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2002 Nissan Frontier - Public Enemy

Chuck D Is Back

Mike Alexander
Feb 1, 2010
Contributors: John Jackson
Photographers: John Jackson
OWNER: Chuck Jircik aka Chuck D
RIDE: 2002 Nissan Frontier
CLUB: No Regrets
Our minitrucker version of Chuck D might not be the lead of hip-hop greats, Public Enemy, but he is definitely a "Rebel without a Pause."
Chuck Jircik, aka Chuck D, hails from Tomball, Texas and is a proud member of No Regrets. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and to believe it, look no further than Chuck D's 2002 Nissan Frontier. Chuck knew when he started building his truck that Texas is one of the biggest custom truck communities with some of the baddest rides and that the competition would be fierce. But Chuck was lucky when he started laying out his plans for the killer Nissan and had a few tricks up his sleeve. It helps when you have some really good friends who happen to own a couple of local shops.
Photo 2/8   |   2002 Nissan Frontier rear Left View
With friends like Trey Hall from Twizted Creationz and Tim Burress at Hypnotic Customs in Chuck's corner, they were able to help keep Chuck from making costly mistakes that can really slow down a project. Everything from the trick interior and stereo to the custom paint was all handled between the two shops. With their support, Chuck quickly had a show winner- even within the tough Texas show circuit.
Chuck knows more than anyone that it doesn't always just take a ton of money to build a killer feature truck, just the help of some really good friends. Speaking of his friends, we had to hold off on his photo shoot until Ernie Macias brought out his custom rear glass to Tex Mex. Chuck got the killer No Regrets back glass from Ryan, a member in Arizona. When Chuck was finally happy with his finished product and we were able to bring you some killer shots of one of the cleanest Frontier's around. For more information on the mods, check out the Lowdown.
Photo 3/8   |   2002 Nissan Frontier back Window
Rolling Attire
Wheels: Chrome 20-inch Eagle Alloy 026
Backspace: +40mm offset
Tires: 235/45ZR20 Wanli S-1088
Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: 2-inch Chassis Tech drop spindles, modified upper and lower control arms, Hardbody shocks, Asco valves, Dominator D2500 airbags
Suspension Rear: 2x3 1/4-inch-wall, 1 5/8-inch tubing, and Dominator D2600
Compressors: Two Viair 450s
Air Line: 3/8-inch copper
Gas Tank: 15-gallon aluminum fuel cell
Misc.: Modified tranny crossmember to lay flat
Performed By: Trey Hall from Twizted Creationz
Photo 4/8   |   2002 Nissan Frontier custom Interior
Body Modifications
Shaved: Hood squirters, door handles, lock cylinders, third brake light, gas door, tailgate handle, taillights
Body-dropped: 3 1/2 inches
Back End: Grant Kustoms roll pan and taillight fillers
Taillights: 13-inch dual-row LEDs
Misc.: Raised bed floor, fuel door relocated to bed floor, smoothed inner bedsides, recessed clutch cylinder into firewall. Handmade billet ovals on front fenders
Performed By: Tim Burress from Hypontic Customs and Trey Hall from Twizted Creationz
Photo 5/8   |   2002 Nissan Frontier left Side View
Brand and Colors: Standox custom-mixed Hypnotic Silver Haze, Nissan 350Z Blue Pearl, hand-laid flames
Pinstriping: Custom House of Kolor Aqua Green
Airbrushing: House of Kolor Lazuli Blue Pearl tips and drop shadowing the flames
Performed By: Tim Burress
Photo 6/8   |   2002 Nissan Frontier front Left View
Seats: Chopped headrests, wrapped by Concept Racing
Material: Metallic silver vinyl with blue suede inserts and blue suede piping
Dash: Smoothed and painted Standox Hypnotic Silver Haze
Door Panels: Smoothed and painted
Center Console: Smoothed, airbrushed and wrapped black vinyl armrests
Headliner: Flamed blue suede
Misc.: Acrylic swirl shift knob
Performed By: Tim Burress
Photo 7/8   |   2002 Nissan Frontier interior
Head Unit: JVC KD-DV6200
Mids and Highs: Infinity
Subwoofers: 12-inch Audiobahn
Amplifier: Boss
Custom Fabrication: Custom sub box wrapped in black vinyl with floating amp rack
Performed By: Trey Hall
Photo 8/8   |   2002 Nissan Frontier front View
Model: 2.4 with pinstriped air cleaner
Intake: 70 Chevy intake modified
Battery: Relocated behind front bumper
Performed By: Trey Hall
Special Thanks by Owner:
"I want to thank to Tim Burres at Hypnotic Customs, Trey Hall at Twizted Creationz, Russell Penny at Twizted Creationz , my homies in No Regrets, Ryan Nelson From the AZ chapter of NR for one of the coolest hand-me-downs ever (etched NR logo on back glass), and to my wife Heidi for being so supportive of my passion."


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