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A Husband and Wife Hooked For Life

Mike McGlothlin
Dec 1, 2009
Photographers: Mike McGlothlin
It's not every day that you come across a husband and wife duo in the world of motorsports. And it's even more rare to find a married couple competing at the highest level of diesel truck pulling. But Robert and Faith Miller of Yadkinville, North Carolina, have been doing just that the last four years. If you've been to any national pulling event recently, chances are you've seen each of their Super Stock trucks in action. This is their story.
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Getting Hooked
Robert was the first to be reeled into the sport, courtesy of his son Robby. After building a truck intended for local brush pulls, Robert decided to construct a truck fit to compete at sanctioned events. As it turns out, we at Diesel Power offered a bit of guidance in formulating Robert's truck's plans. "With the other truck, we started blowing head gaskets and breaking parts, so I got Diesel Power magazine and said, 'I'm gonna find someone who can build me a motor that I don't have to worry about breaking,'" he told us. "Then I found the Scheid Diesel advertisement, called, and they told me to talk to Brad Ingram. I told him that I wanted to sled pull, and the rest is history."
The Scheid Connection
Beginning with a second-generation Dodge built to compete in the Diesel Hot Rod Association's Street Diesel Class, the folks at Scheid didn't disappoint-Robert won the points chase that year. The following year he stepped up to a twin-turbo'd setup and won the DHRA Super Street Class. In the midst of his success, Faith-who'd been there from the beginning helping out with the truck-wanted to try her hand in the sport as well. "I told him I'd like to pull some time," she said. And with Rod Tarr's Pro Stock (3.0 Class) Dodge for sale, Faith got her wish-and the Pullin' To Please truck was born. After just one pull, she, too, was addicted. "I used to say, 'How in the world can anybody spend that much money on a truck and get hooked to this sport?' But Robert was right, I was hooked once I pulled," Faith said.
Let It Roll II
With plans to ditch the second-generation Dodge called Let It Roll and build a fiberglass bodied, tilt-hood, all-out Super Stock truck, Robert couldn't pass up an offer to buy Terry Martin's rig in 2008. The truck, called Ratical Ram II, had everything he wanted, so the purchase was made and the name was changed to Let It Roll II. In hindsight, Robert believes buying the truck was for the best. "I saved myself a lot of time and aggravation, instead of building my own from scratch," he told us.
Pullin' To Please
Faith's truck was a single-turbo'd, stock body and frame, Cummins-powered Dodge that was originally built to compete in 3.0-inch- diameter inducer classes in the Illinois Tractor Pulling Association. But when the Millers decided to go to the next level, the NV4500 was ditched in favor of a single-speed reverser, a twin-turbo setup was installed, and the truck got downright serious. "I told Faith, 'If we're gonna build a truck, we're gonna make a competitive one.' So we turned it into a Modified puller," Robert said.
Scheid Power
No doubt, the crew at Scheid Diesel built the Millers two very impressive trucks. Running in the same class, Robert and Faith's trucks are somewhat similar. They both have Scheid-built 12:1 compression Cummins powerplants, and Scheid turbos, injectors, and identical water injection systems. Both trucks send power to Pro Fab Machine reverser transmissions and drop boxes via four-disc Hayes clutches, run 6.20 axle gears, and utilize Corsa data logging systems. The only noticeable exterior difference is that Robert's truck houses a Rockwell 106 axle up front and a Rockwell SQHD axle in the rear, where Faith's truck retains the factory Dana 60 up front and has a Rockwell 106 in the rear.
The Perfect Pulling Team
In just a few short years, Robert and Faith have come a long way in the sport. From spreading interest in truck pulling in their home state to wrenching on their rigs in the shop, it's a true partnership. "She's with me 24-7, and she's right there underneath the truck anytime we're working on anything," Robert commented about Faith. "She's also my number-one fan."
We'd say that Robert and Faith are quite the duo. Their enthusiasm for diesel sled pulling has yielded them a very unique hobby, and they are two very unique individuals. We look forward to seeing them pull in 2010, when they'll no doubt be promoting the sport they love, as well as competing in it.


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