2008 Chevy Silverado 2500HD - Living Legend

This Isn't A Hoax

John Mata Jr
Nov 1, 2010
Photographers: Dan Ward
A true monster truck is a completely different breed from even the tallest lifted truck you've been miniaturized by while cruising the freeway. Although this '08 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax may look like one of the totally overbuilt, just-for-show rigs seen jumping rows of demolished auto carcasses, it's actually a scaled down, somewhat streetable version of Bigfoot, the almost mythical machine that has fascinated every one of us at one point or another in our lives.
Photo 2/5   |   The Bigfoot Silverado HD is fully equipped with four-wheel steering, so sideways "crab walking" is a daily occurrence around the shop's city streets.
This bad Bow Tie isn't just some big truck that was hot-glued together in the back of Jethro's barn; it's the real deal-built by Bigfoot 4x4 Inc., in Hazelwood, Missouri, from an ordinary, dealership edition specimen. Even though Bigfoot's Ford origin has been completely side stepped with this build, this GM generation is a proud carrier of the torch. A boxed, mild steel cradle and front-to-back framerails were devised to properly house the triangulated four-links and multiple banks of Sway-A-Way coilover shocks. Massive 51-inch mounds of Firestone rubber have encapsulated 24x18-inch Trail Ready beadlock wheels for stunt-ready, off-road capabilities that would be expected from a truck sporting a painted "Bigfoot 4x4x4" emblem on its tailgate. There's no option of living down a title like that.
The alcohol-chugging powerplant that proudly rivals any frat boy in his finest hour found in the full-scale Bigfoot monsters is nowhere present underneath the hood of this Silverado. Instead, a finely-tuned Duramax diesel V-8 that spits out 800 hp and 1,200 lb-ft or torque serve as a more than adequate substitution for this slightly tamer application.
A six-speed Allison tranny, paired with Dana 80 axles and one-off front and rear hydraulic, four-wheeled steering system lend a hand in making this truck an official heavyweight in the world of supersized haulers.
The Bigfoot crew utilized and modified GM-built body molds to properly garb the Silverado HD, and to nobody's surprise, the tailoring is just as impressive as the rest of the handiwork. Handmade fiberglass fenders and bedsides have been flared out enough to deflect and protect the meticulously massaged, DuPont flat red and black-painted body from any harmful rubble the knobby tires decide to kick upward.
Standing at 30 inches above stock ride height, and being able to conquer just about anything in its path, the latest generation in the Bigfoot legacy packs just as much strength and appeal as its larger family members. Although it measures one foot shorter, and wears shoes roughly 15 inches smaller in diameter than its predecessors, there's no mistaking that this immaculate Silverado HD has been cut from the same cloth. Bigfoot lives on for another day.



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