2009 Ford F250 Super Duty - Street 'N' Strip

A Surprisingly Stock, 800HP, 6.4L Power Stroke

Jason Sands
Feb 1, 2010
Photographers: Jason Sands
When Ryan Marchildon of Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada, set out to build a seriously fast two-wheel-drive 6.4L Ford F-250, many told him it couldn't be done. The truck wouldn’t get enough traction, the transmission wouldn't hold, and the engine wouldn't take multiple stages of nitrous said the scoffers—yet they were all proven wrong when Ryan hit 813 hp on a chassis dyno and flew down the quarter-mile to the tune of 11.78 seconds at 122 mph.
Photo 2/12   |   2009 Ford F250 Super Duty left Side Angle
The truck also made a tremendous amount of torque (1,725 lb-ft on nitrous) while still maintaining its efficiency. It's common for Ryan to achieve 23 to 25 miles per gallon on road trips, thanks to the diminished drag on the drivetrain, the lowered stance, and the relatively light 6,800-pound curb weight. Since this diesel put up some impressive numbers, you might be shocked that it's surprisingly stock.
A Spartan 310hp tune was loaded into the Ford's computer, while a Dirty Diesel air intake and intercooler tube were used to smooth out any restrictions in the factory hardware. A Spearco intercooler chills the incoming air, and a dual-stage Zex nitrous system adds another 200 to 250 hp to the already potent Ford. Other than those modifications, the engine was left pretty much stock, including the turbos, head bolts, and bottom end.
Photo 3/12   |   On the street, the dropped stance (3 inches in front, 5 inches in the rear) and 24-inch Dub wheels make many people do a double take at this bad-in-black Ford.
Moving on to the transmission—that's a different story. A Sun Coast race transmission based on the factory 5R110 five-speed was used and features an upgraded torque converter, clutches, and billet shafts for ultimate strength. A 3 1/2-inch-diameter one-piece driveshaft sends power back to the Detroit Locker-equipped rearend, which was enhanced by a set of CalTracs traction bars.
Ryan's goal of building a super-fast drag truck has been achieved, but the fun doesn't end once he's off the dragstrip. On the street, Ryan rolls around on 24-inch Dub Hustla wheels and Nitto tires, which draw quite a bit of attention from onlookers. In a little less than a year, Ryan put 36,000 kilometers (that's 22,369 miles) on his '09 Ford, combining show and go in one impressive truck.



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