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1997 Isuzu Hombre - Please Drive Thru

All He Wanted Was A Cheese Burger, Instead He Got A Busted Grille

Bobby Stewart
Mar 1, 2009
Contributors: Brian Goude
Photographers: Pugz
Photo 2/13   |   1997 Isuzu Hombre left Side View
Owner: Scott "Scooter" Stephenson
Ride: '97 Isuzu Hombre
Hometown: Orange, TX
Club: Damage Inc.
Scott Stephenson, or Scooter as we will call him from here on out, is what we call a young minitrucker with old-school flair. Scooter built his '97 Isuzu Hombre to be driven at all times.
The Isuzu, better known as Bessie, is driven to every show she attends, granted there is a good part of Bessie left on each and every highway leading to and from the events attended. Scooter will be the first to admit the truck is not babied, oh no, quiet the opposite. Not too long after the purchase of Bessie, Scooter and his buddy had built up quite an appetite while attending Turkey Drag, and they decided to drag their way to the local fast food drive through. Come to find out the lady in front of them wanted some fried chicken instead of burgers and decided to throw her piece in reverse, floor it, and well, you know the rest. After the initial foul language and information swap, it was time to drive the rig home; busted, bent, and broke down. This made Scooter put the imagination cap on and design his new paint job.
As you can see, the light bulb was on bright as can be, and Scooter handed the maimed Isuzu to Chris Wolford at Twisted Customs and Collision, where it was given a new life. Chris used an array of Green, Silver, and custom mixed pearl purple to start with, after which, he pinstriped and airbrushed to perfection. He also ghosted flames on the hood and bed cover. When Scooter finally got to ditch his rent-an-Altima he said that he will definitely hit up the local sit down restaurant next time, instead of going through the drive thru.
Photo 6/13   |   1997 Isuzu Hombre custom Interior
The interior of Bessie was tended to with the same care and craftsmanship utilizing pleather, paint, and chrome. The factory seats were modified before they were wrapped up, and the dash was smoothed and painted. Shaking things up a bit, a Jensen head unit sends out signals to a 10-inch Ma Audio subwoofer and the Pioneer mids and highs, all of this is amped up via Rockford Fosgate. Two monitors keep the entertainment going while on the way to events.
Scooter built this truck to drive and drag everyday. He is a young minitrucker with old school beliefs, knowing that we should build our trucks correctly and treat all minitruckers with respect. He will continue to have love for the sport as he drags his showpiece to an event near you.
Photo 7/13   |   1997 Isuzu Hombre engine
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels Front: 18x8 Centerline Archers
Wheels Rear: 20x8.5 Centerline Archers
Tires Front: 225/35R18 Federal
Tires Rear: 245/35R20 Federal
Chassis Modifications
Front Suspension: Suicide Door 'bag cups
Rear Suspension: Two-link with Trac Bar (built by Mike Lilley at Erratic Trends)
Airbag type and size: Firestone 2500
Spindles: 2-inch Belltech drop spindles
Valves: SMC 1/2-inch fills and 3/8-inch dumps
Frame Mods: New gas tank crossmember, Z'd front end
Body Modifications
Shaved: Hood squiters, bed caps, door handles, moldings, 3rd brake light, cut out hood, tailgate handle, gas door
Bodydropped: 3 3/4 inches
Taillights: LEDs
Exterior bolt-ons: Mirrors, bedcover
Misc: Ford Lightning grille cut down, raised bed floor with carpet overlay and aluminum strips
Performed by: Owner, Chris Wolford, Nick Gram, & Jimmy Deglandon
Photo 11/13   |   1997 Isuzu Hombre steering Wheel
Brand and Colors: Green, Plymouth Silver, pearl purple
Style: Scallop graphics
Pinstriping: Lime Green and Orange
Air Brushing: Shadows around graphics for 3D-look, airbrushed stars in graphics
Misc: Ghost flames on hood and bedcover, paint wrapped into doorjambs and bed
Performed by: Chris Wolford at Twisted Customs and Collision
Photo 12/13   |   1997 Isuzu Hombre wheel And Tire
Seats: Factory with covers and cut out middle seat
Dash: Smoothed parts
Door Panels: Painted parts with chrome window cranks
Center Console: System with silver carpet
Flooring: Silver carpet
Gauges: KP Components Air Gauges
Misc: Chrome long shifter with name of the truck in color matched sticker, billet rearview mirror, and Billet NRC Steering wheel
Performed by: Owner
Head Unit: Jensen VM9311
Mids and Highs: Pioneer
Amplifier: Rockford Fosgate
Subwoofers: MA Audio 10-inch
Wiring/accessories: Aux for PS2
Video: 7-inch in-dash
Custom Fabrication: Screen box and Center Console
Performed by: Owner
Photo 13/13   |   1997 Isuzu Hombre grille
Intake: K&N
Header/Exhaust: 3-inch Magnaflow and custom y-pipe
Misc: electric fan, removed ABS and trailer fenders, frenched radiator inside core support
Special Thanks
To all my friends, Jimmy Deglandon for helping me get the bodydrop done in three days, my parents for all the support and putting up with all the noise and late nights, Louie at Centerline Wheels for getting me my wheels in a time crunch, Mike Lilley at Erratic Trends for building the two-link, Chris Wolford at Twisted Customs and Collision for the paint,, and to anyone else I forgot, thanks ya'll!


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