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2005 Chevy Silverado - Sic Crew

Gettin' By With Help From Friends

Dan Ward
Oct 1, 2009
Photographers: Henry Z. DeKuyper
Photo 2/20   |   2005 Chevy Silverado left Side Angle
Brian "Shady" Baty, from Ellenwood, Georgia, is a humble guy who was quick to thank his friends for all of their hard work on his ride. With humility like that, you may think that his ride was a mild custom with some do-it-yourself mods-the end. Whereas he did perform much of the work himself, his truck is far from mild. Tucking 24-inch billet wheels, with a two-tone paint scheme, and a snake skin-covered interior, Brian's Chevy Crew Cab is in a league of its own. So how does a daily driver go from a cruiser to full-blown trophy-snagger? All it took was just a little push from his wife, Karen and a little help from his friends.
Building and driving several mini-trucks for years, Brian admits Karen wanted something bigger. In his own words, "She mentioned that I should stop screwing around and build exactly what I've always wanted to build." Besides giving Brian the green light to go buy a fullsize truck, Karen also motivated Brian to go wild and showcase what his friend, Robert Robinson's shop, Auto Extremes, in Conyers, Georgia, could do-sounds like the perfect woman to us. Three years later, Brian has himself a show-winning fullsize and more importantly, a happy wife. As with all good things, his truck build took work, and a great deal of it.
Telling us that "trailers are for horses and drag cars, and there is not a tail or parachute on this truck", Brian needed to have a truck that drove as good as it looked. Starting with the frame and body, Brian teamed with Dennis Ricks and Robert Robinson, his cohorts at Auto Extremes, to perform the 2 1/2-inch body drop. With the body ready to lay low, the frame was notched and custom lower and upper control arms were bolted into place. DJM drop spindles were then bolted to the A-arms and new spring pockets were fabricated and welded up front-a necessary step for the Slam Specialties airbag installation. Even though the front is set up for 26-inch wheels, Brian wanted billet wheels and found his perfect rolling stock in B.A.D. Havoc billet hoops mounted in 295/30R24 Toyo Proxes tires. Braking is handled by an upgraded hydraboost system from a Heavy Duty Chevy, which sends higher brake pressure to a Baer Eradispeed setup, complete with 15-inch rotors. Out back, the Auto Extremes crew had to customize the KP Components six-link kit to get everything perfect, but once the mods were made, the Silverado laid out over the 24s. Using KP shocks and the KP Watts-link, Brian says "the truck is still very street-able and even the wife does not mind riding in it for long periods of time." With that said, the truck may ride closer to a Cadillac than a Chevy.
Inside the four doors, Brian didn't tap out and throw in the towel, but rather he stepped up his customizing game to a whole new level. Getting together the necessary wood and fiberglass components, Brian built a center console to house a JL Audio 8w7 sub. Knowing what color he wanted the interior to have, the dash, pillars, and the freshly-created console all received House of Kolor True Blue. Under the rear passenger seat, a JL Audio 12-inch sub found its way mounted and bumpin' bass from a JL Audio 250x1 amp. Each door houses a multitude of JL Audio mid components powered by a JL 300x4 amp. An Eclipse AVN-6620 double-din controls the sources while an Eclipse 30-band equalizer fine-tunes the audio signal. A matching B.A.D. Havoc billet steering wheel was bolted on, but not before billet A/C vents, billet knobs and switches, and an AVS digital gauge setup was also put into place. Gene Payne stepped in and stitched in the snakeskin seat inserts, door panel inserts, and wrapped the headliner in suede. Seven-inch monitors were placed into each sunvisor and then each eye-protector was wrapped in matching suede. The last remaining pieces of the interior puzzle were the solid billet air freshener hanging from the factory mirror and a large B.A.D. billet skull placed atop the center console.
Looking to further enhance his ride, Brian popped the hood and began work on the stock 5.3L V-8. Already strong from the factory, Brian added some ponies with the installation of a Spectre air filter, Accel 10mm plug wires, and Flowmaster exhaust. Worth noting, the exhaust runs the length of the frame and was wrapped in 1,200-degree header wrap. The end result? A truck that passed the local emissions test with flying colors. Other modifications under the hood included: custom-rolled inner fenders, a painted Escalade engine cover, blue powdercoated 250-amp DB alternator, and an engine-driven air compressor for the 'bags. Now going for a cruise doesn't mean worrying about getting home safely.
Thus far, Auto Extremes had outdone themselves on this '05 Chevy, but the body remained unfinished and a long list of body mods was sure to keep them busy. Brian and Robert started the bodywork by first shaving the door handles, bolt holes in the doorjambs, bed caps, gas door, taillights, and tailgate. Next up, a custom sheetmetal bed was fabricated, the gas door molded inside the bed, and a motorized license plate installed in the bulkhead. A 53-inch tri-color AVS LED strip was flushed into the tailgate and a slim LED was placed where the third brake light once resided. CCS Customs, also in Conyers, provided the expertise to apply a custom paint scheme to make this Chevy a top-notch build. With the body prepped, CCS Custom's owner, Darren Fairey, worked with Tyler, and Adam to apply the two-tone using House of Kolor True Blue and Kandy Red. Intricate flames were masked off and sprayed in beautiful PPG silver and then Hot-Rod Walt stepped in and pinstriped each lick to perfection with PPG yellow and orange. The look is timeless and perfectly goes with the hot-rod yet clean look Brian was going for. Walt also applied his talent to the inner fenders, center console, and inside the bed. Final assembly included the addition of a Street Scene SS bumper cover, Trenz billet grille, and Brian cleared the factory headlights for a trick appearance.
Driving his truck to and from every show, if you're in the Southeast, you'll probably see Brian draggin' the truck at a moment's notice. His "thank you" list was quite long, but we felt convicted to oblige his humility. Brian wanted to thank Robert and Dennis at Auto Extremes, Weezal, Darren at CCS, Adam, Eric, Tommy, Bubba, Jason at B.A.D., Mike at Frontier Wheels, Ron at DB, Karen at East Atlanta Embroidery, Curry Honda, his buddies in Negative Camber, his family, and most of all, his wife Karen. "There is no one that worked on this project that I would not consider a good friend", Brian said. With a truck this nice, good friends who love to wrench, and a loving wife, Brian is most-certainly a blessed man.



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