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2001 Chevy Silverado - Homewrecker

A 2001 Silverado With A Classic Feel

Maxwell Matthewson
Dec 27, 2010
Photographers: Dan Ward, Maxwell Matthewson
Starting the build of a fully custom truck can be tricky. Some guys have all the inspiration they need, but other guys need a kick in the pants to get on the right track. I am proud to say that Truckin' was able to provide that motivation to a young man named Stephen Bramlett. Stephen wanted to buy a 4x4 to build but couldn't afford one, so he picked up a copy of Truckin' to see what he could do with a two-wheel-drive truck. From that moment, Stephen's imagination led the way and after six years, he finally has a truck he is extremely proud of.
Photo 2/14   |   2001 Chevy Silverado front Left Angle
Starting with a stock '01 Chevy Silverado single cab, Stephen took it to Drag By Customs in Temple, Texas. A one-off suspension was fabbed up consisting of a set of McGaughy's drop spindles, custom upper and lower control arms from DBC, an Ekstensive two-link rear suspension, and Slam Specialties airbags. After painting the frame, rearend, and suspension to match the truck, Stephen put on a set of 22x10-inch Bonspeed Sweep wheels mounted in Falken 265/35R22 tires. The extreme lip in the rear comes from a 4-inch backspacing, the front receiving a 7-inch backspacing to tuck inside the hand-rolled inner fenders. A Baer big brake kit brings the Chevy to a quick, but smooth halt.
Photo 3/14   |   Four-inch backspacing provides the extra-large lip on the 22x10-inch Bonspeed Sweep rear wheels.
To make the body look as good as the suspension, Stephen had RF Customs in Austin, Texas, shave the door handles, tailgate, taillights, bumper, third brake light, and gas door. Southern Style Customs in Austin, Texas, converted the doors to suicide style and rounded the door corners for a smoother look. Stephen also skirted the inner fenders, made a sheetmetal bed, and had louvers cut into the hood by North Central Speed shop, also in Austin. With the bodywork finished, RF Customs sprayed the truck with Mazda Splash Green paint to finish off the exterior.
Moving to the interior, a '57-'59 Chevy Apache dash was welded into place and fitted with elegant black-faced Dolphin gauges inside a billet dash panel, also from Dolphin. The seats were covered in tuck 'n' roll turquoise leather and black suede by Marcos Upholstery in Hutto, Texas. To add to the classic feel, Stephen replaced the factory seatbelts with simple lap belts.
Photo 4/14   |   The early-model Chevy dash, tuck 'n' roll leather and suede seats, and simple lap belts add a classic feel to this late-model Silverado.
Sheetmetal door panels were dimple-punched and painted to match the dash then covered with the same leather and suede as the seats. A Billet Specialties Classic steering wheel was bolted on to match the retro theme, and to finish off the interior of "Home Wrecker," as Stephen calls it, he added Billet Specialites mirrors, door handles, pedals, and window cranks. Finally, Stephen installed a Pioneer head unit and Pioneer mids and highs for cruising pleasure.
Photo 5/14   |   2001 Chevy Silverado custom Bench Seat
The factory engine was swapped out for a 5.3L for more power. Stephen called up Stylin' Trucks and ordered a Flex-a-lite electric fan, SLP cold-air intake, SLP shorty headers, Magnaflow exhaust, an engine cover, and several billet pieces to spruce up the confines. In no time, the engine not only had more power but looked great.
After all the wrenching, six shows, including SEMA, and three awards, Stephen's '01 Silverado is a truck worth putting on the cover of Truckin' and one that Stephen can be extremely proud of. Stephen wanted to thank Big, Robert, Juan, all the Aftermath guys for all their help, and most of all, his wife, Amy, for understanding his passion and helping him achieve his goals.



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