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2006 Ford F250 - Cover Quest

Trying To Find A Reader's Truck That's Worthy Of Being On The Cover Of 8-Lug

Ron Fresquez
Jun 1, 2010
Photographers: Bob Carpenter
The 2009 Cover Quest turned out to be a very popular event, and we had more entries than we could handle. So we've decided to give it another go this year. The 2010 Cover Quest winner will get a full feature shoot and appear on the cover of 8-Lug HD Truck magazine in 2011. The rules are the same—make sure you read the fine print.
The Panel
If you haven't realized it yet, Cover Quest is in the hands of the critics you see here. Their decisions are final and you can count on their comments to be brutally honest or sincerely encouraging. Each reviewer has a different specialty, but in the end, two or more judges must agree on the worthiness of each CQ truck for it to move into the final round of elimination. Typically, selections for publication have been a confidential thing, handled behind the scenes of a magazine like 8-Lug. But for 2010, we're showing you the people behind the curtain. Well, most of them, anyway.
Bob Carpenter
His career with automotive magazines dates back to 1982 when he was an editor of Dirt Rider magazine. After the stint with motorcycles, Bob subsequently took the reins of magazines like Custom Classic Trucks and Truck Builder and never looked back. He's contributed to more than 20 other automotive publications as well. Bob knows what it takes for a truck to be good enough to make it onto the cover of 8-Lug, and he doesn't hold back.
Photo 2/14   |   2006 Ford F250 bob Carpenter
Larry Saavedra
With 20-plus years covering custom trucks and cars, Larry is a Telly Award-winning producer of Four Wheeler TV and most recently the editor of RV magazine. His career started in 1985 at Truckin' magazine and he was responsible for launching niche titles like Mini Truckin' and 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine. With his insight of the aftermarket and a lifetime of automotive culture under his belt, Larry will be one tough judge to please. But you can count on him to be encouraging, no matter how you rate.
Photo 3/14   |   2006 Ford F250 larry Saavedra
Mystery Judge
Much like Simon Cowell has defined American Idol, our mystery judge has caused a lot of havoc in the pages of 8-Lug. People have gone out and spent lots of money to change their trucks after the mystery judge ripped them for this or that. With the benefit of anonymity, the mystery judge can let the opinions fly without having to worry about answering to anyone. This is the one judge the trucks are going to have to impress the most to get a thumbs-up.
Photo 4/14   |   2006 Ford F250 mystery Judge
The Truck: 2006 Ford F-250
The Owner: Rollins Jackson
The Location: Tifton, Georgia
The High Point: Stereo—lots of it
Lift: 2.5-inch installed by J and H Customs
Shocks: Rancho 5000
Engine: Midway Trucks-supplied '03 turbo
Programmer: SCT by Innovative Diesel
Intake: Airaid
Exhaust: RBP
Club: Peachstate Power Stroke Association
Photo 5/14   |   2006 Ford F250 left Front Angle
Larry Saavedra
As a long-time audiophile, I can really appreciate all the electronic wizardry that went into this '06 Ford F-250 build by Almost Anything Sound in Auburn, Alabama. Obviously, it was designed to crank up the tunes to ear-splitting levels, and if you're young and still have your hearing, that's a good thing.
Photo 12/14   |   2006 Ford F250 thumbs Down
The audio installation work, which included a Pioneer D3 head unit, 6.5-inch subs in the custom enclosures, Fosgate 300 amp, and TracVision with DirecTV, was expertly handled, giving the appearance of being flush as factory.
However, I'm not convinced this F-250 is a cover vehicle. It's too much like most custom F-250s and the exterior and engine mods don't match the intensity of the interior features. Although, I really enjoyed the list of functional aspects that give this Ford a lot of grunt in the towing department.
That's a good thing, but Rollins' rig doesn't stand out from the crowd. I liked the functional aspect of this ride and the fact that it features 20-inch KMC Rockstars on Toyo's great M/T tires. Rollins made some good choices and he should be proud of the results, but Cover Quest features the best reader's rig of the year, and I think this ride falls a tiny bit short of being so exciting that people will run to buy the magazine based on the style.
Admittedly, I may have missed something the others judges will see. I'm on the fence and might be persuaded to reconsider. But for now, unless you can convince me otherwise, I'll have to pass on this one, boys.
Bob Carpenter
Miss your coffee this morning Larry? Jeez...give the guy a break! This is a really nice truck that doesn't have to scream at you with flames or a giant lift.
Photo 13/14   |   2006 Ford F250 thumbs Up
It's well built and practical. It's the kind of truck a whole lot of our readers would love to own. And that's why I think it should be considered as one of the contenders for Cover Quest.
Mystery Judge
You two crack me up. Larry, how old are you anyway? Don't you enjoy listening to a quality sound system even at your advanced age? I mean, you can listen to classical music if you must, but it would sure sound good on this system. And Bob...hellOOO! Do you really think people are going to buy a magazine with a truck on the cover that looks like their own? Have you ever sat in on any focus groups? Does Golf magazine put your neighbor on the cover? No. Nobody wants to see average. They want to see spectacular, interesting, well built, beautiful...whether it's trucks or not. Now, after chiding both of you let me say this about Rollins' truck. It's nice. Really nice. But it doesn't make me stop what I'm doing to find out more. That's what it takes. So I'm saying no to this truck.
Photo 14/14   |   2006 Ford F250 thumbs Down


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