2009 Ford F150 - Lean, Green Machine

Leer's Eco-Friendly Fullsize

John Mata Jr
Dec 15, 2009
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly
Usually when we hear the words green vehicle, the thought of a puny, pint-sized electric car comes to mind. Within the last few years, there has been an uprising in hybrid model fullsize trucks and SUVs that have done a better job of satisfying our need for a larger, more capable vehicle but none have really been given a legitimate custom touch. Together, Leer and Ford Motor Company stepped up to the challenge and collaborated on a project that would yield a totally decked out, clean fuel sipping hauler that would attract positive attention from both the environmentally-conscious crowd and custom craving, performance purists alike.
Photo 2/8   |   2009 Ford F150 right Front Angle
The foundation for the Leer/Ford '09 F-150 FX4 project was to promote a cleaner burning alternative fuel-E85 ethanol, which is a fuel blend based around U.S.-grown corn alcohol. Given the fact that E85 leaves a smaller carbon footprint and provides an extra helping of horsepower over traditional gasoline, driving a clean fuel converted fullsize truck can deliver both everyday, real-world function while producing far less damaging emissions.
To tap into the realm of the cleaner, E85 fuel source, a Flex Fuel U.S. converter kit was all that was required to turn the F-150 into an advocate for all things green. An Edge Products Evolution programmer was also thrown into the equation to reduce fuel consumption further while still extracting optimum performance. Snow Performance provided a boost cooler to feed the F-150 with hearty helpings of cold ethanol while a Magnaflow dual sport exhaust system helps expel the cleaner engine waste at a more productive rate.
And speaking or productivity, Leer and Ford consciously styled their dubbed 'Lean, Green Machine' with products that serve multiple purposes. The Street Scene front bumper cover and mirrors not only look great, but they also reduce drag, which improves gas mileage and are much lighter in weight than the OE parts. The Leer 700 series tonneau cover also helps decrease drag while its enviro-liner interior is constructed from recycled bottles, as is the BedRug cargo bed protector. Amp Research retractable running boards a tuck underneath the cab once the truck is in motion, which also cuts unnecessary drag. A set of 20-inch Pro Comp wheels and 35/12.50R20 tires were selected to propel the F-150 forward. The tires have been filled with nitrogen to promote even inflation for better mpg ratings and extended tire life. DuPont water-based paint with low VOC technology was used to spray the colorful, guilt-free exterior graphics.
With both form and function in mind, Leer and Ford set out and succeeded to create a fullsize pickup that could retain all of its 4WD function while operating on a cleaner, renewable fuel source. The production team linked up with quite a few popular aftermarket manufactures for quality parts that have also been designed to conserve energy as well as take full advantage of tapping into recyclable resources. Leer and FoMoCo took every element of function, style, and environmental sensibility into consideration and have rolled them up and presented them as a solitary entity in their lean, green F-150.



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