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The Best Parts For 2009 - Hottest New Parts

SEMA Product Showcase

Mar 1, 2009
We scoured the halls of the Las Vegas Convention center at the annual SEMA show, keeping our eyes peeled all the while, to find the hottest new parts for your truck. Each manufacturer brought out their best new parts to make your truck even better. We're going to keep it short and sweet with the basic info you'll need to know: who makes it, what the heck it is, why we liked it, and where you can get your hands on one.
Photo 2/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 kp components
Who: KP Components
What: Cantilevered four-link for '99-'06 fullsize Chevy/GMCs
Why: This system uses factory mounting points and gives you 12 inches of suspension travel. It's a bolt-in airbag kit!
(866) 575-4657
Photo 3/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 carriage Works
Who: Carriage Works
What: Three-piece steel and urethane roll pan with exhaust tips for '07+ Silverados.
Why: This roll pan is just a paintjob away from drastically changing the look of your truck. Ditch the bumper and add some good looks with one part.
(816) 966-1405
Photo 4/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 baer Brakes
Who: Baer Brakes
What: 6P PRO-Series 6-piston caliper
Why: Besides providing more braking power and safer stopping, your new wheels will look much better with these calipers behind them.
(602) 233-1411
Photo 5/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 race Ready Performance
Who: Race Ready Performance
What: Exhaust Diverter
Why: Allows you to run two exhaust systems, one normal, one open, without having to dump the exhaust right underneath your truck.
(940) 433-5866
Photo 6/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 auto Meter
Who: Auto Meter
What: American Muscle Gauges
Why: We love classic trucks, and these gauges, with their spun metal faces, would look right at home in a '60s dash.
(866) 248-6356
Photo 7/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 twm Induction
Who: TWM Induction
What: Ford 302/351 Crossram throttle-body kit
Why: We're suckers for cool induction. From Cobras to F-100s, Ford small-blocks look best with a cross-ram. Add electronic fuel injection to the mix and it only gets better.
(805) 967 9478
Photo 8/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 superlift Suspension Systems
Who: Superlift Suspension Systems
What: '09 Ram 1500 4WD 6-inch lift system
Why: The new Dodge's coil-link rear suspension should take to being lifted. We can't wait to try out a lifted one on 35s.
(800) 551-4955
Photo 9/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 belltech
Who: Belltech
What: Toyota Tundra lowering/lifting strut
Why: It's adjustable to get the perfect ride height for your
truck. No more wondering if your lowering kit will look right.
(559) 875-0222 ext 101
Photo 10/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 bd Diesel Performance
Who: BD Diesel Performance
What: 6.4L super airscoop
Why: The scoop turns the fender vent into a functional ram air- scoop to get cool air into the turbo, improving fuel economy and lowering EGTs.
(604) 853-6096
Photo 11/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 chassis Tech
Who: Chassis Tech
What: '97-'04 Dakota AIR ARM control arms
Why: Dakotas don't get much love, but these control arms will help change that and help get them on the ground. Go ahead Mopar guys, thank us now.
(480) 668-5448
Photo 12/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 banks Power
Who: Banks Power
What: EconoMind programmer
Why: It will help your Cummins, Power Stroke, or Duramax make more power and get better mileage at the same time.
(626) 969-9600
Photo 13/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 old Air Products
Who: Old Air Products
What: '67-'72 C10 electronic A/C system
Why: Their control panel looks like it belongs in a C10, and who doesn't want A/C in the summer? Give your classic ride some much-needed interior refreshment.Where:
(817) 531-2665
Photo 14/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 ground Force
Who: Ground Force
What: '09 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 2WD lowering kit
Why: Ground Force already has a 2/3 drop kit ready for the new coil spring rear suspension '09 Rams so you can drop your Dodge in a flash.
(724) 430-2068
Photo 15/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 usa Wholesale Connection
Who: USA Wholesale Connection
What: '08 Chevy grille shell
Why: An alternative to billet inserts, this chromed ABS part replaces the entire factory grille.
(310) 631-3108
Photo 16/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 con2r
Who: CON2R
What: Custom Frame
Why: CON2R can build a boxed steel frame to your exact specifications. So, if you don't live anywhere near the hubs of custom frame fabrication like those of us in California and Texas, you can make one call and get your custom project rolling.
(503) 626.6390
Photo 17/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 airaid
Who: Airaid
What: Universal air intake components
Why: If you've got a late-model engine in a classic truck, or your state isn't as strict as ours, Airaid has got plenty of filters and ducting to help you design your own cool-air intake.
(800) 498-6951
Photo 18/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 abs Power Brake
Who: ABS Power Brake Inc
What: Electric high-power master cylinder
Why: Keep your detailed engine bay uncluttered and forget the bulky vacuum booster while keeping 2,500 PSI of braking power on tap.
(714) 771-6549
Photo 19/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 fab Fours
Who: Fab Fours Inc.
What: 14-bolt differential cover.
Why: Once you've lifted your heavy-duty truck, the differential will be out in plain sight. This cover will protect it with 1/4-inch steel and look good doing it.
(866) 385-1905
Photo 20/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 bully Dog
Who: Bully Dog
What: Triple Dog E3 Downloader
Why: This low-cost downloader maximizes vehicle fuel economy. If that doesn't sound like a good idea, we don't know what else to tell you.
(866) 285-5936
Photo 21/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 pirelli Tires
Who: Pirelli Tire
What: 375/20ZR21 XL PZero Nero
Why: The first 20-series ultra high-performance tire ever! A set of these would look great on the back of a 'bagged mini truck.
(800) 747-3554
Photo 22/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 gear Vendors
Who: Gear Vendors
What: EX short TH350 Overdrive
Why: An extra-short coupling allows for vehicles with a turbo 350 transmission to upgrade to six speeds, without modifying the transmission tunnel. Get smaller drops in RPM for better acceleration and improve fuel economy.
(800) 999-9555
Photo 23/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 classic Performance Products
Who: Classic Performance Products Inc.
What: '60-'87 Chevrolet C10 13-inch brakes
Why: Classic trucks may look good, but their factory brakes are weak. This kit makes for a safer ride while the spindles help eliminate fender rubbing on lowered trucks.
(714) 522-2000
Photo 24/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 tesla Electronics
Who: Tesla Electronics Inc
What: G-TECH/Pro EGS
Why: It combines an O2 sensor, OBDII scan tool, and data acquisition and still works as a tach with a shift light.
(800) 483-2477
Photo 25/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 viair
Who: ViAir
What: 200-PSI air source kit
Why: It's got everything you need for your helper 'bags or just to have on board for airing up tires.
(949) 585-0011
Photo 26/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 flaming River Industries
Who: Flaming River Industries Inc.
What: '73-'87 Chevy C10 rack-and-pinion cradle system.
Why: Get better steering feel and drivability from your square-body Chevy, all-in-one, easy-to-install kit.
(440) 826-4488
Photo 27/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 dynatech
Who: Dynatech
What: Stainless steel header for '07+ Chevy/GMC trucks.
Why: Long-tube headers are the way to go for more all-out power and Dynatech says theirs are OBD-II compliant, which means the smog police will not bother you.
(800) 848-5850
Photo 28/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 t Rex Grilles
Who: T-Rex Grilles
What: '07+ Tahoe/Suburban grille
Why: There's nothing wrong with horizontal billet grille inserts, but this mesh grille is a nice departure from the norm.
(951) 270-5388
Photo 29/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 rize Industries
Who: Rize Industries
What: '01-'09 Chevy/GMC 2500HD and 3500HD 10-inch lift
Why: Rize builds heavy-duty kits, it's about time they gave the Chevy guys some attention. Big trucks need a big lift!
(619) 447-0110
Photo 30/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 edelbrock
Who: Edelbrock
What: XT EFI manifold for GM LS series engines
Why: LS engines are the engine for swapping into just about everything because of their tremendous power and compact size. Edelbrock's log style intake makes the swap even sweeter, promising at least 25 hp more than the stock LS2 manifold.
(310) 781-2222
Photo 31/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 spal Usa
What: High-output, low-noise, 12-inch fan
Why: Switching from mechanical to electric fans can free up some horsepower and increase fuel economy. SPAL's new 12-inch fan has a 400-watt motor and their unique blade design keeps it quiet.
(800) 345-0327
Photo 32/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 nitto Tire
Who: Nitto Tire
What: NT05
Why: Nitto's newest high-performance summer tires will be available in February in sizes up to 315/35ZR20. They should deliver excellent handling in dry conditions and accommodate several truck applications.
(714) 252-0007
Photo 33/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 ansen Enterprises
Who: Ansen Enterprises
What: Baldwin Motion Valve Covers
Why: Stop digging through swap meets for the perfect set of valve covers for your muscle truck build, Ansen is re-casting the legendary Motion valve covers.
(310) 534-1837
Photo 34/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 autonet Mobile
Who: Autonet Mobile
What: In-vehicle WiFi router
Why: You can have the internet available wherever you go. Check traffic, get maps, stream music or video, the applications are countless.
(415) 223-0316
Photo 35/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 z Cals
What: Magnetic Tool labels
Why: We need all the help we can get staying organized, and these magnets provide a quick, one-glance answer to end hunting through a dozen drawers for one seldom-used tool.
(909) 225-2868
Photo 36/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 mothers Polishes
Who: Mothers Polishes
What: PowerCone
Why: If you've ever used a PowerBall you'll know why we're excited to try one of these on all of the tight corners of our wheels. Truckin' Trivia: Editor Dan Ward walks around his garage with a PowerBall chucked into cordless drill in a quick-draw holster.
(714) 891-3364
Photo 37/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 snow Performance
Who: Snow Performance
What: Boost Cooler MPG-MAX
Why: The system uses water-methanol injection to increase fuel mileage. Two applications are available, one for diesel, and another for naturally-aspirated gasoline engines.
(866) 365-2762
Photo 38/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 grant Products
Who: Grant Products
What: Revolution airbag steering wheel
Why: Keep your airbag and steering wheel audio controls while upgrading to a more stylish, comfortable wheel.
(818) 247-2910
Photo 39/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 rcd Suspension
Who: RCD Suspension
What: '07+ Toyota Tundra lowering kit
Why: This kit has everything you need to drop your Tundra three inches in the front and five in the back, just right for a set of 22-inch wheels.
(619) 588-4723
Photo 40/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 palmer Performance Engineering
Who: Palmer Performance Engineering Inc.
What: DashCommand
Why: With DashCommand software you can use a Windows computer or iPod/iPhone to display virtual dashboards and dyno and skidpad numbers.
(801) 310-9510
Photo 41/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 mbrp
Who: MBRP Inc.
What: Performance Series Diesel Exhaust
Why: MBRP mufflers have got a virtually straight-through design for great sound and performance, and come in aluminized steel for a long life at a value price.
(888) 636-7223
Photo 42/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 at T
Who: AT&T
What: Cruisecast
Why: You can use your rear seat monitors to display 22 television channels or get audio from 20 satellite radio stations.
(703) 584-3770
Photo 43/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 hellwig Products
Who: Hellwig Products Co.
What: Lifted F-250 sway bar
Why: Just because your truck is lifted doesn't mean it has to wallow through corners. Hellwig's sway bars will help control body roll through turns and make it easier to live with a lifted Super Duty.
(559) 734-7451
Photo 44/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 rancho
Who: Rancho
What: '09 F-150 suspension
Why: We didn't want to give our '09 F-150 back to Ford, so we're sure we'll be seeing plenty of them on the road. Judging by their new bold style, they'll look even better with Rancho's new 4-inch lift.
(734) 384-7804
Photo 45/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 billet Specialties
Who: Billet Specialties
What: Billet 140-amp alternator
Why: Provides plenty of power for most audio builds and matches Billet Specialties Tru-Trac and V-Trac pulley systems. A win-win.
(800) 245-5382
Photo 46/46   |   the Best Parts For 2009 walker Evans Racing
Who: Walker Evans Racing
What: 21/2-inch coilover leveling kit
Why: An easy way to level the suspension on your Chevy/GMC, Ford, Toyota, or Nissan truck.
(951) 784-7223


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