2002 Chevy Silverado - Aftermath

Putting The Pieces Back Together

Brandan Gillogly
Dec 27, 2010
Photographers: Dan Ward, Maxwell Matthewson
Ever since Alex Gomez laid eyes on his first copy of Truckin' magazine ten years ago, his goal has been to build a truck that would land him on the cover. Alex has his friend Caleb to thank, or possibly blame, for his obsession. It was Caleb's copy of Truckin' that inspired Alex before he was even old enough to get a license.
Photo 2/12   |   2002 Chevy Silverado left Front Angle
You may have seen this '02 Chevy before, but you definitely won't recognize it, as this version has been thoroughly revamped. The Chevy rolls on air suspension fabricated by Bill Neenan at Slick Rydes, in Austin, Texas, that utilizes drop spindles, Slam Specialties 'bags, 1/2-inch braided stainless lines, and 1/2-inch Asco valves. Up front, 22x8.5-inch Raceline wheels and Falken 265/35R22 tires are new to this version of the truck, while 24-inch Raceline wheels and 295/35R24 Falken tires are stuffed inside the bed. Alex's pal Milo Reyna helped him determine the perfect offset, and Chuck at Raceline Wheels made sure everything bolted on smoothly.
Photo 3/12   |   Beautiful Raceline billet wheels are shod in Falken tires.
Alex had good reason to completely rehash his ride. After being on the receiving end of an accident while returning from Tex Mex in '09, Alex saw his demolished stepside bed and roll pan as an opportunity to start fresh. Chaotic Customs was the shop of choice, where a new Fleetside bed got a smooth rear skin and numerous details were attended to, including paintwork inside the doorjambs and also on the billet grille and Bow Tie. You'll notice that the door handles and taillights are gone, replaced by smooth sheetmetal and molded in lights, respectively, all part of the smooth new persona. Chaotic was also responsible for the Aftermath logo on the third brake light and more than 100 Aftermath logos airbrushed throughout the truck. Did we mention that Alex is a member of Aftermath? He wanted us to make sure that was apparent, as he's proud of his club and all of the support he's received from his fellow club members.
From Chaotic, the truck went to Marco Interiors, where Francisco wrapped the seats in leather and suede. With his photo shoot looming, Alex's friends Jorge Ruiz and Enrique Arellano helped out by building the console. Enrique painted the console as well as several pieces under the hood right before the shoot to make sure every last detail was attended to.
There you have it. From an idea hatched in a high school classroom to the cover of his favorite magazine, Alex reached his goal. In his own words, Alex would like to thank his fiancé Joanna, "for understanding my passion for trucks. All of Aftermath for the motivation, and Chaotic Customs for the awesome build." Also, thanks to Marco Interiors, Milo, Chuck, BIG, Jorge Ruiz, Enrique Arrellano, and Matt.



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