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1994 Toyota Pickup - Straight Outta Hell

Rolling Fire And Brimstone

John Mata Jr
Dec 1, 2010
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Owner: Kyle Osborn
Ride: 1994 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Harrisonville, MO
Photo 2/14   |   1994 Toyota Pickup rear Right View
Kyle Osborn has gone through the fiery pits of damnation and back during the process of piecing together a truck that would simply horrify the mini scene.
Through the course of six years, both Kyle and his terrorizing Toyota have weathered trials and tribulations that almost ended in defeat on multiple occasions. Once the storm settled, consistent, positive progress overshadowed the darkness, and the Toyota's final state is a physical reminder of just how dire Kyle's situation became.
After selling his first completed Toyota, Kyle realized he'd made a hasty mistake and started browsing the classifieds for yet another one he could sink his teeth into. For a little more than he had sold his prior custom for, Kyle was rolling in yet another 'bagged and 'bodied small-haulin' 'Yota-perfect for what he had envisioned to be a future Mini Truckin' cover model. His first few days of ownership, however, weren't as easy as just hopping in and turning the key. Kyle had to call in to work and fake a cough in order to clear some time to fly from Missouri to Arizona, where his "new" '94 was awaiting his arrival. On the way back home, the gas pedal got stuck while cruising down the highway, which nearly halted Kyle's ticker instantly. Luckily, the return trip was completed without any major on-road hiccups, but when other things have half a chance to go wrong, they usually do. During the journey back, the tires had been slowly eating away at the fuel lines, which finally burst upon arrival in Kyle's garage. To further tip the scales in bad luck's favor, Kyle discovered a deflated tire drowning in the pool of gas surrounding the truck. The picture didn't exactly promise an easily achieved storybook ending, but a little adversity goes a long way in long-term character building.
Photo 3/14   |   1994 Toyota Pickup custom Airbrushing
With the truck finally inside the confines of a legitimate chop shop, Kyle had devised a plan that included ditching the sluggish four-banger and creating a theme resembling an evil spaceship, but after four years of 'work', all he was presented with was a rusted, gutted turd with a locked-up 305, a warped bed, some foam spikes in the back, and worst of all-empty pockets. With a hole in his heart, and one in his wallet to match, Kyle had no other choice than to ask for the help of his friend, Josh Zumwalt, to push the Toyota into the general vicinity of the right direction. With a few more bumps along the way, the two managed to design and execute a plan that materialized just before Showfest, where it was one of the hottest breakout stars in attendance at the event's monumental 2010 return.
Photo 4/14   |   1994 Toyota Pickup blower
At first glance, most onlookers may look at this killer ride-one of the most radically designed trucks to date, and judge its menacing skull graphics and demented interior at face value. To some extent, an evil demeanor was Kyle's top priority, but he had much more to say about it's background: "The biomechanical twist on the design transformed the truck into something that would not be allowed to pull into a car show at any church. I wanted the theme to fit the experience I had with the truck because finishing it was going to be the death of me."
Photo 5/14   |   1994 Toyota Pickup steering Wheel
Still craving more? Check out the Lowdown for additional details.
Rolling Attire

Wheels: 18-inch KMC Clutch with a front-wheel-drive offset
Tires: 215/35R18 front and 225/35R18 rear
Photo 9/14   |   1994 Toyota Pickup taillight
Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Custom upper control-arm mounts, reverse trailing bars with shocks on bars, drop spindles, notched control arms for steering
Suspension (rear): Four-link with front Firestone 2500 and rear Firestone 2600 'bags
Shocks: DJM
Compressors: Two Viair 450s
Air/Hydro Accessories: Lowrider Depot 3/8-inch lines and MIC valves
Frame Mods: 2x4 box tubing on back half and sealed up to use as air tank
Misc.: Stretched frame for longbed and extended-cab (truck was a shortbed standard-cab) and dropped frame in rear for stock floor depth on bed, and custom motor mounts and transmission mount
Performed By: Owner, Easy Scrape, and Guilty By Design in Joplin, MO
Body Modifications
Shaved: Hood squirters, door handles, mirrors, door locks, firewall, taillights, Cali combo, gas door, brakelights, antenna, wipers
Bodydropped: 4 1/2 inches with handmade rockers and dropped frame for stock depth in bed
Body Mods: Toyota 4Runner front end, radiator support, bumper, and 4x4 fenders; custom sheetmetal bed with rounded bed corners, round trailer fenders, flush-mount LED taillights, and a 40x40 ragtop
Performed By: Owner, Easy Scrape, Josh Zumwalt, and Creative Classics
Photo 10/14   |   1994 Toyota Pickup grille
Brand & Colors: PPG Toyota Galactica Gold and black with color-shift pearl
Performed By: Jon Wiggins of Creative Classics
Airbrushing: Jonie Nichals
Seats: Tubing, tractor pans, and foam sprayed with Ameriguard bedliner
Dash: Rolled steel and painted with Dakota Digital gauges
Misc: Fiberglass floor with bones and skulls molded in with bedliner, power windows, corrugated pipe in headliner, and biomechanical door panels
Head Unit: Kenwood
Mids & Highs: Four Lanzar 6x9s
Performed by: Owner and Easy Scrape
Engine/Performance Engine: 350ci small-block
Intake: Holley Street Avenger headers/exhaust, Shorty Block Huggers with heat tape, dual MagnaFlow exhaust
Detail Work: Polished 305 heads, Edelbrock four-barrel carb with shotgun scoop, MSD ignition, 700R4 tranny, custom driveshaft, Optima RedTop cell under the frame
Misc.: Custom radiator from Ron Francis, billet pulleys, custom alt bracket, high-torque mini starter, Lokar shifter, Painless wiring kit, bedliner covered valve covers, firewall, and radiator support.
Performed By: Mike Baker and Solar Pro in Warrensburg, MO
Photo 14/14   |   1994 Toyota Pickup engine
Special Thanks From Owner
"My mom and dad, wife and daughter, Dale Kilgore, Josh Zumwalt, Kyle Dimetroff of Guilty by Design, Jon Wiggins, Jonie Nichals, Jon Knap, Steve Gaston, Mike Baker, Jamie Taylor, Pig and CJ of Solar Pro, Bob Sipes, Leon Bearce, Dan from Ameriguard, Roberts Tire, Henry at Autozone, Tim's Muffler, Ryan Bunger, Li'l Kyle Friese, my fake uncle Doc, the crew at Creative Classics, Rodney and Rusty Bennett, Barking Joey, and anyone else that came over to lend a hand when I needed it. Thanks to my neighbors for not calling the cops on us for making all that damn noise late at night, and thank you Ernie for shooting this evil thing!"


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