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2002 Chevrolet Blazer - Red Hot Blazer

The Snowball Effect In Full Force All The Way to the Cover

Brandon Burrell –
Nov 1, 2009
Contributors: Mike Alexander
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Photo 2/19   |   OWNER: Robby HohltRIDE: 2002 Chevy BlazerLOCATION: Indianapolis, INCLUB: Severed Ties Petition
"Hey man, let's lay my truck out on 22s". That seems to be one of those famous last statements when someone starts off a nice simple project that they want to drive.
Even though there might be every intention to stick to a simple plan, once the cutting and welding begins the "might as well" motto also known as the "minitruckin' snowball effect" comes into play.
That's exactly what happened to Robby Hohlt from Indianapolis, Indiana, when he tore into his two-door 2002 Blazer Xtreme pictured here. Although there are no remnants of the "Xtreme" Blazer that Chevy had in mind when it rolled off the showroom floor-body kit included. The truck started out as Robby's first new vehicle after college and was quickly bagged on 20s, but not to fully lay it out. Just like any good minitruck build, it never stops there. After attending a few shows with this set up, it was time to lose the body kit and make it lay out on 22s. This is when he hooked up with Tony Neumann to handle the new upgrades. Every time these two got together, another modification would quickly get added to the list and soon started the "might as well" motto.
This simple 'bag redo turned into a full body drop.Next on the list of upgrades came when the duo decided to up the game and stuff 22s in the front and 24s in the rear. Throughout the build time, Robby and Tony spent a lot of time together and eventually went from a business relationship to good friends, like many shop owners and customers do.
Photo 3/19   |   2002 Chevy Blazer pirelli Pzero Nero Tires
The next thing to tend to came in the way of a front suspension upgrade. Having trouble with positive camber up front didn't allow the Blazer to lay out with such big wheels, so Jason from joined the build by sending out one of his first sets of control arms to cure the camber issue. Thinking things were going smoothly, it seemed only a matter of time before the next problem would rear its ugly head. And sure enough, just as the truck was ready to come off of the jackstands and test out the suspension, the truck tipped and almost went on its side. Good thing Tony's wife was around and could come to the rescue. See guys, it's good to have your wives around the shop just in case. Thank God nothing happened and they could get on with the build in one piece. Now Tony was able to give the truck a twice over to make sure everything was up to his high standards, and then it was off to the paint shop for a good coat of the shiny stuff.
When the painter was done laying his final coats, it was time for the tedious task of reassembly. Everything was dialed in and detailed to the tilt, ready to debut at its first show. The first big show Robby took his Blazer to was the very spot these photos were taken. The smell of suede and paint lingered in the air around the Blazer like cheap cologne because it was that fresh. Not only did this immaculate two-door catch our attention, but it had all the showgoers drooling all weekend long. It was a good thing all of the photos were taken at the show because four days after the cover shoot, Robby's dad smacked the side of his showpiece while getting the lawn mower out of the garage, which called for some minor repair before it would be show worthy again. Dang, cover shoots really ARE cursed!
This is one of those builds that shows what real minitruckers are all about. When a shop owner can turn a customer into one of their best friends, you know that it's going to work out for good. Even though this build took two and a half years to complete due to the usual set backs, Tony made sure that everything was done right, which wound up paying off in the end with more than just a cover truck; lifelong friendships were forged in metal in true minitrucker fashion.
Photo 7/19   |   2002 Chevy Blazer molded Leds In Tailgate
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front):
22x9.5 Edge Engineering Focus
(Rear): 24x9.5 Edge Engineering Focus
Tires (Front): 245/30ZR22 Pirelli Pzero Nero
(Rear): 275/25ZR24 Pirelli Pzero Nero
Chassis Modifications
Suspension (Front):
Slam RE7 'bags, control arms, Belltech 2-inch drop spindles
Suspension (Rear): Triangulated four-link, Firestone sleeve 'bags behind axle
Valves: Air Lift block manifold valves
Compressors: Chrome Viair 420s
Frame mods: Lowered body mounts, custom motor mounts, step notch, custom trans. cross member, custom fuel cell rack, custom four-link mounts on outside of frame, cross member under drive shaft, custom bridge with bag mounts
Frame material: 3/16-inch plate
Gas tank: Aluminum RCI 17-gallon fuel cell
Brakes: Slotted and drilled four wheel disc conversion, S-10 calipers up front, stainless steel braided brake hose and polished brake lines
Performed by: Tony Neumann and Owner
Body Modifications
Third brake light, hood squirters, tailgate, taillights, antenna, gas door, door handles, roll pan
Body-dropped: 41/2 inches, channeled front portion of floor, lowered body mounts, and traditionally body-dropped
Front end: Grant Kustoms S-10 custom 4Runner front bumper
Back end: Grant Kustoms three-piece step shaver
Taillights: Molded LEDs in tailgate (performed by painter)
Exterior bolt-ons: eBay special black headlights and marker lights, MBM chrome master cylinder/booster
Misc.: Stock hood modified to fit, accommodating 22s up front, a bodydrop, and stock motor
Performed by: Tony Neumann and owner
Photo 8/19   |   2002 Chevy Blazer audio System
Brand and colors:
Victory Red and Light Metallic Silver
Style: PPG paint
Airbrushing: Rear fire breaker with chrome molding outline
Misc.: Smoothed and painted front framerails
Cavalier seats in the front, Suzuki Sidekick rear bench seat cut and modified in the rear
Material: Suede
Dash and door panels: Smoothed, shaved, and painted
Center console: Custom-built out of wood and fiberglass (performed by painter), wrapped in suede
Flooring: Red carpet
Headliner: Wrapped in silver suede
Gauges: Nu Image stainless steel
Misc.: Billet grab handles, billet Colorado Customs steering wheel, billet rearview mirror
Performed by: Mike's Upholstery - Mike and Vickie did the headliner, seats, and door pads. Daniel Kincaid laid the carpet, wrapped the center console and speaker box, and tinted the windows. Shane "Super Whitey" Handcock and Travis "Halfass" Hogan smoothed and painted all other interior pieces. The paneling behind the front doors was done by Supreme Customs.
Head unit:
Alpine in-dash touch screen
Mids and highs: Two sets of Kicker components
Subwoofers: One 12-inch Kicker L7 Solo-Baric
Amplifiers: Two 750/5 Kicker
Custom fabrication: Fiberglass sealed enclosure
Performed by: Tony Neumann, Robby Hohlt, Eric Bailey, Jerid Woods, and Travis Hogan
Custom-made with bored out throttle body and K&N air filter
Header/exhaust: Gibson stainless steel headers, custom-made true dual H-pipe exhaust, and Magnaflow stainless mufflers
Ignition: MSD ignition blaster coil, red Taylor 8mm spark plug wires
Battery: Optima Yellow Top
Detail work: Front tubs partial, cut to a point
Misc.: March Billet power pulleys, electric fans, Be Cool aluminum radiator recessed into core support, Hypertech power programmer, hi-output chrome alternator, modified small-block Chevy water pump
Performed by: Tony Neumann and Robby Hohlt
Special Thanks by Owner
Tony Neumann for the build up, without him none of this would have been possible! Erin Neumann for being Mom, and Parker Neumann for not destroying anything too bad. Jason Thorbecke of for all of his help and support. He has been extremely giving, kind, supportive, and a huge part of this truck! Ricky Doors, Matt "Don Shagwell" Baker, and Jacob for their help and support from Eric Bailey and Jerid Woods for helping with the stereo install.David Adams at Kicker for hooking me up with the Kicker goods, Brandon Burrell for his support and photography, my parents Jim and Lynn for all of their support, Meagan Fletcher for her support and ///RA Jeff for his kindness and support. Also, Travis "Halfass" Hogan for helping on half of the build up, and Shane "Super Whitey" Handcock at Supreme Customs in Edinburgh, Indiana. As well as, Mike and Vickie of Mike's Upholstery in Olney, Illinois, and Daniel Kincaid for his great work and availability. Jason Cassidy, Joe Fox, and Jeff Peyton at Discount Tire Co. and DQ for his friendship and for not touching anything on the truck. Jeff Bohannon, Dan Crawford, Juice Jason, and John Joost for their friendship and support. Chuck "Nasty" Johnson for the two sheetmetal filler pieces he made. Paul Winkler for fixing some paint problems, and last but not least, Big Vic for all his hugs.
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