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2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD - Freestyle

A Bigger, Better Bow Tie

Brandan Gillogly
Jul 1, 2009
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly
Photo 2/8   |   2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 Hd left Side Angle
What does a MotoX rider drive when he's on four wheels? For Cody Elkins, his ride of choice is this '08 Silverado 2500HD. Two hands, one hand, or no hands, Cody is typically soaring through the air with ease, all while doing tricks and stunts the average guy sits and watches with amazement. Knowing this truck needed to be a relaxing, albeit extreme home, while driving to and from big air shows, Cody teamed up with several big players to make his dream come true. Decidedly more luxurious than his 2-wheeled mid-air vehicle of choice, the Chevy was built to be bigger and better than Cody's previous 4x4 builds.
To accomplish his goals, Cody teamed up with B&C Offroad in Pasadena, Texas, where they began work on making the truck much bigger. The truck's stock suspension was disassembled and the 14-bolt rear was cleaned up and prepped for both new 4.88 gears and black paint. A 3rd Coast Suspension 16-inch lift was painted dragon-fire red to contrast with the blacked-out look Cody had planned for the remainder of the truck. 3rd Coast's traction bars were given sheetmetal inserts with Cody's website cut into them before they were bolted in to tame the torque from the Duramax. Each corner received Bilstein 7100 shocks, and the driveshaft was both lengthened and dropped to accommodate the mammoth lift. With the lift painted and installed, B&C had room to install massive 40x15.5R20 Toyo Open Country M/T tires on black RBP 91R 20x12-inch wheels. How does it drive? Let's just say that on the way back from our photo shoot, we were the ones trying to keep up with Cody on the highway. We can't say it handles like it's on rails, but its wide stance makes it sure-footed at speed.
Even a stout powerplant like the LBZ Duramax will take notice when its lugging around 40 inches of rubber. Besides the 4.88 gears, a 4-inch black ceramic-coated exhaust and a programmer, both from RBP, were added to boost performance. Also from RBP, the leading edge of the truck is punctuated by a bold black mesh grille that accompanies smoked head and taillights on the all-black truck.
Divine One Customs in Las Vegas, Nevada, handled the smoked lights as well as the tedious buffing of the DuPont black paint that was sprayed over the smoothed exterior plastics and the SnugTop SL tonneau. Inside, Divine One mounted a Clarion DVD/navigation head unit in the factory location and used Kicker components throughout. Providing the ear-shattering tunes are four sets of 6.5-inch speakers in the doors and kick panels. Loving the sound of bass, and lots of it, Divine One installed four 10-inch Kicker L7 subs mounted under the rear seats in a compact, color-matched enclosure. Four big Kicker amps were mounted on a tube rack inside the bed and provide plenty of juice for the Kicker speakers. Yellow-top Optima batteries were used throughout to keep all the audio gear pumping. Speaking of color-matched, Divine One sprayed several interior trim pieces dragon fire red and stitched black suede centers into the seats with red thread. The black suede headliner received a similar treatment. The final touch was a set of Luxer 1 LED interior lights that are brighter and whiter than the factory lights.
We shot this HD at the 2008 SEMA show, and like most SEMA builds it has an interesting story: Cody drove the totally stock truck from Oklahoma to Las Vegas to begin the transformation in August of '08. Working with Misha Munoz at Divine One on the paint and interior, Cody got to spend some hands-on time with the truck before driving to B&C Offroad, in Texas for the lift installation. Then, Cody drove the truck back to Vegas where the crew at Divine One prepped it for the show, a last-minute ordeal as most SEMA builds go. With all the miles he's put on the truck, Cody is thankful so many talented people have lent their skills to the build. Aside from those already mentioned, Cody wanted to thank: Optima, Omega Products, Amsoil, DZ Graphics, the Russel family at B&C Offroad, Josh Bray for his dedication, and Jim at Pro Motorsports for their help with transport.


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