In Memory Of JD Hurta - 1998 GMC Sonoma

Mike Alexander
Nov 1, 2009
Contributors: Mary Kay Hurta, Club Members
Photographers: John Jackson, Courtesy of Club Members
Photo 2/9   |   JD's fellow VC club members banded together to help complete his ride.
Jeffrey D. Hurta (JD), age 23, was diagnosed January 13, 2005, with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare sarcoma of the maxillary sinus (a muscle tumor form of cancer). JD's mom, Mary Kay Hurta (Momma Hurta), recalls when she first realized JD's affection for minitrucks.
"JD and I went to look at vehicles and I knew he was going to need help in co-signing so I was going to make sure that he got something that was dependable but without a big engine. When we test-drove this truck and he really wanted it-I was so proud. He was finally maturing and realized he couldn't afford anymore tickets. Little did I know at the time that JD had major renovations for the truck in mind, and with the help of his friends and their friends he finally got to see his truck finished. I feel that his truck got him through the first round of chemotherapy and aggressive radiation, and through it all his truck was his real therapy. Every morning when I go to work I smile at his truck sitting there-like a well behaved dog waiting for his master's return." But sadly, JD lost his battle with cancer on September 12, 2008.
Photo 3/9   |   in Memory Of Jeffrey D Hurta jd And Friends
About a month after JDs passing, Momma Hurta was diagnosed with breast cancer. With surgery come and gone she is still fighting the good fight and hanging in there with God's continued blessings. JD Hurta was a proud member of Vertically Challenged and was able to see his truck completed and showing thanks to some serious efforts from his fellow club members. They all banded together and helped JD complete his ride.
JD and his father installed the air ride while he was going through his chemo. When everyone from the club heard that time was short for JD, Kevin Campbell contacted his mother and with the help of lots of volunteers a complete 48-hour "overhauled" truck was delivered in a mini-parade in front of his house.
Special thanks go out to JD's mom and dad, Mary Kay and Rusty Hurta, Kevin Campbell, AJ Dungan at A.J.'s Custom Paint & Stripe in Giddings, Texas, and fellow minitruckers Sean Booth, Marcus Vasquez, and Chase Mulder for helping prep, tape, cut, and buff the truck in such a short amount of time. JD has been a huge inspiration to the entire town and the VC club as a whole. For more information on the Hurta family and recent updates you can visit



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