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  • 2000HP Chevy HD Tube Chassis Sled Puller! - Smokin' Ya

2000HP Chevy HD Tube Chassis Sled Puller! - Smokin' Ya

A Triple-Turbo, Billet-Engine, Chevy Sled Puller

Jason Sands
Oct 1, 2010
Photographers: David Kennedy, Jason Sands
How do you classify Erik Stacey's Silverado-bodied sled puller? It looks like it should have a Duramax and an Allison under the fiberglass body-but it doesn't. The engine is an inline-six that appears to be a 5.9L Cummins-but it isn't. Both the block and the head were machined from solid steel. Rather than try to put Erik's truck in a brand-name box, we could only present this Modified puller as just what it is: an extremely high-horsepower, one-off, work of art.
Photo 2/15   |   1010dp 2000 Hp Smokin Ya Hd passenger Front Dirt Track
Body and Chassis
The truck itself was built in 2006 and has a Barker Machine tube chassis along with a GTS Chevy 2500HD fiberglass body. Out back, an SQHD (semitruck) rear axle is welded to the frame (no suspension) while the front axle is a beefy Rockwell 106 with a Barker Machine housing. The '06 Chevy body was made by GTS Fiberglass and painted by Jeff Bankemper of Cincinnati, Ohio. It features working doors and tilts up to reveal access to the entire drivetrain. The truck is actually lighter than one might think, weighing in at about 5,500 pounds. Of course, Erik then adds 2,000 pounds in the front weight box to bring the truck up to its 7,500-pound class weight.
The Foundation for 2,000 HP
As impressive as the body, chassis, and paint are, they aren't the real story here. The real eye-opener is the heart of Smoknya HD: its 2,000hp, 2,300-lb-ft, 5.9L engine. The engine design was spec'd by Bob and Steve Holmes to be reliable, yet make absurd amounts of power. The foundation is an LSM billet-steel block, which, surprisingly, was machined to feature water jackets. The head is also machined out of steel and is half an inch taller than a factory 12-valve Cummins head, which allows the intake port to be shaped for a considerable increase in flow. Cylinder head-to-block sealing is handled by a combination of a protrusion of the cylinder sleeves above the deck of the block, fire rings in both the head and the block, and a copper head gasket. Erik reports that this method seals almost 100 percent of combustion pressure, which leaves the 12mm A1 head studs to just seal water and oil.
Photo 3/15   |   The LSM steel block (arrow) weighs a whopping 500 pounds more than a factory version and is tremendously strong.
The Bottom-End, Valvetrain, and Oiling
With a literally bulletproof bottom-end, it was time to make some power. A roller cam from Woodruff Diesel was used with increased lift and duration to support the added airflow from the cylinder head. The custom head meant the entire valvetrain had to be one-off as well, which was a duty handled by MSM Machine. The crankshaft is still a factory Cummins piece, but it has been heavily massaged with counterweights added to the middle of the crankshaft by Southern Illinois Crank. Compression is a super-low 12:1 ratio, which allows the turbos to compress a greater volume of air in the cylinders.
Three Turbos, 150 Psi of Boost
Next on the list of one-off parts was the turbo setup. Smoknya HD is equipped with one manifold turbo that's based off a Holset HX82, and two atmospheric turbos, which are also HX82-based. While Erik was quiet about compressor wheel and turbine sizes, it's our guess that all three turbos are in the 31/2- to 4-inch inducer (90mm to 100mm) range. We do know that both stages (two into one) combine to make 150 psi of boost, which is incredible considering the dropped compression and high-lift camshaft. The outlets of the compressor discharges are also threaded-no hoses or boots are used in the entire system. Even the inlet of the high-pressure turbo had threads machined into the housing, courtesy of Keating Machine.
Photo 4/15   |   The heart of Smoknya HD and the key to the truck's success is a 2,000hp, 2,300-lb-ft, triple-turbo, all-steel engine. This amazing piece of work displaces 5.9L (or 359 ci), spins 6,000 rpm, and makes 150 psi of boost.
The $15,000 Injection Pump
With durability and air taken care of, all that was left was the fuel needed to support 2,000 hp. It's no surprise then, that instead of the factory 12mm P7100 pump, a $15,000, 17mm Billet Sigma injection pump from Columbus diesel was used, which feeds through mammoth 0.120-inch injection lines to John Deere injectors. Erik reports that the pump is set at about 1,100 cc of fuel, but more is available if the track is grippy enough. Supply to the crazy injection system is handled by a Waterman lift pump that is driven off the front gear case, which can flow 9 gallons of fuel per minute.
Photo 8/15   |   On the exhaust side, a dump valve relieves pressure off the header, while a Turbonetics NewGen wastegate (pictured) makes sure the twin atmospheric turbos don't overspeed.
Keeping it Under Control
With an engine combination this extreme, a number of controls are needed to keep it from self-destructing. First and foremost, EGT must be kept under control, so an 11-nozzle water injection system with a Vickers-style pump and Simpson valve is used to keep EGT at a cool 1,500 degrees. A Corsa Data Logger keeps tabs on EGT (in all six cylinders), turbine shaft speed, oil and fuel pressure, exhaust drive pressure, boost, and a myriad of other things. The data system is crucial in making sure the turbos don't come apart and the engine doesn't beat itself to death. A wild, nine-stage, dry-sump oiling system from Peterson Fluid Systems is used to keep everything well lubed under the monstrous amount of pressure this engine sees.
A Winning Record
During the pulling year so far, Erik has racked up two Third Place finishes, two Seconds, and five First Place finishes. The fact that he has won more times than not (even when pulling against blown-alcohol trucks) shows just how impressive Smoknya HD really is. Erik pulls with the Pro Pulling League, Ohio State Tractor Pullers Association, and the National Tractor Pullers Association, so if you want to see this wild truck in action, check your calendar to see if one of these sanctioning bodies has an event near you. Trust us, it will be worth it!
Photo 9/15   |   All three Holset HX82 turbos are mounted in front of the engine for the purpose of packaging and weight. Two air guillotines are mounted on each of the atmospheric turbos for safety reasons.