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2001 Chevy Silverado - Minty Fresh

Keeping Things Clean On The Bayou

John Mata Jr
Dec 15, 2009
Photographers: John Mata Jr
On a recent trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Jay Ramagost and his '01 Chevy standard cab, which sports a stylish, streamlined appearance that would be tough to upstage at any show. Jay, along with friend and owner of Twisted Kustoms, Chad Jumonville, ripped into the Silverado's suspension and made some rather extensive body modifications with every intention of making a statement. That statement was to serve as a straight declaration that there is much beauty to be found in simplicity. What fan of minimalism could argue with that sentiment?
Photo 2/11   |   2001 Chevy Silverado left Front Angle
Jay began the truck's buildup process by first figuring out just how close to the ground he wanted his truck to hover. After deciding that the frame must come in direct contact with the pavement, he showed no hesitation while ordering a pair of AIM 2-inch drop spindles, Slam Specialties airbags, and an Ekstensive Metalworks C-notch and two-link rear setup for the project. To accommodate the much lower suspension travel, Jay moved the stock fuel tank up three inches and narrowed the rearend two inches with Moser axles. To set off the truck's ankle-level stance, a set of 22x9-inch Billet Specialties SLX08 wheels and Pirelli Scorpion 295/30R22 tires were mounted and sunk underneath the Chevy's fenders. Cross-drilled rotors and color-matched brake calipers deliver a clean appearance behind the framing of the premium six-spoke rollers. With a rolling chassis featuring this caliber of work and product, any truck would look more than decent laid out or cruising along any stretch of road as-is-but Jay had grand plans for his Chevy.
A 2-inch stock-floor body drop was the first of many modifications Jay and Chad made next as they attempted to, and soon after accomplished, build a truck with unforgettable style and grace. The Silverado then received a billet-loaded, Chevy HD front facelift, which creates a sleek and sophisticated facade. A smooth Grant Kustoms rear skin was welded into place, which booted the stock taillights and rear handle out of the picture for a slick, sanitary appearance. Since the rear end was shaved clean of its clutter, it was only natural for the remaining door handles and gas filler cap to be deleted as well. The entire bed floor was removed to accommodate the body drop and was treated to a complete sheetmetal transformation. Two Optima batteries, two Viair compressors, and a color-matched air tank reside in a compartment that sits below the bed's surface and is displayed underneath a clear pane of Lexan. When it came time to select a color to finish off the exterior styling, a top secret, custom PPG mix was formulated, which we can only describe as a cool shade of mint. When we asked Jay for the exact paint recipe, he only informed us that quite a few layers of clearcoat were involved in the process and wished us luck at trying to duplicate the skin color. Thanks a lot Jay, you had better hope we spell your name right throughout the rest of the story!
Not ones to hold grudges, we took a peek inside of Jay's truck and proceeded with the photo shoot only to be floored from the sight of the cab's high brow appearance. The plush seats feature Katzkin Rawlings edition leather, while the entire dash and door panels have been dipped in that oh-so-desirable, yet forbidden, color of cool. A Billet Specialties leather wrapped steering wheel has also been thrown into the mix, as were other glimmering touches of billet that have been spread throughout the interior space. Jay rocks his town to the beat of a Pioneer head unit and Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, and Infinity audio components. Jay even went as far as insulating the cab with Dynamat to ensure that every note of music reaches his eardrums with utmost purity. In fact, Jay couldn't enjoy cruising in his truck more than when he is blasting the blistering sounds of metal gods Tool and Avenged Sevenfold.
Even though most everybody who's seen it would say that Jay's truck is as clean as can be, he still hasn't completely fulfilled his vision. Jay would like to thank his good friend Chad and his circle of friends for all of the hard work and dedication. Jay would also like to acknowledge the constant support of his wife, Tessa, and the inspiration he drew from his son, Gage, and his future daughter, Jaylyn.


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