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2009 Chevy Silverado 3500HD - The Wraith

B&C's Game-Changer

Brandan Gillogly
Dec 15, 2010
Photographers: Dan Ward
We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it as long as trucks like this keep getting built: we love dualies. Steven Rodriguez, of Victoria, Texas, works at a Chevrolet dealership, so his choice of trucks wasn't much of a choice at all, it was his destiny. The '09 Chevy Silverado 3500HD you're looking at didn't last long with its factory ride height before it was dropped off at B&C Offroad. We know what you're thinking. No, we didn't put the wrong photos with this story, this truck was built by an off-road shop.
Photo 2/8   |   2009 Chevy Silverado 3500HD right Side Angle
B&C Offroad in Pasadena, Texas, is not the first shop you think of when you see a slammed dualie, but their fabrication skills were obviously up to the task of dropping the Silverado's sheetmetal to the pavement. Temporarily setting aside their altitude addiction, the crew got to work on the Silverado's suspension and chassis. In addition to 3-inch McGaughy's spindles and Airlift 2,600-pound 'bags, the front of the frame was fitted with custom control arms and was Z'd two inches to get the front bumper on the ground. The rear of the frame was unceremoniously cut off and tossed in favor of a custom-fabricated 2x6-inch rectangular tubing back half complete with triangulated four-link and 3,500-pound Firestone 'bags plumbed with 1/2-inch air lines. New body mounts were fabricated to lower the body four inches over the frame, keeping the stock floor nearly totally intact. The newly lowered bumpers required two inches to be shaved from the bottom of each to even out the lower edge of the bodywork. Now the truck can touch the pavement from stem to stern.
With the chassis and body fabricated to look the part, the truck's 14-bolt rear axle was narrowed eight inches to accommodate the deep lips of the 24-inch Diesel Wheels Big Classics that were powdercoated black and wrapped in General 315/35R24 tires. Ten spiral lug nut caps nearly touch the fenders when the truck is aired down, creating a nice contrast between black and chrome.
The engine under the hood of Steven's low-slung hauler is a gasoline-slurping 6.0L V-8. Thanks to a custom intake, Flowmaster exhaust, and most importantly a custom dyno tune by LSX Performance, the engine thumps out more than 450 hp. The engine bay is dressed in a deep cherry red on the engine cover and core support trim that carries into the grille and smoothed interior panels. We can't mention the painted highlights in the grille and interior without mentioning the graphics that adorn the truck's doors and tailgate. Marvin, a pinstriper from Gonzales, Texas, added just a hint of color to the factory black, breaking up the wide expanse of the tailgate and adding a sweeping graphic on each side.
Aside from the aforementioned painted interior panels, the interior benefits from a stealthy audio system that is low profile until you want it to really be heard. Stephen Sommers handled the install, first pairing the factory navigation head unit with a JL Audio CleanSweep that processes the head unit's output for top-notch sound quality. From the CleanSweep, audio signals are fed via Stinger wiring into JL Audio amplifiers and then on to either 6.5-inch components and tweeters in the doors, or the down-firing 12-inch JL subs under the rear seat.
With the stance of Steven's 1-ton looking so right, we can expect a whole new batch of clients for B&C Offroad. It might take a while for their regular clients and their lifted trucks to get used to the lowered truck club guys hanging around the shop. Who knows, maybe some of them will trade their 35-inch mud terrains for 35-series rubber.



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