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1985 Chevy Blazer - Texas Made

Brotherly Fued Going On 10 Years Strong

Mike Alexander
Nov 1, 2009
Contributors: John Jackson
Photographers: John Jackson
Photo 2/13   |   1985 Chevy Blazer front Left View
Owner: Daniel Simpson Baytown, TX
1985 Chevy Blazer
Club: Severed Ties
John Jackson first laid eyes on Daniel Simpson's 1985 Chevy Blazer when he was browsing the internet looking through some show coverage on DFW minis.
He had to take a second look because among the normal plain-jane show vehicles there was a body-dropped blazer that stood head and shoulders above the rest on the show field. He quickly started making posts trying to find the owner and finally, Kent from Severed Ties Houston called to let him know that it was one of the Severed Texas rides.
Photo 3/13   |   1985 Chevy Blazer rear Right View
This Blazer has actually been around for quite awhile and is part of some friendly competition between Daniel and his club brother Patrick Reed. Everyone who's read Mini Truckin' for more than a few years knows of Patrick's Ranger as it's been featured more times than anyone cares to count and even graced the cover back in 2005. So Daniel had to really outdo himself the second time around to keep up with Mr. Reed. Some might also remember Daniel's first go around with his Blazer build when it was featured on the cover of Sport Truck and featured in Mini Truckin' sporting a bright orange paintjob with red flames from front to back. But as Daniel and Patrick wanted to keep their friendly brotherly feud rolling, they decided to tear back into Daniel's Blazer for a complete transformation. That's right; they also help each other build their trucks from the ground up with a little help from other fellow Texas Severed brothers.
Photo 4/13   |   1985 Chevy Blazer engine
Daniel knew it was going to take more than killer paint, a huge engine, and a clean interior to set him on top of this friendly competition this time around. While sitting in his garage planning his next move, he came up with the idea to build a modern-day woodie. He originally tried making complete wooden sides for the truck out of various exotic woods so it would look like a traditional woodie, but ultimately the humidity in the great state of Texas had other plans and ruined each attempt. So after several months and a lot of choice words, Daniel created the final look for his Texas-Made creation: a unique two-tone for the Blazer trimmed with leftover wood from the wooden panel sides.
Once it was almost completed and ready to debut, Hurricane Ike pretty much leveled the entire area where Daniel and Patrick live. Luckily for Daniel, his storage building went completely untouched. But, fellow club brother Patrick Reed saw over four feet of mud only a few blocks away, which completely annihilated his Ranger burying it in mud up to the roof.
Due to the crazy weather they had both endured, it was only fitting that Mother Nature also decided to show up for Daniel's cover shoot. John Jackson and model Phil Devine, endure a major down pour in the process of shooting the blazer. Daniel didn't seem to mind as he was right at home with the crazy Texas weather. He also knew he had won this round of competition with Patrick. But the tight lifelong friendship they have formed holds strong, and Daniel now has the motor from Patrick's Ranger sitting in his living room just waiting to be installed in something for the next round of their brotherly competition.
Photo 8/13   |   1985 Chevy Blazer phil Devine
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels: Boyd Coddington 20- and 22-inch deep-dish Slayer combo
Tires: Nitto NT555s
Chassis Modifications
Suspension: Custom-built four-link, Slam RE-8 'bags at all four corners
Control Arms: Custom-built
Air Accessories: Nitrogen, MIC valves, 3/8-inch air line
Frame Mods: Custom 2x4-inch frame smooth and painted front to back
Brakes: Rear disc conversion from a 1997 Chevy Camaro
Misc.: Everything detailed, smoothed, and painted, or chromed
Performed By: Owner, Patrick Reed, and friends
Photo 9/13   |   1985 Chevy Blazer truck Part
Body Modifications
Shaved: Body lines, door handles, taillights, bumpers custom molded, firewall, everything smoothed
Body-dropped: Stock-floor and traditional
Body Mods: Everything shaved smooth and molded, custom-built hood, Caddy tails, HUGE ragtop
Bolt-ons: Phantom billet grille, Chevy fullsize bumper molded to front end
Misc.: Birds Eye Maple hand-formed trim
Performed By: Owner, Patrick Reed, and friends
Brand and Colors: Custom Green with cream two-tone
Performed By: Patrick Reed
Photo 10/13   |   1985 Chevy Blazer right View
Seats: Civic seats wrapped with sand tweed and brown leather inserts
Dash: Custom-built and wrapped in sand tweed and brown leather inserts
Gauges: Dolphin gauges in custom-built and painted center cluster
Misc.: Custom-built center console to house air gauges and switches, Colorado Customs steering wheel
Performed By: Owner, Patrick Reed, and friends
Engine: 1978 Corvette, 383ci
Camshaft, Lifters, and Rockers: All Crane
Carburetors: Two 750 Holley with Holley manifold
Header/Exhaust: Headmen Headers with custom-built exhaust
Transmission: Chevy Turbo 350 with B&M Shift Kit
Detail Work: Smoothed and painted, chrome goodies
Misc.: Custom one-off air cleaner
Performed By: Owner
Special Thanks From Owner
"I want to thank Patrick Reed for all his help and commitment to finishing my Blazer with me, along with everyone else that helped out from Severed Ties. Oh, and we ain't done just yet, us Texas boys will keep bringing the heat!"


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