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2000 Nissan Frontier - The Green King

From Rags to Royalty

John Mata Jr.
Jul 1, 2009
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly
Photo 2/8   |   2000 Nissan Frontier right Side Angle
It isn't easy making it to the top, even when the throne sits just inches off of the ground. Robert Bare, from Rogersville, Tennessee, has taken his '00 Nissan Frontier into the upper rung of the mini truck hierarchy in a matter of only six months. That's quite a short road to glory, but only if it's measured in time alone--Robert has invested many hours in strategically planning the build and has spent a pretty penny or two preparing the truck for its reign.
Phatboys Customs, also in Rogersville helped Robert build the truck of his dreams by starting with a fully adjustable air ride suspension. A pair of drop spindles served as the starting point for the front and a set of Contitech airbags are truly responsible for this member of royalty's rise and bow. The Frontier's rear received a Suicidedoors four-link setup, which also features Firestone 2600-lb `bags and Gibson shocks. Robert selected a set of 17x8-inch Intro Spike-6 wheels and 215/40R17 series Dunlop rubber for all four corners, which tuck quite nicely when his royal mini rig is aired out around them. The crew at Phatboys Customs even conducted a 21/2-inch stock-floor body drop, which has the Nissan hovering just above street level.
Robert understands that a king's appearance is of utmost importance, which is why he had Phatboys Customs shave off any and all unnecessary exterior parts. The antenna, door handles, and gas door were deleted and the tailgate and roll pan were molded and welded into place for pure aesthetic decadence. The bed was filled with fresh sheet metal and brand new inner fender tubs were tucked under each corner - a step many owners of `bagged trucks skip but one that makes a dramatic difference in detailing. Mallory Paint, another Rogersville neighbor of Robert's, was brought in to spray the low down, ruler of cool with a few shots of R-M Diamont Titanium Green color. A small helping of silver flames was applied to the doors and a necessary crown-shaped set of licks adorn the hood and smooth rear end.
One peek inside of the interior will surely evoke envious emotions from onlookers as well. Suzie Hols Upholstery, in Mosheim, Tennessee, covered the seats, floor, and dash panel accents with two-tone green and silver swirl velvet--now that's how you take it back to the old skool. The entire dash and door panel pieces have been yanked, smoothed and painted to match the exterior's Titanium Green paint. No member of high society should roll around bumping tunes on a sub par sound system, so Robert had Phatboys Customs wire up a complete Audio Pipe competition audio package. A 600-watt amplifier feeds the 61/2-inch two-way speakers and 2-inch tweeters while the 15-inch subwoofer pounds behind the driver seat thanks to a 2,000-watt amp.
Since its introduction to the show scene, the Green King has pillaged and conquered the competition and its record of two 1st place, two 2nd place, and two Best of Show titles is proof that can't be denied. Robert would like to thank his wife and kids. With their support, they helped to raise his aspiring truck into stately stature.



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