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2009 Dodge Ram 1500 - New Truck? No problem!

Pro Motorsport's '09 Dodge Ram 1500

John Mata Jr.
Apr 1, 2009
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly
Photo 2/8   |   2009 Dodge Ram 1500 right Side Angle
Something has to be said about customizing a truck that has been parked in the garage for a year or two, but planning to customize a truck that hasn't even been delivered yet is a whole other ball game. Jim Lewis, owner of Pro Motorsports, in Kansas City, Kansas, encountered the latter issue, as most of the parts on his '09 Dodge Ram 1500 were prototyped for the newly revamped and restyled muscle-truck model. Why would anybody want to tear into a brand new, straight-from-the-factory vehicle? Well, the answer is rather simple really. SEMA - the only place on Earth where a huge gathering of insanely customized, brand new autos makes perfect sense. Jim's rough and rugged hauler was the main attraction at and around the Hercules Tire booth at the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, automotive trade show. And for a car or truck to be invited for display at the SEMA event, it has to be something special because it pretty much sets the standard for the aftermarket scene in the upcoming year.
Since the '09 Ram features a new suspension setup, which features rear coil springs in place of the age-old leaf-spring system that is standard equipment on most fullsize trucks, Superlift Suspension Systems undertook the challenge of mocking up new components for a 6-inch lift. Judging by the Ram's new ride height, we'd say they created yet another great kit to catapult the new Dodge into the sky. A set of 20-inch ProComp Extreme Alloy wheels were sunk into a brand-new foursome of Hercules mud-terrain, Trail Digger 325/60R20 tires. It's safe to say that Jim's robust Ram is fully equipped to tear over anything in its path.
And speaking of rolling things over, the Ram's 5.7L Hemi engine has been given a few necessary adjustments to ensure the already capable 390hp Dodge powerplant makes a clean getaway. A Gibson exhaust, K&N filter, and a fresh set of Doug Thorley headers have been perfectly bolted-on to fit the forerunner of Dodge's latest truck creation. Not only does Jim's truck sound amazing while idling and at WOT, but a few more welcomed ponies have been corralled into the truck's powerful stock stable.
The sentiment that first impressions are always the most important definitely hits home while giving Jim's Ram the initial once-over. All Angles Body and Paint, located in Wichita, Kansas, designed and sprayed the sharp Sunburst orange, black and gray color scheme, which demands attention from hood to tailgate. A brand-new set of Bushwacker fender flares add to the truck's ready-for-anything demeanor and Australian-made Lightforce auxiliary lighting protects the Ram's right to wreak havoc day or night. The truck's frontend looks especially menacing, mostly in part to RBP's signature grille design, which is bold, stylish, and flat-out intimidating.
As exciting as the rumble from the Ram's engine is and the many attractive facets from its paint and wheel and tire selection are, the interior also proves to be a highlight of the truck's design. The plush, dark cockpit has been given an audio upgrade via Soundgate components and Kicker speakers and amps for those days when listening to the Hemi purr gets boring-yeah, like that day will ever come! Roadwire even treated the Ram's seats with a luxurious leather treatment that will make any one who sets eyes or cheeks on them extremely jealous.
With all the hustle and bustle that goes on during the annual SEMA event, we sure were excited to stumble upon this jewel of a truck that looks right at home in the Nevada desert. There is no mistaking this truck-whether it's blinding you with enough lighting to cut through the illumination of the Las Vegas strip or kicking sand in your face while ripping around the wide-open dunes. Jim and his Pro Motorsports crew showed the world that planning a build around a truck that is practically still en route can be successfully accomplished. The SEMA show is usually motivation enough to get the creative juices flowing and the wrenches turning with lightning speed. Jim would like to thank all of his many sponsors and friends for a job well done.



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