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1996 Chevy S-10 - Roadkill

Friends And Hot-Pockets

Mike Alexander
Feb 1, 2010
Contributors: Josh Fleetwood
Photographers: Josh Fleetwood
OWNER: Brian Jackson
RIDE: 1996 Chevy S-10
Brian Jackson of Ponca City, Oklahoma, has been into minitrucks since the day he got his driver's license. He had a run-in with a few '70s muscle cars, but for his sake, we won't get into that.
Photo 2/8   |   1996 Chevy S10 left Side View
He picked up his first S-10 when he was 16, and within a few weeks he already had it lowered and to no ones surprise he's been cursed with the minitruck bug ever since. The more he got into minitrucks, the lower and cleaner he wanted to make each truck that he got his hands on. Along the low road of minitruckin Brian made some great friends that all helped him get his truck the way you see it today.
But Brian's Dime didn't start off this clean. When he was finally ready to get serious with his newest S-10 he called upon some of his friends that he made over the years. As soon as Eric French and Gary Gilliland of Wicked Racing & Customs got their hands on Brian's truck, they worked their magic on the outside, shaving almost everything and cutting in some really trick-looking Cadillac Deville taillights. When they finished up the body and paint work, they added some simple and classy air brushing to spice things up a bit. Next, they took the whole truck apart and started cutting on the frame so the truck would lie flat on the ground via a stock-floor bodydrop. When the Wicked Racing & Customs crew put everything back together one last time, they quickly made work on the interior. They smoothed and painted anything that would unbolt and they sent the seat out to get cut down and recovered by Collins Upholstery.
Photo 3/8   |   1996 Chevy S10 engine
The cool thing about the build of Brian's truck is that he was able to be involved throughout the whole thing. He could've just dropped it off and had Eric and Gary build his tuck the way he wanted, but he likes to get his hands dirty. Everyone knows how people like to have fun around the shop, and during the late nights and long weekends Brian found out just how good of friends he has. One night they managed to catch his truck on fire while some of the guys were playing a trick on him. He also had the pleasure of finding out exactly what a "hot-pocket" is. While he was grinding away on his truck, one of the guys slipped a glowing red-hot piece of metal into his back pocket. By the time Brian finally realized what happened, everyone got to see him do his best M.C. Hammer impression around the shop.
Photo 4/8   |   1996 Chevy S10 rear View
You also might be wondering how the S-10 got its name. Brian's truck has earned its nickname because it has the uncanny ability to find and hit woodland creatures of all shapes and sizes. As of the day of the photo shoot, Brian had taken out three raccoons, one possum, one skunk, and even a tire recap from a semi-truck. With all that, he has completely destroyed six or seven step-shaver kits. So if you're the lucky one stuck behind him on a road trip, you might want to keep your distance because if it's lying in the highway you can bet he's probably going to hit it. One thing that was on his list for the winter rework is a Grant Kustoms steel step-shaver kit so the animals won't stand a chance.
Photo 5/8   |   1996 Chevy S10 wheelwell
Brian would like to thank his great friends Eric and Gary at Wicked Racing & Customs because without them the truck would not be what it is today. If he happens to hit a bear, we're sure we'll be seeing more to come from this Roadkill Dime. For more information, check out the Lowdown.
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 20x8 Center Line Archers
Tires: 255/35ZR20 GoodYear
Chassis Modifications
Front Suspension: Slam 'bags
Rear Suspension: Two-link 'bags on bars
Airbag Type: Slam Specialties
Control Arms: Tubular uppers from Barn Yard, custom lowers by WRC
Spindles: Bell Tech drop spindles
Shocks: Toxic Shocks
Valves: 1/2-inch SMC
Frame Mods: Stock-floor frame
Frame Material: 1/4-inch box tubing
Performed By: Wicked Racing & Customs
Photo 6/8   |   1996 Chevy S10 rear Left View
Body Mods
Shaved: Tailgate handle, hood squirters, antenna, shaved and tubbed firewall
Body-dropped: 3 inches
Front End: Swapped to Sonoma with GMC Envoy bumper cover
Back End: Molded step-shaver kit
Taillights: 1993 Cadillac DeVille taillights
Exterior Bolt-ons: Street Scene Mirrors, Trenz billet grille
Misc: Billet step pads
Brand and Color: Spies Hecker custom-mixed orange, blue, and lime green
Airbrushing: Caddy emblem with flames on tailgate
Misc: WRC Spade airbrushed on inner fender with flames
Performed by: Eric French at Wicked Racing & Customs
Photo 7/8   |   1996 Chevy S10 custom Interior
Seats: Chopped the head rest and recovered
Material: Light silver and dark charcoal Ultra Leather
Dash: Sanded and painted pewter metallic and orange
Door Panels: Painted pewter, KAIK billet door handle bezels, window cranks, and speaker grilles
Center Console: Custom-built with air gauge
Misc: KAIK billet shifter, Trenz rearview mirror, B.A.D. Mauler steering wheel
Performed By: Collins Upholstery and WRC
Head Unit: Alpine
Mids & Highs: Kicker mids and highs in dash and 6 1/2 components in doors
Subwoofers: Two Kicker L7 square 8-inch class D
Amplifier: Kicker KX1200.1
Photo 8/8   |   1996 Chevy S10 front Left View
Intake: Custom-built fiberglassed and painted with K&N air filter
Header/Exhaust: 21/2-inch stainless with 40 series Flowmaster muffler
Battery: RedTop Optima relocated under bed
Special Thanks From Owner
"Eric French and Gary Gilliland at Wicked Racing & Customs and the WRC family in Stillwater, Jamie and Deanna at KAIK Products, and Auto Definitions in Stillwater for the Reflex bedliner."



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