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Custom 1991 Chevy S10 - Girlie Girl Draggin'

Mike Alexander
Jan 1, 2010
Photographers: Kevin Carter
Photo 2/12   |   1991 Chevy S10 nicole Feret
Custom Automobiles; whether it's minitrucks, hot rods, or motorcycles, They are enjoyed by a Generally male audience.
It might be the freedom and joy that comes from accomplishing something with your own two hands, or the overwhelming competitive drive to build something better than the next guy, but whatever the reasons are, guys and gals, rarely share the same hobbies and love that goes into the build of a one-of-a-kind machine. So we decided that it was about time to give all the ladies out there the credit they deserve when it comes to building some kick ass rides!
Photo 3/12   |   OWNER: Nicole FeretRIDE: '91 Chevy S-10HOMETOWN: Lincoln Park, MI
Nicole Feret is one of the few brave and fearless minitruck chicks that set out to build what her perfect version of a '91 Chevy S-10 should look like. Putting her boyfriend, Chris Taylor from Taylor'd Rod and Customs, up to the task of a complete transformation, Nicole knew her truck was in good hands. What she didn't know was just how much work, time, money, and patience would go into such an extensive transformation. When the buzz from the sawzall stopped, the welders were put away, and the Bondo dust settled, Nicole's reaction was priceless. And for Chris it was truly worth the three years of headaches, fights, and truck problems just to hear Nicole say, "I never, in a million years, thought that my truck would turn out the way it did." When she first got to sit down in her newly completed Dime she couldn't wipe the grin off her face. She jumped in to take it for a spin and said, "I felt like I was floating down the road, with the biggest smile on my face, trying to hold back my tears of joy. It was the best feeling in the world. I never expected my truck to be as beautiful as it really is!"
Photo 4/12   |   1991 Chevy S10 steering Wheel
Nicole's dream of a body draggin' Pink Dime, sittin' on Coach seats, might be a little different style than some of the guy's rides, but the end result is something we can all truly appreciate. The attention to detail and clean modifications both inside and out would make any guy drool, and that's before they even noticed the girl sitting in the driver seat! For details on all the badass mods performed on Nicole's S-10 check out The Lowdown.
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 20-inch Rozzi Carbons
Tires: Low-profile 245/35/20
Photo 5/12   |   1991 Chevy S10 front Right View
Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: Air Ride Technologies upper and lower control arms, Slam RE6 'bags, Bell Tech drop spindles
Suspension Rear: Air Ride Technologies Road Grater
Compressors: Two Viair 450s
Air accessories: 3/8-inch SMC valves, 8-gallon air tank
Frame mods: Stock-floor body drop
Performed by: Taylor'd Rod and Customs
Body Modifications
Shaved: Everything
Body-dropped: Stock-floor
Body mods: Taillights in the pillars, smooth bed floor with radiused corners, cowl hood, 35x40 sliding ragtop
Performed by: Taylor'd Rod and Customs
Brand and colors: PPG Pink Panther Pink, Refrigerator white, House of Kolor Pink Pearl
Performed by: Taylor'd Rod and Customs
Seats: '93 Blazer seats wrapped with pink Coach center inserts and white vinyl
Dash: '00 S-10 sectioned and shortened then fiberglassed and painted dash
Performed by: Taylor'd Rod and Customs and Orchard Auto Upholstery
Head unit: In-dash TV/DVD
Mids and highs: JL audio
Subwoofer: 15-inch JLW3
Amplifiers: Memphis Belle 5-channel
Performed by: Taylor'd Rod and Customs
Detail work: Cleaned, rebuilt, paint, and chrome
Photo 12/12   |   1991 Chevy S10 sticker
Special Thanks From Owner:
I want to thank Chris Taylor for this build. He did an amazing job! He did all the work you see, he also had to put up with me the whole time, which all in all, I'm sure was more difficult then the build was. Chris, along with some of his friends and family; including Roger (his dad), Luke, Drago, Matt, Larry (my dad), and many more, spent many late nights, and helped Chris out tremendously when he needed that extra hand, or just someone to talk to, because I was driving him crazy. I also want to thank Orchard Auto Upholstery for my seats, Taylor Auto Glass, and Don from PPG. I want to thank all my friends and family for all the support they provided during this long and exciting build.


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