1995 Dodge Ram 2500 - Low-Buck B-Series

A 12-Valve Dodge Built For $9,800!

Jason Sands
Mar 1, 2010
Photographers: Jason Sands
When you build a diesel truck on a budget, form follows function. A rig may start out looking good, but with the addition of random parts, it soon changes into a mix-'n'-match science project-a vehicle with parts and pieces stuck here and there in a quest for more power and speed.
Photo 2/12   |   1995 Dodge Ram 2500 left Side Angle
Chris Muncy of Redding, California, didn't have that problem. Chris had a total investment of $9,800 in his Cummins-powered '95 Dodge when we last talked to him, and that was including the $6,000 purchase price of the truck. How did he do it? He used a careful selection of parts and pieces that complemented each other, yet still added to the truck's overall aesthetics and performance.
The '95 Dodge was turned up right after Chris bought it with a set of Dynomite Diesel 140hp injectors and a 62/74/14 turbo, also from Dynomite Diesel. Drivetrain strength was a concern, so a clutch from South Bend Clutch was added to ensure no slippage occurred when Chris mashed the throttle.
While the truck felt fast, Chris wanted more, and he felt that more fuel was the way to do it. A 215hp P7100 injection pump was sourced and installed on the truck in place of the 160hp pump. With the new pump, Chris would hit 1,600 degrees on the pyrometer, so a Snow Performance water-methanol kit was bolted on. With two 625ml nozzles, the truck would barely get up to 1,300 degrees after the Snow Performance kit was installed. All these parts added up to about 450 hp at the rear wheels.
Photo 3/12   |   All the trim and the bumpers were painted to match the rest of the truck.
The truck's final touch consisted of Chris blacking the truck out by adding tinted windows, a black, 7-inch exhaust stack, and blacked-out wheels. The truck then received a $1,000 Maaco paintjob that matched the windows and wheels. Although these types of projects never seem to be finished, the truck Chris has built so far is very impressive considering his budget.



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