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Top 10 Trucks Of 2008 - Best Of The Best

Dan Ward
Feb 1, 2009
Here are the Top 10 trucks, and two honorable mentions, we can't stop thinking about from 2008. Stuck in our brains, these trucks are the best of the best. Every truck that makes it into Truckin' is special, but these, well, these are the trucks that make you lie awake at night and dream of ideas for your own project. Take a minute to look over these selections and log on to and vote for the Best Truck of Truckin'.
Photo 2/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1999 Toyota Tacoma
Joel Sadenwasser, Escondido, California
Issue 3, Page 162
As our top mini-truck from '08, Joel "Gromit" Sadenwasser's '99 Tacoma is literally in a league of its own. Airbrushed from side-to-side, top-to-bottom, and front-to-back, the body work (including chop top, suicide doors, and custom bed) and paint are remarkable. Combing the tattoo style airbrush work with a slammed stance and 18- and 20-inch wheels, you can see why this Tacoma is so sick. The interior is hard to forget as well, with a custom dash, insane audio system, and killer paint throughout. It may be a mini, but it has fullsize mods done to it.
Photo 3/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 2004 Chevy Dualie
Amir Rosenbaum, Ontario, California
Issue 6, Page 74
Certain trucks just make you scratch your head and wonder "how did they do that?" Built by Chassis By Aaron Iha, this '04 Chevy dualie has everything. Clean two-tone paint, beautiful and classy leather interior, and big 22-inch wheels. Speaking of wheels, you may notice there are 10 of them. The double-dualie rear was designed by Aaron and each axle has its own four-link and airbag system. An airbag-equipped four-link also lifts the bed to showcase the USA 6x6 transfer case and custom-built back-half that lays on the ground. In case Amir has the urge to go fast, a blown 8.1L with a custom Spectre intake will make getting up to speed a breeze. Big, 'bagged, and blown, this beast is one to remember.
Photo 4/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1948 Chevy 3100
Carroll Smith, Pasadena, Texas
Issue 4, Page 193
Quite possibly the most beautiful '48 Chevy 3100 ever, 'Condundrum' as it's called by its owner is a breathtaking example of what can be done with sheetmetal and talent. Pinkee's Rod Shop in Windsor, Colorado, transformed the Chevy's body into a sleek rolling work of art. The list of modifications are too extensive to list, so please go back and take a look at the story. Besides the body, the Chevy also has an LT5 under the hood, awesome airbagged suspension, and one-off interior featuring many brushed aluminum pieces. A truck that had our jaws on the ground the second we saw, still to this day we can't get over the beauty and creativity of Carroll's driver.
Photo 5/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1971 Chevy C10
Ricky Holly, Houston, Texas
Issue 12, Page 52
Taking things to the extreme, Ricky Holly's C10 set the bar high when he unveiled it on our cover of issue 12. Mind to Metal in Houston delivered on their promise to build an amazing frame using 2x4-inch boxed rails and a wild four-link cantilever airbag rear setup. Twenty-two and twenty-four-inch Bonspeed wheels provide the rolling stock with Toyo tires on each corner. The paint is custom yet classic with realistic chrome airbrushing wrapping the truck. A completely-dressed LS1 powers the C10 and a wild interior complete with custom dash, seats, console and audio system round out the modifications. Combining late model technology with a classic truck style is why we can't get enough of Ricky's latest ride.
Photo 6/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1956 Ford F100
Steve & Becki Haessly, Marrieta, Ohio
Issue 8, Page 192
Setup flawlessly in a traditional, yet hot-rod style, this '56 F-100 is a beautiful example of building a classic truck the right way. Using a tubular steel frame from TCI and coilovers, not airbags, the '56 was built to handle with the best of them. Polished Boyd Coddington wheels, wide BFG meats, and Wilwood big brakes add to the performance of this classic Blue Oval. Under the hood lies a blueprinted Ford 460ci big-block with all the goodies and opening the doors reveals a cab filled with leather and billet. Simple, beautiful, and one of the finest Ford's you'll see, Steve and Becki outdid themselves by not overdoing their truck.
Photo 7/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1971 Chevy Blazer
Brian Minkow, West Lake, California
Issue 12, Page 84
A fact we can't get over about this '71 Chevy Blazer with '67 front sheet metal is 140. There are over 140 body mods on this rolling metal sculpture. From the insane roadster work, to the front windshield, to the doors and rear fenders, to the top of the flat hood, this Chevy has it all. It sports a clean two-tone paint scheme, big Billet Specialties wheels, and Baer big brakes. Best of all, there's a GM Performance Parts 572ci big-block under the hood that is ready to run. Peeking inside showcases an interior that features an all-steel fabricated dash, multiple monitors, and an awesome audio system. All in all, this Blazer has us dreamin' of Southern California cruisin'.
Photo 8/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 chevy C10
Mark Bosak, Litchfield Park, Arizona
Issue 12, Page 102
This truck is solid from front to back thanks to an Art Morrison frame and Air Ride Technologies airbag system. Custom billet wheels wrapped in huge Mickey Thompson rubber provide the realization that this truck means business. Powering the C10 is a fully-polished 350ci V-8 equipped with an Imagine fuel injection system that takes the Chevy small-block to a whole new level. Inside the shaved doors is an interior that blows us away thanks to the stained white oak planks that cover the floor. A chopped top, suicide doors, and traditional two-tone paint scheme really make this C10 rise to the top.
Photo 9/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1972 Chevy K10
Paul Owens, Monterey, California
Issue 12, Page 122
Whereas all of the trucks in our "Best Of" story were frame-off builds, this '72 K10 gives you a first rate glimpse of the frame without peeking over the bed rails. The reason being, this Chevy is sitting nice and high thanks to a Skyjacker lift and 35-inch Toyo tires mounted on Weld Racing 20x12-inch wheels. The paint and body aren't over-the-top, even though the black paint is beautiful, it won't win any awards on body mods alone. That's not the point of this truck, however, the point is to do everything at an exceptional level. The engine is clean enough to eat off of and the interior features classic looks with modern conveniences. We challenge you to find a better example of a lifted C10 than this pristine truck from Cen Cal.
Photo 10/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1966 Chevy C10
Brian Ellison, Camarillo, California
Issue 12, Page 110
Built on the idea that less is more, Brian Ellison's '66 C10 didn't leave any stone unturned when it came time to showcase his take on a classic truck build. Stepping outside the norm with mutli-piece Asanti wheels and ultra-low-profile Nitto rubber, the stance of Brian's Chevy is hot-rod on steroids. To call the truck black is an understatement as the Sikkens paint is darker than a solar eclipse. Popping the hood has every onlooker salivating as a polished Magnacharger is bolted to an LS1 with 4L60E tranny. A black leather '59 Cadillac bench seat looks at a beautiful black dash with custom gauges. Without question, Brian's C10 does more with less.
Photo 11/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 2007 Chevy Crew Cab
Carey Crews, Los Angeles, California
Issue 12, Page 80
One of the few late model trucks in our list, this '07 Chevy Crew Cab is why we do what we do. Custom frame front to back, thanks to Chassis By Aaron, tucking 26-inch Lexani wheels with Nitto tires, and featuring a rare color combination, this truck sets the '07 Chevy bar very high. A clean, light tan leather interior with an audio system that is made from steel helps you see the focus that went into this build. With a one-off sheetmetal bed showcasing the "floating" rear axle in its see-through hole, this truck isn't an in-your-face custom. What it is, however, is one of the Best Trucks of 2008. Log on to and vote for your favorite truck.
Honorable Mentions
Photo 12/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1957 Chevy Cameo
Randy Martson, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Issue 3, Page 198
Taking a peek under the hood is all we need to do to fall in love with this '57 Chevy Cameo. A flawless ZL1 427ci big-block V-8 is fitted with Brodix heads, forged pistons, and crank, and topped with a BDS 8-71 supercharger with Hilborn's electronic fuel injection. The look and performance make our horsepower hearts skip a beat. Other cool touches include a slammed stance using front and rear Corvette independent suspensions, all-leather interior, and classic black and chrome body scheme. The peek-a-boo Hilborn injection shotgun scoop peering out through the hood is absolutely killer. Our only reservation with the Cameo was the small-by-today's-standards 17-inch wheels and tires. Imagine this ride with an 18- and 20-inch combo and you feel our pain.
Photo 13/13   |   top 10 Trucks Of 2008 1951 Ford
Justin Lilly, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Issue 4, Page 184
Considering this '51 Ford was created by Washtenaw Community College and Make-A-Wish Foundation, it was easy to get on the wagon and support the good cause for which it was built. However, this truck doesn't get by on emotions alone, it's a legit truck and can stand next to the big boys with no problems. Designed to be a performer, the Ford features a coilover suspension, blown 4.6L modular V-8 with 540hp, and Ford GT wheels. The all-black body is sleek and menacing while also being subtle and traditional. Racing seats and an aluminum fuel cell help onlookers know that this truck was built to haul. We appreciate the overall style of the truck, but little things we'd do differently kept it out of the Top 10.


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