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2003 Hummer H1 - Herculean Hummer

Nothing Even Comes Close To This H1

Brandan Gillogly
Sep 1, 2009
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/18   |   2003 Hummer H1 right Side Angle
The story of Ronnie and Rosie Bartee's '03 HUMMER H1 has a lot in common with the typical wild truck build. To put it simply, it started small and then spiraled out of control. The big difference is that even a mild build on an H1 is far from ordinary. After an initial 6-inch lift, some painted frame and suspension components, and upholstery, the couple let Chance and his crew of installers, fabricators, and audio experts from All Out Offroad build the wildest H1 the world has ever seen.
The first step in building the H1 was disassembly. The truck was almost completely stripped, with only the engine, transmission, and exhaust left attached to the body. Chance and his crew then boxed the underside of the bed for a clean look before the entire frame, wheelwells, and lower floor of the body were sprayed with bedliner. H1's already have a commanding presence, but a little extra ground clearance never hurt anyone. Enter one 6-inch lift courtesy of J. Austin Fabrication. The lift components, as well as the remaining factory suspension components, were either sent out to Speed & Sport Chrome Plating in Houston, Texas, or to South Coast Paint and Body in nearby Katy, Texas. When the chromed and painted parts were back at All Out Offroad, the lift was assembled along with a 1.5-inch body lift and the stock wheels and tires were bolted on for the trip to South Coast Paint and Body. With his cup filled to the brim with House of Kolor Limetime pearl, paint mastermind Daniel Kirlan laid down several coats to the exterior and followed it up with candy black smoke flames.
Photo 3/18   |   2003 Hummer H1 left Side Angle
Soon after, the H1 was rolling on 47-inch Michelin tires and 20-inch Weld wheels, but Ronnie wanted to add a little extra excitement to the exterior. After a few calls were made, a box of parts arrived from Mattracks. Once again, South Coast Auto Body went to work on the pieces before they were shipped back to Mattracks for assembly. The 150-series Mattracks, assembled this time, finally arrived and were installed to give Ronnie the look he wanted for his H1. With the Mattracks installed, the turning radius remained the same, the center of gravity was lowered, and ground clearance was increased, although the top speed was compromised-Mattracks recommends 40 mph max-the insane look of the paint-matched tracks and flamed H1 was so over-the-top, it was worth the compromise.
Ronnie was in love with the look of his H1, but the nearly-stock interior couldn't hold a candle to the amazing exterior, so he had the crew at All Out do their thing. Classic Soft Trim leather and ostrich upholstery cover each of the four bucket seats and the steering wheel was replaced with a Colorado Custom Wildhorse half-wrap billet piece. Ditching the Spartan interior panels, the crew at All Out used enough fiberglass to build a bass boat. A new dash was fabricated along with an overhead console and the characteristic yard-wide H1 center console. At the rear of the Hummer, the bed was converted from cargo area to an audio/video showcase. A custom amp cover is motorized via linear actuators and reveals a 42-inch Sanyo LCD TV along with the multiple JL Audio amps and distribution blocks underneath.
Audio for the H1 is controlled via Alpine's TME-M740BT. The 7-inch touch-screen DVD head unit sends signals to two 500x1 and three 300x2 JL Audio amplifiers before the boosted power is sent on to the JL components. The main armament consists of a battery of four JL Audio 12W6v2 12-inch subs backed up by four Optima batteries that provide plenty of power to fire-for-effect. JL Audio 6 1/2-inch components are mounted in the overhead console as well as the doors and fill in the mids and highs.
Robbie and Rosie debuted their H1 at the 2008 SEMA show after they'd spent two years patiently waiting for its completion. Chance from All Out Offroad told us to be on the lookout, but we weren't prepared for what we saw. Is it the most insane truck on the planet? Quite possibly, but one thing is for certain, this ride is like no other and in the world of custom, that is the goal. Editor Dan Ward flew out to Texas to shoot the H1 and took way more photos than we could ever publish, plus some videos of the tire-to-Mattrack swap mid-photoshoot. To see all the action, check out



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