck what it is today. Brian started small and ended big. Every time tragedy struck, Brian was even more determined to build his truck even better than the last.
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 18-inch Panther Juice-5
Tires (Front/Rear): Stiletto 225/40R18
Photo 4/7   |   2002 Chevy S10 custom Interior
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Suspension (Front): modified control arms (Rear): KP Components six-link
Airbag type and size: Contitech 2600
Spindles: Belltech two-inch drop
Valves: Four 3/4-inch GC Extreme
(fills), four 3/8-inch SMC with reducers (dump)Compressor: York 210 engine driven
Air line: 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch DOT
Air accessories: Scuba tank, two 5-gallon air tanks and one 3-gallon air tank
Frame mods: Step-notch
Frame material: 3x3-inch steel box tube
Gas tank: Raised 1 1/2 inches to sit higher than frame
Performed by: Owner
City/state: Hanford, California
Photo 5/7   |   2002 Chevy S10 shane Stubblefield
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door and tailgate handles, antenna, hood squiters, third brake light, gas door, extra cab windows
Front end: modified Bravada grille, glassed Sonoma bumper, Sonoma headlights
Frenched: License plate box
Back end: Molded roll pan
Taillights: Custom made LEDs behind hand cut stars
Suicide doors: Passenger side only
Misc.: 14x36-inch ice chest counter sunk into a fiberglassed bed floor
Performed by: Owner
City/state: Hanford, California
Brand and colors: PPG Pewter, Lime Time green
Style: Two-tone
Pinstriping: One Shot Orange
Performed by: Owner and Andrei Torres
City/state: Hanford, California / Lemoore, California
Photo 6/7   |   2002 Chevy S10 suicide Doors
Seats: Honda Accord buckets
Material: Chocolate and tan velvet
Dash: Custom fiberglassed and wrapped in chocolate and tan velvet
Door panels: Custom fiberglassed panels wrappedchocolate and tan velvet
Center console: Custom made to hold the two-farad capacitor
Flooring: Dyed to match chocolate velvet
Headliner: Modified to hold the instrument cluster and wrapped in tan velvet
Misc.: Envoy chrome handles, billet handle buckets
Performed by: Owner
City/state: Hanford, California
Head unit: Sony Xplod CD player
Mids and highs: JVC 6 1/2-inch separates
Amplifier for mids and highs: Sony Xplod 1200-watt XM-2200 GTX
Subwoofers: Two Atomic 15-inch
Amplifier for subwoofers: Two Sony Xplod 1200-watt XM-2200 GTX
Wiring/accessories: Rockford Fosgate Wiring and cables
Custom fabrication: Custom sub box
Misc.: Two-farad capacitor
Performed by: Owner
City/state: Hanford, California
Photo 7/7   |   2002 Chevy S10 subwoofers
Intake: K&N Filter, three-inch custom intake tube
Battery: Duralast
Location: Under hood
Inner fenders: Trailer fenders
Performed by: Owner
City/state: Hanford, California
Special Thanks by Owner
Jose at Ridenlow, Andrei Torres for unbelievable paint help, my three beautiful children for understanding dad's dream, my wife for accepting my goals and countless hours alone while I was building my truck, and those friends who stuck by me, you know who you are.



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