Editors' Best Parts For 2009 - Smokin'-Hot Parts

Dan Ward
Mar 1, 2009
Contributors: Bob Ryder, Brandan Gillogly, John Mata Jr.
One of the coolest parts of our jobs is the ability to check out all of the hot new parts before the average truck owner. We decided to pick our favorite parts of the show and provide you with an in-depth look into why we think you need to go about and use the credit card. Check out these smokin'-hot parts that are sure to be a big hit in '09.
Photo 2/5   |   editors Best Parts For 2009 allied Satin Wheels
Dan Ward, Editor
Who: Allied Wheel Company
What: New Satin Wheel Finish
Why: Wheels make or break a truck and with this available option from Raceline, you can drastically change or update the look of your truck with one purchase. This particular example, the Speedster, is a hot-rod five-spoke wheel that would look great mounted to any truck, especially a retro-themed ride. Another trick feature, you can color-match your paint scheme with a powdercoated accent that is protected with a clearcoat. With sizes ranging from 17 to 24 inches and widths available all the way up to 14 inches wide, this could be the coolest rolling hoop to come from Raceline.
(714) 893-4160
Photo 3/5   |   editors Best Parts For 2009 fast Lsxr Modular Intake
Brandan Gillogly, Feature Editor
Who: COMP performance group
What: FAST LSXr modular intake
Why: It fits on 6.2L engines with L92 heads, takes a 102mm throttle-body, adds power and torque, and you can take it apart and tune the runners length to suit your specific engine's powerband. It's like we're eight years old again and building models! Plus, the clear cover that was on the display model looks like it would take a paint job just like a slot car body. Odds are that the clear cover won't make it to production, but it's cool nonetheless.
(901) 795-2400
Photo 4/5   |   editors Best Parts For 2009 internal Ride Height Sensor
John Mata Jr., Associate Editor
Who: Air Ride Technologies
What: Internal Ride Height Sensor
Why: This technology has already been used in military applications and is a completely internal sensor that requires no calibration or synchronizing. Just plug the infrared sensor into an existing Shockwave bag and experience the ease of preset vehicle height with the press of a button. The sensor also won Air Ride Technologies a new product award from the '08 SEMA show. How much more convincing do you need to hear?
(812) 481-4787
Photo 5/5   |   editors Best Parts For 2009 vortech Vl Twin Screw Design
Bob Ryder, Senior Tech Editor
Who: Vortech Superchargers
What: Vortech VL Twin-Screw Design
Why: Known for its centrifugal superchargers that make high horsepower in the upper RPM range, Vortech has now teamed with Lysholm to build a twin-screw design supercharger that will provide huge low-end grunt and power across the powerband. Vortech is now the only manufacturer of centrifugal and twin-screw type superchargers. Available in a 2.3L or 3.3L platform, the new blower should deliver extreme performance. Applications already include the new Silverado 5.3L V-8 and this system could easily add over 160 hp to the potent Chevy engine.
(805) 247-0226



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